Today is The Official Writers Vacation Monday (and Giveaway Winner Announcement)

IMG_0073by Denny S. Bryce

Hanging out with writers this weekend (had a marvelous time btw), I decided it was time to take a vacation. No, not because I need a vacation from writers:). It’s just that writers juggle so much, work so hard, and think (all the time we are thinking, thinking, thinking) that I have decided to declare Monday, February 11, the  OFFICIAL WRITERS VACATION MONDAY. And not just a day to take a break from the day-to-day either. Pack your bags we are heading to an island! That’s right. (okay, it’s photo day, but you know, use your imagination, I am:). We’re going on a dream vacation. And today’s official writers monday destination is Maui. Okay? You in?

Here we go! ()

IMG_0118 IMG_0110 IMG_0073

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These were taken by me during a 2011 vacation to Maui. One of my favorite trips. Where would you go on Official Writers Vacation Monday if it existed and we had time travel, or free travel, or free vacations, or – okay, you get the drift on the free part:)?

Maui is where I’m spending the day.

But share – where have you been where you plan to go again (again and again). Or what is the best vacation romance you’ve ever read? I’d like to hear your recommendations on romance novels with that trope.

Finally, last week I interviewed Joy Daniels who had her debut release “Revving Her Up” from Samhain in January. I’d like to announce the winner of the copy of her ebook – and that lucky winner is Mary Jo Burke. CONGRATULATIONS! You will receive your e-book via email!

Thanks for joining me for a short trip to Maui on this rainy, rainy, rainy Monday in greater Washington, DC.Denny's Mermaids