Dana Rodgers

Name: Dana Rodgers
Birthday: April 19
Sign: Aries
Genre: So far historical, contemporary, and children’s
Publishing status: aspiring
Awards and Accolades:
Not Yet!
Music or Silence (while you write)?
Usually silence, but it depends on my mood.
What weird food do you like?
Frog legs
What is one of your most irrational fears?
Being eaten alive! I mean, it’s not like I regularly swim with alligators or anything…
How many novels/short stories/screenplays/poems/etc have you published?
Nada, but every day’s a new day…
How much do you write every day?
I try to spend at least 3-4 hours behind my computer every day, and I try to write at least 1000 words. Some days are better than others.
How much do you WISH you could write every day?
Much, much more. Love those inspirational days when the words and ideas just come pouring out and you look up and realize you’ve been behind the computer for like ten hours and have written 30 pages!
What are you working on now?
Editing a historical set in colonial New York during the 1750’s and writing a contemporary
If you could write like one author, who would it be?
Now that’s a hard question because there are so many talented people out there. Probably,  J.K. Rowlings or Diana Gabaldon
If you could be one superhero, or have one superpower, who/what would it be?
Teleportation. Think about it, you would never have to sit in traffic again!!! You can also sign me up for the ability to eat anything I want, while sitting on my butt and not exercising, and staying like a size 2!!! (A healthy, muscular size 2 while I’m dreaming here.)
If you could be on any reality tv show, what would it be?
I have no idea because I rarely watch TV. Maybe one where I get to be the star and I have awesome superpowers.
What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever done?
I was on a vertical rescue team
What’s the coolest thing you’re about to do?
Get Published! ;-D And of course it’s going to go to the top of the New York Times Best Seller List!!! Nothing wrong with positive thinking…
Name three things on your List of Things to Do Before You Die.
1- Travel
2- Make lots of awesome friends (because it’s the people that make the journey worthwhile)
3- Make the New York Times Best Seller List, I also wouldn’t mind seeing the aura borealis, camping in Yellowstone National Park. I know there are other things but I can’t think right now or they fall under travel.

7 thoughts on “Dana Rodgers

  1. Good evening Dana
    I’m looking forward to reading your next story. Any idea when you will have something for all your fans?
    Your biggest fan

    1. I don’t know Maru… you and Josette might have to fight for it. LOL ;-D I would be honored to have you as a fan!

  2. I’m currently working on a historical romance set on the precipice of the French and Indian war in colonial America. I’ve also started a contemporary suspense that is flowing well. I cannot give you a time frame because the publishing gods can be fickle but hopefully you’ll be seeing my work adorning the shelves of your local bookstore soon.

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