Welcome to Fantasy Island! The Mermaid Celebration Continues…

It’s our one-year anniversary! The Waterworld Mermaids have dyed the lagoon hot pink, added glitter and cranked up the dance music for our weeklong anniversary celebration. Each day we’ll be hosting a mermaid scavenger hunt. At the bottom of each day’s post you’ll find three questions about the mermaids who blogged that day, the answers to which can be found on this site. Answer the questions and be entered to win that day’s prize. Plus, on Friday we’ll be giving away a $130 Visa gift card. To increase your odds of winning the gift card, answer each day’s scavenger hunt questions. Every entry you make Monday through Thursday will give you an additional entry in the big Friday giveaway of a $130 gift card. So jump in the lagoon and get swimming with your lucky fin!


Susan: Flash back to 1975: me deep into Europe on $10 a Day, convinced I could make a trip like that and survive.  I even applied for a passport!  Sadly, without traveling companions, my dreams had to wait. Even though I insisted it was possible to go by myself, nobody was in favor of my wild proposals, and my always-vivid imagination kept me quite safely at home.  But I could dream…

Flash forward twenty-eight years, and I am on a plane to Paris.  At last!  Dear One is meeting me there, having flown in from a business trip in Singapore.  Imagine me exiting Customs and seeing him on the other side of the glass.  How romantic!  We celebrate our Silver Anniversary in the City of Light.  We see the Bastille Day fireworks at the Eiffel Tower.  We have dinner with friends.  Really!  In Paris!  We get slammin’ service and free drinks!  We walk twice around the Arc de Triomphe because we’re too drunk to find our street! (boy howdy, was Dear One perturbed over that!)

When I come home, I have been deeply entrenched in the French language for a week.  I have apparently talked in French in my sleep.  For a few moments after returning home, I can’t read English.  On a shopping trip with SweetPea, I start to cry.  Why?  Because there aren’t any sidewalk cafes in upstate New York that will let you sit down and order a glass of wine.  I’m back in America.  I’m stuck.

This is my fantasy:  Let me do it all again before I die.

Masha – my dream vacation was and still is a cruise through Europe. One of the stops along the way was the Island of Capri. So far, that has to be the most gorgeous place on earth.  I was only able to spend a day, but the views were magnificent.  Perched off the coast of Italy, its windy cliff roads are peppered with beautiful white villas capped with red clay roofs. The cobblestone streets weave around quaint stores, but it’s the Blue Grotto that is a taste of heaven. In my wild imagination, I take a rickety taxi all the way to the top, pick an out of the way café, nestled amidst bright azalea bushes, and stare down to the blue Mediterranean as I pluck out my latest novel.   I imagine my family is along for the ride (although the kids are older.. as cute as they are, toddlers and neckbreaking mountainside drops into the ocean don’t mix), but every day I get a few slices of time to do my own thing before joining them on whatever adventure they cook up for the day.  But alas, for now, it’s back to the grind.

Loni:  I’m in a cottage in the quaint lake front town of Petoskey, Michigan one of the towns I grew up in.  The cottage is vintage Victorian but not overly done.  There is a wide front porch with a bench swing painted white, two large oaks out front and the breeze is gently blowing  the sheer curtains into my Shabby-Chic, decorated bedroom.  I wake to a breakfast of fresh strawberries and cream with banana nut muffins and hot, English Breakfast tea and orange juice out on the back screened in porch facing the English-style gardens.

My day is spent with my beloved (who is catering to my every whim) checking out the local shops along the lake front.  There are antique stores and craft stores, local artisans selling their wares and even a farmer’s market.  We pick up a loaf of fresh bread, olive oil, some deli cheese, meats and fresh fruits to make a picnic along with a bottle of a semi-sweet wine that will compliment the small picnic.  We spread out a blanket on the rich green lawn of the local park in front of the Stafford’s Perry Hotel under a shade tree and enjoy just talking and feeding each other bits of cheese and grapes.

We would take a walk along the lake front and let the breeze off of Lake Michigan carry our cares away.  It would be perfect because the following day, he would take me to Mackinac Island via ferry where we would continue my fantasy vacation at the Grand Hotel where I would revel in sitting in a white whicker chair on the worlds largest front porch, taking in the view of gorgous Lake Huron/Lake Michigan, the Mackinac Bridge and the boats out on the water, while the scent of fresh lilacs waft around me.

That would be my fantasy vacation: to live the dream I’ve had since I was a little girl in northern Michigan.

1.  What is Loni’s publishing status?

2.  What is Susan’s sign?

3.  What superpower does Masha want to have?


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