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Mermaids Immortalized in Romance Fiction (And a giveaway to boot!)

7Hello fishy friends!

How’s everyone doing? I hope your 2016 is off to a great start. I’m humbled and honored to say January is wrapping up very nicely with the release of my eighth published novel. Let Me See (Book 2 of the These Three Words series) just came out today. I’m so very happy I get to share this story with you but guess what really has me smiling?

I’ve missed my fishy sisters so much since moving away from their area nearly two years ago. But today I get to be with them again. Sort of.

I hope you’ll enjoy this excerpt from my new release in which the Waterworld Mermaids become immortalized in romance fiction. **Be sure and leave a comment below for a chance to win a free e-copy.** Let’s see if you can spot them…

Copyrighted Excerpt from Let Me See (These Three Words, 2) by Carlene Love…

Jay normally spent as much time out front chatting with the guests as he did on stage performing for them but right now he wanted a few extra quiet moments alone to let the importance of tonight sink in.

“Jay, come.”

Having thought that, Marie was rarely persistent with him like this. So he followed her out front, forgetting for the time being that he was only half-dressed for his solo. He ran his hand over his abs, rubbing away some of the sweat already sticking to his skin. He’d barely crossed paths with Julian but the bump-in had been enough and he had the man’s angel wing glitter all over his black pants. Jay dusted it off as best he could, eventually giving up. Jay hooked his thumbs in his suspenders. He left the newsboy hat that would—pardon the pun—cap off his college prep outfit in homage to Maggie, in his locker and followed Marie out front. One thing he recognized for sure was the extra pep in her step. If he didn’t know better, he’d have thought she was playing Cupid or something ridiculous like that. Too bad he couldn’t just tell her he’d officially taken his heart off the market, for good, two weeks ago when he’d been stood up again by the girl who had somehow taken his everything prisoner.

“Yes, ma’am,” he said and followed her out, pumping himself up for the night and walking to the beat of Gabe’s solo song.

“So you guys had a pretty successful adoption event at the last shelter drive?”

“Yes, Marie. Why do you ask? You sure are talking to me a whole lot tonight. I mean, I love it. But, do you swear everything is okay with you?” He’d do anything he could to help her. She worked hard and he knew she had issues she kept hidden. Jay knew how that could eat at a person.

“I’m in the mood to do some good and you think there’s something wrong with me? Gee, thanks, Stud.”

He wasn’t sure exactly what to say back to her, to be honest. It was tricky with Marie because Jay knew he had to keep his flirting to a minimum, remembering how wrecked it had made him when D had gotten too loose with his flirty words for Kelley. “My apologies to the lady.”

They walked single file through the last bits of the cramped back hallways until they got to the door that led into the public portion of the club. Jay took an extra-long step to put him in front of Marie so that he could get the door for her. He ushered her through but then noted how she quickly jumped back in front of him. Guess she really wanted to be the leader.

“Accepted. And you’re right, it is odd that I’m feeling so chipper. It’s freaking me out but I’m going with it for this night only. I just feel like this burst of goodness came inside earlier. Apparently your sister’s spirit of positivity has its claws in me tonight.” She winked and smiled softly at him. “Anywho, recognize anyone?”

Marie suddenly stopped walking when they’d only made it a few feet into the club, clearly waiting for him to stop too and have a look around. Okay, he’d play along and checked out the bar area since that was where he associated Marie as being most often. “Drunk Al. Tina and her mom and her sisters. Um, Brad?” He noted the faces he could see this far in the dark.

“Ahem.” She cleared her throat and pulled him around by the suspender until he was facing the stage. She let go and the elastic snapped his skin. It didn’t really hurt but he let out a yelp just to tease her. “Ouch.”

Now he did see a ton of familiar faces. “Do you really want me to start naming everyone? Cause there’s Liz, Kerri, Dana, Kim, Alethea, Pintip, Susan, Loni, Masha, and Denny, just for starters.” It gave him an immense feeling of joy that so many of the regulars were already here supporting the cause. “Oh, and let’s see … Lynne, Robin, and Avery. I can keep going—Jen, Keely, Deb, Denise, Sue, Lil. Ooo, Becky’s looking supa-hot tonight. She turned fifty in here last week, you know. Still fricking gorgeous. Did you know she’s the drummer in a band? I think I’m going to give her a late birthday lick later on. In fact, I think I’m gonna go over there with my sexy self and lick her right now.” Of course he was just teasing, watching Marie’s face get more and more perturbed with him. It was his playful payback to her for bringing him out before he’d gotten dressed and then being so secretive. But honestly, who did she want him to see?

“Ugh. You’re impossible. And you wonder why I don’t talk much to you boys. Gabe—”

But she may as well have stopped speaking.

The second he changed his line of sight to the stage where Gabe currently held court as a half-dressed military hero, he saw the one thing he never would have expected, not in a million years at this point.

She didn’t even have to turn around for him to know.


Eek! I hope you liked it!

Take my friendly fishy advice. If you find yourself missing those who you care about and can’t be near, write them something. Whether it’s a letter, an email, a text, or yeah, in this case a novel. Reach out. Let them know you’re thinking of them. I call it a paper hug. xoxo

**Giveaway Info: Say hi, or better yet, say hi and leave a message for someone you’re currently missing in the comments section and I’ll enter you into the drawing for a free e-copy of Let Me See. Winner will be randomly picked on Sunday night, 1/31/2016. Good luck!

My best to you and yours!

Fishy kisses,

Carlene Mermaid

Let-Me-See-evernightpublishing-JayAheer2016-3DrenderAre you sure you’re ready to see what’s inside?

Two hearts beating…      

S Club dancer and extrovert, Jay, has worked very hard for this eye-opening moment with his reluctant and shy friend, Kelley. Unfortunately, a humorous attempt to get her to open up serves to push her further away. Now it’s nearly impossible to convince her he’s not just out to play.

Hundreds of scars in need of hiding…       

For good reason, Kelley has yet to let Jay see all of her whereas he takes his clothes off nightly for a living. Her respect for him runs unmatched because she sees who he is inside. There’s just no way to ever reciprocate and that’s not fair to him. His interest in her has never made sense. The best option is convincing Jay there really is nothing to see.

One dark night to shine some light on their healing…

Sometimes, it just takes one very patient man, one dimly lit room and one safe set of arms.

Check out more from Let Me See HERE at the Evernight site or HERE at Amazon. xoxo

Mermaids & Friends: Avery Flynn

Guess who’s back in the Lagoon today? That’s right, it’s our very own Avery Flynn. Yay! *Throws Glitter!* (Man, I’ve missed throwing glitter at Avery!) Anyhoo, Avery has a new book out and she stopped by to share an excerpt and get everyone entered in a $500 – that’s what I said, $500 – giveaway.

I won’t take up any more time. Welcome back, Avery Flynn….

Hola Waterworld Mermaids! The lagoon is looking awesome, I don’t mind if I do dip a toe back in. 😉

Thanks so much for letting me swim with you and share an excerpt from my latest, This Year’s Black. It’s the second in my Killer Style series, but don’t worry it can be read as a stand alone. It’s about a private investigator who only wears black, Allegra “Ryder” Falcon, and her client, Devin Harris – an ex-MMA fighter turned fashion guru who just happened to have an amazing one night stand with Ryder before she blew him off. Now they have to work together to find an embezzler.

Here’s the excerpt! This Year's Black

If she hadnt run a background check on Devin, Ryder would have sworn hed grown up, like her, in the working class neighborhoods of Waterberg, far from the ritzy urban enclaves of Harbor City. Talk about being dead wrong. Even if she had a hundred dollars for every pasta noodle shed eaten in her life, she wouldnt put a dent in his trust fund.

Devin cleared his throat, never pausing his pounding on the keyboard or bothering to look her way. Youre staring.

Yeah, so damn hard her eyeballs were about to fall out. Blinking rapidly, she straightened in the bucket seat and picked an invisible piece of lint from her black chiffon tank top while running through a mental list of shitty ex-boyfriends to remind herself of why she needed to stop ogling her client. No matter how hot he was.

I was wondering how a white-bread, private-school-attending, eating-Sunday-brunch-at-the-club dude like you ended up with a healthy start to a tattoo bodysuit. There. That should put him on the defensive.

His fingers paused on the keyboard. Ten years as a carny. The clickity clack revved back up to full speed.

Score one for the rich kid. Tilt-a-Whirl?

The clacking ceased. He leaned back in his seat and arched his neck from side to side in a move natural to every jock shed ever dated. Next, he rolled his shoulders under the perfectly-tailored shirt and leveled a heated gaze at her. Appraising and full of dark promise, the look made her clothes too tight to contain her suddenly aching boobs, and her lungs too small to hold the proper amount of oxygen.

Kissing booth. He turned his attention back to his laptop.

Years ago, Ryders mother had warned her never to poke a bear with a stick. While shed always remembered her mothers advice, she hadnt taken it then and she wasnt going to now.

Big, grumpy bears didnt scare her. She liked hearing them growl.

Ryder tsk-tsked. Funny, I figured you for a big draw at the dunk tank.

His fingers froze.

A shiver of anticipation danced down her spine. Picking a fight with a client might not be the smartest move, but it was so much better than sprinting across the aisle and jumping his bones at five thousand feet. The butterflies in her stomach disagreed, but what did they know about anything?

Oh yes, there is trouble ahead for Ryder and Devin! 🙂 Now I’m going to swim on over to that cute mer-bartender but before you join me be sure to enter the This Year’s Black $500 Escape giveaway! (See below.)

This Year’s Black by Avery Flynn

“Incredible writing with witty humor and scorching sex scenes. This Year’s Black belongs at the top of everyone’s TBR list.”– New York Times bestselling author, Gina L. Maxwell

A fighter since birth, Allegra “Ryder” Falcon would rather trade in her all-black wardrobe for head-to-toe hot pink than let anyone ever see the cracks in her tough exterior. But one night with a stranger changes everything.

Devin Harris may have given up his MMA fighting dreams for high fashion, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t always in control. So when someone embezzles millions under his watch, he isn’t going to let the private investigator working the case go it alone–even if she is the woman who blew him away in bed and then blew him off.

Just when it seems like it couldn’t get any hotter between Ryder and Devin, the case takes them to a tropical paradise where the danger increases. From the catwalk to the pineapple fields, they have to work together to track down the missing millions before the thief finds–and kills–them.

About Avery:

Avery Flynn has three slightly-wild children, loves a hockey-addicted husband and is desperately hoping someone invents the coffee IV drip. Find her here: WebsiteTwitterPinterestFacebook page, Facebook profileGoodreadsBookLikes

Rafflecopter Giveaway


This Book is LEGEN-wait for it-DARY!

True Story: Almost a year ago, I went to a large networking happy hour where I didn’t know a single person. Luckily, there was another person in the same position. We started chatting and turned out that we were both writers. Even crazier, we were in the same writing group, the Washington Romance Writers. That person is today’s guest, L.H. Nicole, who just released her first novel, Legendary, the first book in her Upper YA/New Adult Arthurian fantasy saga.

In her debut Waterworld Mermaid appearance, please welcome L.H. Nicole.


Congratulations on your debut novel, Legendary! Care to tell us a little about it?

Aliana Fagan grew up traveling the world with her famous parents. Her life was her friends, family, her photo art and her love of Arthurian legends. Only two years after her parents violent death, Aliana find herself thrown into a story she never dreamed could come true. King Arthur’s world and that of his Knights of the Round Table. And everything she thought she knew, doesn’t even come close to the truth of the Golden King and Camelot.

Aliana realizes she is the “Destined One” the only person who can help Arthur and his knights reclaim their lost relics, save the seven realms and stop Mordrid for good.

Legendary is also dedicated to my love of Arthurian Legends. I just went back and changed the things that always bothered me about the stories. (Guinevere cheating on Arthur with Lancelot for example.) But it’s also about discovering who you are and learning how to deal with everyone’s expectations of you. It’s also about forgiveness, loyalty, bravery and true love. Legendary

Legendary is only book one. How many more books are you planning and do you know the ending of the series already?

I have 4 books planned total. And yes I know the overall ending, but in truth I have 3 different versions of it written. Which one gets used is up to Aliana. It will be her decision on who she chooses to love and the kind of life she wants.

Now that you are published, what advice would you go back and give your pre-published self (and other pre-published authors out there)?

1. Network with like-minded authors. It’s hard, especially since, until I am comfortable with people or a situation, I am very reserved. I thought that “getting into the circles” would be a little easier, so I put it off. I wish I hadn’t, because I know now what amazing talents and new friends I missed out on.

2. SAVE EVERYTHING. I admit I may have gotten rid of one or two piles of notes/ideas that I am kicking myself for now.

Plotter or Pantser?

Both. I am an obsessive planner, mostly because of my other job as a Pastry Chef, but I continually find that characters surprise me/ refuse to be less in the spot light **Ahem Flora and Lacy** All the characters like to screw with my well laid plans from time to time, but I think it’s always turns out for the best. ;P

Who would you rather: King Arthur, Lancelot or Galahad?

All three? LOL. Honestly, I’m not sure who I’d choose. And I don’t envy Aliana’s choice between Galahad and Arthur. All three guys have wonderful attributes and features that I personally am attracted to, but they also have their faults that drive me nuts. It’s hard to choose.

What person in all of the various Arthurian tales and legends would you most like to be for a day and why?

Titania- Technically she’s only a part of my Arthurian legends, but I’d love to be that powerful and wickedly clever. I think I’d have fun as the crazy-bad-girl-scheming Fae Queen.

I love Inside the Actor’s Studio, especially the 10 questions James Lipton asks at the end of the show. Without further ado:

  1. What is your favorite word? Love
  2. What is your least favorite word? Hate
  3. What turns you on? Gorgeous eyes and stunning smiles.
  4. What turns you off? Smoking
  5. What sound or noise do you love? Music-particularly from my fav artists.
  6. What sound or noise do you hate? Squeaking wheels *shudder*
  7. What is your favorite curse word? Son of a Monkey
  8. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? I’m already a pastry chef, so I’d say photographer or artist.
  9. What profession would you not like to do? Garbage collector
  10. If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates? Here’s your glass of wine.

Lastly, what are you working on now?

Well I just started book 3 of Legendary Saga. We are about to start edits for book 2 of Legendary. And I have another WIP inspired by the Borgia’s TV show, the Greek hero Orion, and some of my favorite anime’s from when I was a teen. It’s set in modern Rome and is full of mystery, intrigue, Phantasmas (phantoms in Latin), secret societies and sweet & intense teen love.

Thank you so much for joining us today! Congratulations on your debut novel and hurry up writing the next one!!! 

To learn more about L.H. Nicole or to buy her amazing book, please visit her website, or catch up with her on Facebook: L.H. Nicole, Pinterest: L.H. Nicole, Tumbler: L.H. Nicole and Twitter: L.H. Nicole.

*Giveaway alert: Dying to read Legendary? Leave a comment below to be entered to win a free copy. Contest runs through midnight tonight.




Today is The Official Writers Vacation Monday (and Giveaway Winner Announcement)

IMG_0073by Denny S. Bryce

Hanging out with writers this weekend (had a marvelous time btw), I decided it was time to take a vacation. No, not because I need a vacation from writers:). It’s just that writers juggle so much, work so hard, and think (all the time we are thinking, thinking, thinking) that I have decided to declare Monday, February 11, the  OFFICIAL WRITERS VACATION MONDAY. And not just a day to take a break from the day-to-day either. Pack your bags we are heading to an island! That’s right. (okay, it’s photo day, but you know, use your imagination, I am:). We’re going on a dream vacation. And today’s official writers monday destination is Maui. Okay? You in?

Here we go! () Continue reading

Waterworld Mermaid Anniversary Celebration – The Grand Splashy Finale

It’s our one-year anniversary! The Waterworld Mermaids have dyed the lagoon hot pink, added glitter and cranked up the dance music for our weeklong anniversary celebration. Each day we’ll be hosting a mermaid scavenger hunt. At the bottom of each day’s post you’ll find three questions about the mermaids who blogged that day, the answers to which can be found on this site. Answer the questions and be entered to win that day’s prize. Plus, on Friday we’ll be giving away a $130 Visa gift card. To increase your odds of winning the gift card, answer each day’s scavenger hunt questions. Every entry you make Monday through Thursday will give you an additional entry in the big Friday giveaway of a $130 gift card. So jump in the lagoon and get swimming with your lucky fin!

Have you had fun this week? We have had a blast hanging out in the lagoon meeting all of you and celebrating our awesome Mermaidey-ess!  For our last hurrah we are featuring our own little cheer – crafted by the lovely and talented Kerri Mermaid:

M – is for May 2011, when we started this group blog.

E – is for Each one of us. We all have our own personal styles and write different things. Some are published and and some are pre-published. We have sweet, steamy and silly Mermaids. Even with our differences, we’ve come together to celebrate each and every one of us.

R – is for Reads. In October we did free garden reads, showcasing our different styles and talents.

M – is for Mayhem. With a dynamic group of talented, out-spoken Mermaids, we’ve been known to get a little crazy from time-to-time.

A – is for Author Interviews. We love having writers visit our site and we’ve been so lucky to have some of the best around.

I – is for Inspiring. Thirteen strong and very different women have achieved great things.

D – is for our Devoted followers. Whether you’ve visited our lagoon once or every day, we appreciate every single one of you.

S – is for success. Success is measured differently by everyone. Many of us crave to be published. Some want to finish their WIP. Others want to make their families proud. No matter how, where or when, it’s safe to say that one area where we’ve all succeeded is here in the Mermaid Lagoon. We’ve come together to create a special, safe and magical place.

Job well done and Happy Anniversary, Waterworld Mermaids!

 Fishy kisses!
Two questions to answer today:
1. What contest did Kerri Mermaid win?
2. What is your favorite romance novel?
Hint: The answer to #1 can be found in Kerri’s profile.
Thanks for joining us in the Waterworld Mermaid lagoon! Answer today’s questions in the comments below to be entered to win our big Friday giveaway of a $130 gift card. Only one entry per day. Be sure to leave your e-mail address in your comment. You can also go back through the previous posts and leave a comment (one per day!) and answers for the drawing. You have until 11:59 p.m. EST May 13 to leave your answers. Contest open to U.S. residents only.

The Mr. Flynn is Fabulous Giveaway!

So you know how I wrote about one of my most romantic moments ever earlier this week? Well, someone must have alerted the handsome Mr. Flynn because he surprised me with a one-night getaway sans children for Valentine’s Day. He made all the arrangements – including overnight childcare – without me knowing anything.

When he dropped the news, I didn’t believe him. Mr. Flynn is a lot of things, but Mr. Romantic isn’t one of them – or so I thought. So in honor of the hottest, smartest, funniest, most romantic man ever, here is today’s Waterworld Mermaid giveaway.

The Mr. Flynn is Fabulous Giveaway!

One lucky commenter will win a signed copy of Up a Dry Creek and a $10 iTunes gift card (open to U.S. residents only). How do you win? Answer this question by 11:59 p.m. EST Sunday Feb. 19: Who is your fictional boyfriend?

Mandatory Mermaid Fun & Giveaway Day!!

Every now and then, the Army has what it calls Mandatory Fun.  Usually it’s a day when the soldiers are required to show up to work (no shamming at the house) but usually in a PT uniform and instead of doing their normal training or job, they get to play sports.  It’s Mandatory.  And it’s Fun.   Kind of like our day today here at the pond!

And…Did I mention it’s Giveaway Day???  The prize that will go to one lucky randomly picked commenter is a lovely “Out of this World” Lush gift box!  You’ll for sure want a shot at receiving this Space Girl Bath Bomb and Rock Star Soap duo in the mail!  Must live in the US and be prepared to share your physical address with me-but I promise not to swim up to your doorstep uninvited 😉

So are you ready to have a little flipper fun?  Okay, me too.  Here we go.  Today we are creating our own personal merpeople- mermaid, merman, it’s up to you but it’s Mandatory!  All you have to do is leave a comment with 1) a name for your mer-being of choice and 2) some little tidbit describing him or her!  It can be just one word or a slew of them!  That’s it.  Mandatory.  Mermaid.  Fun.  You have until midnight Sunday, January 15th, to leave your comment and I’ll announce the winner here in the comments on Monday, January 16th.

I’ll get things started…I recently spent some quality time with Triton at the Court of Neptune fountain and what can I say?  The conch-wielding magnificent man of the sea inspired me here today.  He had been busy blowing into his shell, making the most awful trumpeting sound, but something about the frizzling noise worked to calm my nerves.  Traffic had been hellacious getting into DC that day.  Seeing he had a thing for music, I asked if he could take only one record back to sea with him, what would it be?  Wouldn’t you know dear Triton has a soft spot for Elvis Presley’s Hawaiian Wedding Song?  Yes, touching.  I thought so too.  He spied a worn paperback of Seize the Night tucked protectively in my bag and inquired about it.  Shyly, I told him of my secret obsession with vampire hunting Roman bad boys, one in particular as it were.  (Mighty Poseidon bless Sherrilyn Kenyon)  The mention of this very Roman surname gave good Triton’s handsome face a sour pickle kind of scrunch but he seemed to get over it soon enough.  Alas, our noontime popular culture exchange came to an end.  But not before he let me know he was heavily upset that his fountain sat dry as a bone and had been for a few days too long.  I told him I’d look into it and he insisted I snap a picture for evidence.  He wished me well and bid me adieu in the traditional fishy kiss way.  As I slowly walked away from the fountain, a heartbreakingly beautiful merman swam into my mind, drowning out all other thoughts.  His valiant name, Elvis Mermagnus.  His hair, shiny and black.  His hands, soft as the inner petal of a rose.  His fins?  So brilliant I’d bet my last breath the color turquoise hadn’t existed until he’d been birthed.


Carol Ericson Swims with the Mermaids

I have been lucky to belong to the GIAM writing communities for a couple of years now and the support, motivation, and friendship I’ve made has been amazing.  One of my support network is the very lovely Carol Ericson. Besides being one of the most popular Harlequin Intrigue authors, she has ventured into the area of self-publishing and has had great success with that as well!

And . . . you gotta love a woman who jumps in the middle of the Mr. Romance contestants and gets a pic for drooling posterity . . . sigh . . .


1. Set the scene for us, where are you and what are your three favorite objects within arms reach.

I’m on a tropical beach and the objects within arm’s reach are a Georgette Heyer or Victoria Holt book, a Diet Coke, and my husband (not necessarily in that order).

2. Are you a plotter or a pantser? Why?

I’m a plantser!  I need to have some kind of outline so I know the direction of the story, and I can sit down and have the words flow from my brain to my fingertips.  But I’m not wedded to my outline.  If the story takes an unexpected turn or a character decides to do something off the map, I go with it.

3. How often do you write and do you keep a set schedule? Do you ever start to get the shakes if you don’t write? 🙂

Since I also work a day job, I try to write a little bit every day.  I try to keep to a schedule of writing 3-4 pages every day (some days are more successful than others).  I bring my AlphaSmart to work and write a few pages at lunch; then at night I transfer the Alphie pages to my computer, tweak them, and add a few more pages.  If I’m not writing, I’m definitely getting antsy.  I start talking to myself more than usual.

4. What is your celebratory treat for finishing a book?

Ah, I zone out in front of the TV for a few nights, usually watching enlightening fare like Dancing with the Stars or The Bachelorette.

5. For the sake of this question, your best friend is single, which one of your heroes would you set her up with?

One of my best friends IS single, and I’d set her up with Jack Coburn from Green Beret Bodyguard.  Jack is smart and literate and best of all…he has amnesia, so no pesky baggage to deal with.

6. What was the last non-romance book you read that you’d recommend?

I’ll leave off the political stuff here, although I do read a lot of political books.  I would recommend The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson.  It intertwines the stories of the construction of the Chicago World’s Fair and America’s first serial killer, H.H. Holmes, who had set up a house of horrors near the World’s Fair. A fascinating juxtaposition of two minds:  one that soared to create and one that was compelled to destroy.

7. What are your favorite pair of shoes and how do they reflect your personality?

Hmm, my favorite pair of shoes right now are low-heeled, aqua-colored, and pointy-toed.  I can wear them with jeans or skirts.  They reflect my personality because they’re a bit sharp, a bit quirky, and a bit practical.

8. What kind of support do you have as an author to help you with your website, e-mails, promotion and all the other non-writing parts of being a successful author?

Not enough!  I do have a website designer, Rae Monet, who is fabulous.  Rae also designs my indie pubbed ebook covers, which totally rock!  I answer all my fan mail personally. (I even got a handwritten letter forwarded to me by Harlequin from a reader who does not have a computer or email.  I sent her a handwritten letter back, along with copies of two of my Intrigues that she was missing.)  I also do all my own promo; however, I’m a member of several amazingly supportive groups who share a wealth of information about advertisers and promo sites.  But I still believe the most important part of being a successful author is writing good books, so most of my blood, sweat, and tears go into producing the best book I can write.

9. With the increase in e-books, digital publishing, self publishing and all the changes in New York, where do you see the industry going and what are you doing to prepare?

I think the explosion of ebooks and Kindles and Nooks and iPads is fantastic.  The more ways to read, the better!  I don’t believe hard copy books will ever go away.  There are too many people who enjoy the look and feel of a book, paperback or hardback, for them to disappear completely.  (OMG – have you seen the covers on the Sourcebook reissued Georgette Heyer books?  They’re lovely, and I don’t think you’d get the same effect of the cover on an e-reader.)  I believe the publishing industry has already sat up and taken notice of the trend and they are reacting to it in a variety of ways.  I can only speak specifically to Harlequin, and I know they are changing the way they are approaching digital books.  Personally, I’ve prepared by getting my ass on the bandwagon.  Last summer I self-published three romantic suspense books and a romantic comedy.  I’m especially thrilled with the progress of the romantic comedy.  For a book I could not sell to a traditional publisher, it took off last summer, making the Kindle top 100 bestseller list for contemporary romance.

10.  Writing sex scenes – agony or ecstasy?

I love writing sex scenes. 😉  I used to write erotic romance, and when I first started writing for Intrigue, I’m afraid I got a little carried away with the sex scenes.  Intrigue sex scenes are fun to write because if the hero and heroine are about to have sex, having sex, or have already done the deed, you just know something bad is about to happen!


Carol is giving away a copy of Green Beret Bodyguard to a lucky commenter and if you want a chance to win another book and read the rest of the answers to my question and another giveaway, hop on over to my blog, Burning up the Sheets.  See you there!


Bio:  Best selling series romance author Carol Ericson suffers from a lack of privacy.  She always has a few characters floating in her head as well as snippets of dialogue and several “what if” scenarios.  She periodically purges all these voices and images by writing stories of romantic suspense for Harlequin Intrigue and recently for self publication.  When she’s not writing, Carol is busy reading other fabulous stories or running to her teenage sons’ soccer matches, water polo games and basketball games.  Carol and her family live in Southern California near the beach, where Carol is now officially the shortest person in her household.

Thanks for stopping by!

Robin Mermaid