Waterworld Mermaid Anniversary Celebration – The Grand Splashy Finale

It’s our one-year anniversary! The Waterworld Mermaids have dyed the lagoon hot pink, added glitter and cranked up the dance music for our weeklong anniversary celebration. Each day we’ll be hosting a mermaid scavenger hunt. At the bottom of each day’s post you’ll find three questions about the mermaids who blogged that day, the answers to which can be found on this site. Answer the questions and be entered to win that day’s prize. Plus, on Friday we’ll be giving away a $130 Visa gift card. To increase your odds of winning the gift card, answer each day’s scavenger hunt questions. Every entry you make Monday through Thursday will give you an additional entry in the big Friday giveaway of a $130 gift card. So jump in the lagoon and get swimming with your lucky fin!

Have you had fun this week? We have had a blast hanging out in the lagoon meeting all of you and celebrating our awesome Mermaidey-ess!  For our last hurrah we are featuring our own little cheer – crafted by the lovely and talented Kerri Mermaid:

M – is for May 2011, when we started this group blog.

E – is for Each one of us. We all have our own personal styles and write different things. Some are published and and some are pre-published. We have sweet, steamy and silly Mermaids. Even with our differences, we’ve come together to celebrate each and every one of us.

R – is for Reads. In October we did free garden reads, showcasing our different styles and talents.

M – is for Mayhem. With a dynamic group of talented, out-spoken Mermaids, we’ve been known to get a little crazy from time-to-time.

A – is for Author Interviews. We love having writers visit our site and we’ve been so lucky to have some of the best around.

I – is for Inspiring. Thirteen strong and very different women have achieved great things.

D – is for our Devoted followers. Whether you’ve visited our lagoon once or every day, we appreciate every single one of you.

S – is for success. Success is measured differently by everyone. Many of us crave to be published. Some want to finish their WIP. Others want to make their families proud. No matter how, where or when, it’s safe to say that one area where we’ve all succeeded is here in the Mermaid Lagoon. We’ve come together to create a special, safe and magical place.

Job well done and Happy Anniversary, Waterworld Mermaids!

 Fishy kisses!
Two questions to answer today:
1. What contest did Kerri Mermaid win?
2. What is your favorite romance novel?
Hint: The answer to #1 can be found in Kerri’s profile.
Thanks for joining us in the Waterworld Mermaid lagoon! Answer today’s questions in the comments below to be entered to win our big Friday giveaway of a $130 gift card. Only one entry per day. Be sure to leave your e-mail address in your comment. You can also go back through the previous posts and leave a comment (one per day!) and answers for the drawing. You have until 11:59 p.m. EST May 13 to leave your answers. Contest open to U.S. residents only.

95 thoughts on “Waterworld Mermaid Anniversary Celebration – The Grand Splashy Finale

  1. Happy, Happy Anniversary!
    What a sweet and cute post! I’m so very glad we all met last year and jumped into this lagoon together! I know I’m using way too many exclamation points, but I’m just THAT excited!!! 🙂
    Of all the awards you can ever achieve, an annual Best Daughter should always be your favorite, Kerri-mermaid!
    My favorite romance? You two sure know how to ask a hard question. I really don’t know. I loved FIRST GRAVE ON THE RIGHT by Darynda Jones, but I also adored JUST ONE OF THE GUYS by Kristan Higgins. And Kingdom of Dreams by Judith McNaught.
    Well, I could be here forever, so I’ll just say I love so very many of them!
    It’s not like I’m eligible to win anyway, what with my sparkly tail and all.
    Mermaids Rock!

  2. Thank you for that wonderful start to our day Kerri! Wow, favorite romance novel? That is a really, really hard one because there are so many great books out there… I’ll have to go with a classic that took many of us romance junkies down the road to being hopeless romantics… Shanna by Kathleen Woodiwiss.

    Happy Anniversay everyone! Thanks for coming to swim in the Waterworld Mermaid lagoon with us over the past year!!! ;-D

  3. I love our cheer, Kerri Mermaid!

    You are My Hero….and also Valerius Magnus, from my favorite and very first romance novel I ever read, Seize the Night by Author Goddess Sherrilyn Kenyon.

    Sending all my love to you,
    Carlene Mermaid ;-&

    GOOD LUCK and THANK YOU to everyone who stopped by this week to play with us. You all seriously rock my flippers!

  4. Happy Anniversary to some of the best people I have ever met! I love you and am so glad that we all met and banded together! Mermaids 4-evah!

    My favorite romance novel? “Life After Joe” by Harper Fox. I could read it over and over – and I have!

  5. An Amazing week and a truly amazing group of Fantastic Women and Fantastic Writers! You ladies make me smile, and laugh out loud, and although I hate to admit it, you also, yes, have caused mem to shed a tear or two reading some of your amazing stories and posts. Yep, you are all so warm, loving and generous, I am truly honored to be one of the Waterworld Mermaids.

    Okay, it’s way too early to get this sentimental, Happy 1st Anniversary Mermaids!

    And Kerri Mermaid, freaking fantastic take on what Mermaids means to us, and yeah, you ROCK!

    Good luck to all of you participating in our grand prize drawing and thank you so much for stopping by and playing in the pond!

    And oh, my favorite romance novel is the one I’m reading now (I know a little bit of a cheat), but “First Grave on the Right” by Darynda Jones is wonderful!

    1. First Grave on the Right is AMAZING!!!!!!!! You’re so lucky that you’re reading it now. Hmmm, maybe I’ll go back and reread today. 😉

  6. Love this, great idea Kerri!

    Favorite romance? Gone With the Wind – shut up about it not having an HEA. Tomorrow is another day and she’ll get that man. (PS We do not talk about that supposed sequel.)

    1. LOL Avery! I love that book and I totally agree with you on the… ahem, sequel.

  7. Happy anniversary Mermaids!
    Kerri Mermaid won first place in USA Today’s Happy Ever After’s romance novel tweet contest. Good job, Kerri!

    My favorite romance novel is probably Perfect by Judith McNaught because it was one of my first and it has stayed with me. Of course I love my own too… 🙂

    Congrats on your first year! Cheers, Beth Cornelison
    bcornelison @ comcast . net

    1. Thanks for visiting Beth!!! Quite a few Mermaids LOVE Judith McNaught! Big smoochies to you! 😉

    2. Just reread Perfect yesterday! When, oh when, will her next book FINALLY be released!? I”ve been waiting for years here!!! My favorite of hers is KINGDOM OF DREAMS.

  8. Awesome cheer, Kerri! What a nice way to start the morning!
    Happy anniversary to everyone and thanks for a great year! My latest favorite romance novel is Catch of the Day by Kristan Higgins. Okay, I kinda love Darynda’s books, too. We are such Kristan and Darynda fan-mermaids here at the lagoon.

    1. We need a support group for our Mermaid-group-i-ness. Go Darynda! Go Kristan!

  9. Okay, once more upon the breach and all that nonsense. (I’m assuming the icon link has my email address already hook-up if my Facebook page isn’t enough for a message, right? I keep seeing entries where their email address is posted along with the answers. It’s got me a little worried.):

    1. Kerri won the USA Today’s Happy Ever After’s #HEA140 romance novel tweet contest. I’m a big contest freak myself. I scored a few trinkets here and there. Nothing specatular…except the iPad 2 I won from one of my Oscar betting pools last year and that was a fluke. Honestly.

    2. My favorite romance novel…LET THE RIGHT ONE IN (or LET ME IN) by John Ajvide Lindqvist. Okay, granted it’s more a vampire tale and the subplots pay more attention to what happens to the characters when they get infected or attacked or drop dead in a bloody way…but it is a kind of romance between a lonely boy who is beset by problems with school and bullies and a vampire who wants a boyfriend. I’m sure if any of you have read it, you can see the romance in it between the gore and the detective work. Not every romantic tale is a straight line, last I checked.

    Okay, roast me over an open fire with my second answer. I’m sure some of you would dispute my choice.

    1. I haven’t read the book, but I thought the movie (the original foreign version in particular) was brilliant and definitely a love story. I think it’s a very interesting pick.

    2. Thanks for visiting WeirdArchives! No worries – I see your FB page. We’ll get you that money if you win. 😉 Good luck!

    3. I would define romance as any story that centers around two central characters that have romantic interest in each other no matter the setting or plot. So, there will be no roasting from me, as I’m totally okay with blood, guts, gore and vampires as long as there is also a love interest… ;-D

  10. Yay, Kerri! You go, girl, for the USA Today’s win with the Happy Ever After’s romance novel tweet contest. Whoo hoo!

    As for my favorite romance novel … that is so hard. I have to agree with the comment of Gone with the Wind. I love that story, such a classic that I remember watching when I was a child and falling in love with Scarlett. In fact, I have the Franklin Mint doll of her in my spare room. But I will always have to go back to the old school romance: Pride and Prejudice. Every year, I re-watch the A&E version and still get all fluttery. Of course, it could be Colin Firth in his wet shirt … hmm … now I’m really distracted. For a modern take on that story, I loved Bridget Jones Diary. Mostly, because I could relate to Bridget in so many ways. 😛

    1. Colin Firth in a wet shirt – what now? Yeah, off to rewatch my P&P DVD for the 1000th time.

      Thanks for visiting us, Jen – you are awesomesauce! 😉

    2. Oh man, how could I forget Pride & Prejudice? Any Jane Austen novel, really, but P&P is an all-time favorite. That might be my favorite book ever.

  11. Sparkly awesome Kerri girl won the USA Today HEA romance novel tweet contest, because she is made of pure, uncut awesome!

    Picking a favorite romance novel is like picking a favorite kid or favorite pair of shoes. It cannot be done. But here is a random smattering of my must-read list: The Lost Recipe for Happiness by Barbara O’Neal, Welcome to Temptation by Jennifer Crusie, Hot Under Pressure by Louisa Edwards, Start Me Up by Victoria Dahl, Lover Mine by JR Ward, Simply Irresistible by SEP, and First Grave on the Right by Darynda Jones.

    Happy birthday, Sparkly Mermaids! 🙂 Glad to know each and every one of you!

    1. Thanks Kimberly! Darynda Jones rocks my socks! Actually, I dare say she rocks all the Mermaids’ socks! We’re groupies! And guess what? She’ll be here in the lagoon on June 15!

    2. Fishy Kisses to you, Kim! Thanks for making our pond a bit more sparkly and fabulous this week 😉

  12. Congrats Mermaids, you all ROCK the Romance!
    1. Tweet Tweet Kerri, = Winning!!!!
    2. You know… I loved the Born in… books from Nora Roberts.

    Thanks for your posts and the great Q, K, I am in need of a new summer read!

    Keep it up Kerri Mermaid and your lagoonmates! So much happens in a year, there are ups and downs but hold true to you and the sky is the limit!

    1. I’m rooting for you to win, D! That way, you can buy me dinner with your winnings when you come visit next week! Fingers crossed! 😉

    2. Helllloooo Danielle! Hope you have an awesomesauce time next week!!

  13. Happy Anniversary! Just stopping in (in between real world errands and fantasy writing–real writing but a fantasy novel) 😉

    Wow, favorite romance? I’m going with one of the first romances I ever read since they are the ones that started all of it for me: Texas Triumph by Victoria Thompson (remember the Zebra Historicals of the 80’s/90’s?)

    Okay, now that I’m done dating myself–Happy Anniversary and Happy Mother’s Day to you all!


    1. Hi Loni! Haha, at first I thought that you had to do real world errands and then fantasy world errands! Which made me think of one of my favorite romance book moments when the rockstars of Olivia Cunning’s Sinners books go on a grocery store trip looking for everything cherry flavored, including salad dressing, to satisfy one of the band member’s fetishes.


    1. Hi Kristan! Thanks so much for stopping by the lagoon. LOVE love love your books (am I repeating myself here? Lol.)

    2. Thanks for stopping by the lagoon Kristan I love your books!!! We missed you at WRW Retreat this year! ;-D

    3. Thank you Kristan! And I know I’ve done this in the past, but thank you again for Callahan O’Shea!

  14. 1. What contest did Kerri Mermaid win? First place in USA Today’s Happy Ever After’s #HEA140 romance novel tweet contest
    2. What is your favorite romance novel? Have so many it is hard to choose, but I guess I’d have to go with Teresa Medeiros’ Lady of Conquest.

    Thanks Avery for inviting me. It’s been fun learning about you ladies all week! Happy Anniversary!

    [email protected]

    1. We’re so glad you could join us Elisabeth. We hope to see you swimming around the lagoon with us again soon!

    2. Thanks, Elisabeth! High-Flipper-Five to you for coming out with us!!

  15. 1. First place in USA Today’s Happy Ever After’s #HEA140 romance novel tweet contest

    2. His Dark Embrace by Amanda Ashley

  16. Thank you guys for the WONDERFUL comments!!! Fan-mermaids. Love it! And of course:

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! *throws confetti!* (That plastic kind so it doesn’t much up the water.)

    So thrilled for you. This is one of my favorite blogs ever!

    1. Yay for Darynda!!!! I have to tell ya – we kinda bombarded your poor editor at our Retreat a couple weeks ago. “When is the next Charley book – we love her!!!!!” *Kerri hides face in shame*

  17. Awwwwww. We can’t wait to have you in the lagoon next month. Also, what’s a girl have to do to get Reyes to visit her dreams? Just askin’

  18. We love you too, Darynda, and look forward to your upcoming interview! Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Thank you for swimming by, Darynda! And for bringing the confetti!

  19. 1. First place in USA Today’s Happy Ever After’s #HEA140 romance novel tweet contest
    2. The Villa by Nora Roberts. It’s an older book but I love reading about all the relationships and the amazing background of California and Italian vineyards. Also Tyler is a sizzling character!

    Congratulations on your anniversary Mermaids!

    1. Thank you Lana and good luck! I really like that name Tyler too. Sizzling as in how?? 😉

  20. Happy Anniversary Mermaids! This has been such an interesting blog, and you are all awesome!
    Kerri won the USA HEA tweet and it was terrific, no prejudice here.
    My favorite romance novel…hmmm there have been so many but I am still partial to the Chesapeake and McGregor series.

    1. Thanks Ma! I love how you are NEVER biased where I’m concerned. *Big wink*

  21. First place in USA Today’s Happy Ever After’s #HEA140 romance novel tweet contest.

    My favorite novel will always be Kathleen Woodiwiss’ Shanna. It’s the book that got me reading again and then into writing.

    Congrats on your anniversary. Way to go!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Paisley! Isn’t it amazing when a book can do that! Good luck with your writing! 😉

    2. Hi Paisley! *waving* It’s great to see you swimming in the mermaid pond today!

      I just loved “Shanna”! It’s one of those stories that has stuck with me and every couple of years I take down from the shelf, dust it off and wrap myself in the magic that Kathleen Woodiwiss created.

      Don’t forget to stop by and leave answers for Monday through Thursday’s posts questions also to increase your odds of winning! ;-D

  22. You guys are just adorable.

    Kerri, I want to know your entry for your #1 prize winning USA Today’s HEA romance novel tweet contest.

    My fav-or-ite romance novel ever is Rachel Gibson’s Truly Madly Yours. Love it love it love it.

    1. Hi Suzanne! So nice having you in the pond and thank you for the sweet comment. Our leader is a fairy princess so we come by adorable quite naturally 😉 Good luck in the drawing! I love that title, btw.

    2. Hi Suzanne! Thanks for stopping by the lagoon. And just for you, here is my winning USA Today’s HEA tweet entry:

      “Wallflower humiliated on reality tv love show. Tabloid reporter out for real story. When cameras stop rolling things really heat up.”

      1. Love it! Will totally steal that one out of the pile of swappable books at the next retreat!

  23. 1. First place in USA Today’s Happy Ever After’s #HEA140 romance novel tweet contest

    2. Maybe if I’d only read, like, six books in my life I could have a favorite. But in order to play nicely with others… I’m going to say either Private Arrangements by Sherry Thomas or Lord of Scoundrels by Loretta Chase.

    1. Hi Anna G! I like the way you put that, “Maybe if I’d only read, like, six books in my life…..” Great line! Good luck today!

  24. Happy Anniversary! This has been a wonderful celebration. I have had a blast coming here each day for the questions 🙂

    Kerri won: First place in USA Today’s Happy Ever After’s #HEA140 romance novel tweet contest. (wow, didn’t even know that contest existed. But how cool that you won!)

    My favorite romance novel? Wow, that’s a tough one! I guess one of my all time favorites would be either Knight in Shining Armor by Jude Deveraux or one by Johanna Lindsey. Can’t remember the name but the heroine is Georgie LOL.

    Have a wonderful weekend mermaids 🙂

    Ursula [email protected]

    1. Hellllloooooo Sparkley Ursula! We cannot tell you how happy we are that you’ve had a blast with us this week. I agree, it’s very cool that Kerri Mermaid won that contest. We like calling her Miss USA Today from time to time. Thank you for sharing your faves with us. Happy Friday and Good Luck!

      1. Hahaha. I told the girls at work today that they may start calling me Sparkley. They didn’t get it 🙁 *sigh* guess I will have to hang out with y’all more often.

        1. Stop by all the time Sparkley Spice! We’d love to see you! Good luck in the drawing! ;-D

    2. Yay for Ursula! Thank you so much for visiting us this week! Big smoochies to you! 😉

  25. This has been a fun week. Thanks for all the fun!
    1. First place in USA Today’s Happy Ever After’s #HEA140 romance novel tweet contest.
    2. Toss up between Acheron by Sherrilyn Kenyon and Lover Reborn by J.R. Ward.

    I may have to start presenting Best Daughter Ever awards to my girls! Love that idea.

    1. Haha – not to be outdone, my mom also wins the Best Mother Ever award by me annually. That’s how we roll. 😉

  26. I’m not one for casual intellectual activities such as reading and writing, let alone blogging, but I had to respond just once during the week to the Waterworld Mermaids’ anniversary contest. I am the absolute antithesis of your average fan as noted by my wife who mentioned today that I was barely housebroken. Yet I’m drawn to your collective zeal, inspiration and pure enthusiasm to refine your craft and excel so passionately in the art of writing. So, here goes.

    Number one – Kerri won the USA Today’s Happy Ever After’s #HEA140 romance novel tweet contest. Outstanding job and kudus Kerri.

    Number two – My favorite romance novel is…. Unfortunately, I’ve never read a romance novel.

    Congratulations on your first year Waterworld Mermaids! Hope you have many more years laced with successes across the pond.

      1. Welcome, Drew!!! And thank you so much for stopping by. Housebroken? Eh, Robin’s right – no need for that in our sparkly lagoon! Good luck in the contest! 😉

  27. – “USA Today’s Happy Ever After’s #HEA140 romance novel tweet contest”
    – My favorite romance novel was written by MY MOM:) but it would still be my favorite even if she hadn’t written it- Fortune’s Bride by Cheryl Spencer

    [email protected]

    1. Anna, that is wonderful! So glad you could visit and good luck in the drawing! Did you comment on the other days to increase your chances?

      1. That’s awesomesauce, Anna! Yay for your mom! 😉 And good luck in the contest!

  28. HI Kerri,
    Its Megan!
    1) First place in the Tweet contest and “Best Daughter Ever”
    2) My favorite romance novel is the book Matched by Allie Condie

    1. Hi Megan!!!! I get so excited when I see you on here! My fingers are crossed for you to win! Big smoochies! 😉

  29. 1. Kerri won the USA Today HEA romance novel tweet contest! Yay!!

    2. My favorite romance novel is Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. It is my go-to book. But there are so many romances out there and I like them sickly sweet or hot as fire.

    Again, congratulations on the anniversary!
    bas1chsemail at gmail dot com

    1. Hi Shannon! Pride & Prejudice is my all time favorite romance novel as well! 😉

  30. Another Happy Mermaid Day! Kerri, I loved your post. You gals are so much fun. Answers to the questions:

    1. Kerri won first place in the USA Today’s Happily Ever After’s #HEA140 romance novel tweet contest.

    2. Favorite romance novel…oh, difficult choice…Outlander (sort of a romance novel)

    1. Yay for Anita – our honorary kick-ass mermaid friend!!! One of my most favorite romances is your Embrace the Highland Warrior!!! I heart!

  31. 1. USA Today’s Happy Ever After’s #HEA140 romance novel tweet contest
    2. The Devil In Winter


    1. Welcome bn100!!! Thanks for stopping by and good luck in the contest! 😉

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