Dirty Little Remedies

A couple weeks ago I shared My Dirty Little Secret. Due to personal and professional setbacks I haven’t been able to write in months. I felt ashamed and frustrated.

Well, I was overwhelmed at the number of comments, both on this website and sent to me privately. I realized that while my reasons for not writing may be unique to me, the stifling act of not-writing (or doing something you love in general) happens to many. I got so much wonderful advice that I thought I would share some of my favorites. It was tough to pick just a few…. 

Guy Day — International Style

As a writer it is always important to tell a good story, but a large part of that is world building. If you do not portray a believable backdrop, accurately reflecting the place and culture your characters live in, then it doesn’t matter how great your plot is or how dynamic your characters are… your story will fall flat.

Today is guy day and in honor of all the sexy, diverse men of the world I thought we’d give it a more international twist. I have called on friends throughout the world and they’ve agreed to help by answering a few probing questions about the culture they live in, their daily routines and their views on marriage and family. So let’s give these brave men a round of applause for being so forthright with their answers and see what they have to say.

1.  What would you typically have for breakfast in…
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Making Time – What’s Your Score?

What do you do to make the time to get all of the important things done?

Most of the writers I know aren’t only writers, they are moms, wives, aunts, lawyers, teachers, doctors, PR Divas (oh, that’s me:), and a laundry list of other things all of which must get done.

I want to talk about making time, and what tricks, commitments, decisions, we make to do that thing we want to do. And for most of us, that thing, isn’t just one, but many.

Right now, I’m working hard to be organized. But I need help. Seriously. It’s just hard to sit alone and write. I wish I could say it some other way, but the truth is you must be supremely self-motivated and a bit selfish to an extent, to spend such big slices of your life in front of a computer – alone.

Yeah, that’s how I spent the weekend, and yes, I am happy with…
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And, now the work begins. . . .

Whew! I feel like I just emerged out into the light of day – much like that rabid rodent in February who is supposed to be a weatherman but is really just a scared rat-like creature who probably just wants to bite somebody. Hard.

I just emerged from the frantic, whirlwind of promoting my debut release and I feel like I want to bite somebody. (Did I say that out loud?) It was fun, exciting, a new adventure and I loved every minute of it. I took the advice of my published friends and cherished every moment, every new thing that came along. But, it was also exhausting, tedious, and time-consuming. The same published friends has told me this as well and I now know they were 150% accurate.

But, now my baby is out there and doing well and I am down to the blogs posts that I do normally here with…
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My Dirty Little Secret

 Not to worry. I’m not going to reveal some Fifty Shades of Grey-type secret here.

But I have been keeping something to myself lately and holding it in is starting to feel unhealthy. My dirty little secret? I haven’t written since the beginning of May. Not a word. No fiction. No blog posts. Even getting this post together was brutal.

Why am I sharing this?

I feel a lot of shame about not writing. Writing always came very easy to me. I never had to think about it.

But now? I sit in front of the computer and … nada!

I’ve read so many blog posts and articles about how if you are a “real” writer you should devote time to your craft every single day. Butt in the chair, write all the time, you know the drill. So what happens when you can’t do that? What happens when life gets so crazy and gives you so much to deal…
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The Ultimate Sacrifice

This was so much easier when I lived alone.

It took six years for Enchanted to go from being a published short story to a faced-out hardcover at Barnes & Noble. I had the luxury of dropping the manuscript whenever I wanted to write a short story in Excel, or scold Dark-Hunters, or help my friend Janet with an art show. But when I finally made the push to finish the novel, I drove to Starbucks every evening after work and didn’t go home until I had written at least 1000 words. Some days, I only had coffee for dinner.

That doesn’t really fly when you have a family.

First of all, the only decent Starbucks with a sitting area is 5 miles from the house, and it is PACKED night and day. Going there is a commitment in which I must stalk one of the oversized…
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Driven To Distraction

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. It was summer break…

Does it ever seem like the sun, the moon and the stars are aligned against you? Like life goes out of its way to throw obstacles in your path? That your family just doesn’t equate writing with working? Well, it sure as heck does at my house! Especially in the summer when my kids are home from school.

I swear some days it feels like no one wants to talk to me until I sit down at the computer. Then, of course, the phone rings, someone comes to the door, the dog is barking and the kids are peppering me with questions—all at the same time!

A typical day in my house involves my youngest daughter walking into the room and breaking down, in minuet detail, how some computer game about dragons’ works. I’m sure this is very important in her twelve year old brain,…
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What I Love About Writing Romance

So a while back, I had a post on my blog about how there are days when being a romance writer sucks big hairy ones. I won’t say what those ones are, because this is the Waterworld Mermaids and the lagoon isn’t like that. 🙂

And it’s true some days the keyboard kicks me in the shins. However, there is so much to love about being a romance writer and I wanted to share 10 of my favorites. Add yours in the comments section and we’ll blow the Internet apart with our love. Hey, it could happen.











OK, you’re turn. What are your favorite things about writing romance?

Time To Recharge

Last weekend was definitely stacking up to be busier than usual, and that’s saying something in my life.

Friday—Pick up race packets for my husband and fifteen year old daughter for Sunday’s Fredericksburg Historic Half Marathon. Translation: Drive over an hour through I-95 traffic, which is typically thicker than molasses, then wade through crowds at the Fredericksburg Convention center to pick up race numbers, etc. then fight I-95 traffic, again for over an hour, get back home where my fifteen year old daughter would be getting off the bus along with friends for a study group/sleepover combo (this is an every other week event and it was our turn to host).

Saturday—More teenagers coming over to work on major English project due this week. Translation: My house is going to be invaded by teenagers eating me out of house and home while they make a movie for a school project.

Sunday—Husband and daughter running Fredericksburg Historic Half Marathon. Translation: Get…
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Keep Yer Chin Up, Babe

Two Thursdays ago, I fell down the stairs.  Really!  There I was, happily carrying a discipline slip to the Deans on the first floor (yes, filling out those blue cards does fill me with a sense of justice).  I was wearing my favorite orange heels from Talbots.  Dressed impeccably (bien sur!), I was sure of winning Best Dressed Teacher for the day at school.  It was a wonderful day, beautiful weather.  And, I’d just received a note from an editor, asking for more!

Yes, it was a lovely day. Until my heel went out from under me on Step #1. It hit Step #2, slipped again and then (oh, misery!) slipped on #3. At which time my butt hit Step #1 and I threw my hands out, flailing against the cascade of events that was Ruining My Day. Read the Rest…


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