And, now the work begins. . . .

Whew! I feel like I just emerged out into the light of day – much like that rabid rodent in February who is supposed to be a weatherman but is really just a scared rat-like creature who probably just wants to bite somebody. Hard.

I just emerged from the frantic, whirlwind of promoting my debut release and I feel like I want to bite somebody. (Did I say that out loud?) It was fun, exciting, a new adventure and I loved every minute of it. I took the advice of my published friends and cherished every moment, every new thing that came along. But, it was also exhausting, tedious, and time-consuming. The same published friends has told me this as well and I now know they were 150% accurate.

But, now my baby is out there and doing well and I am down to the blogs posts that I do normally here with the Mermaids and other places. Whew. Normalcy. Routine.


Yes, I am back in the full-mode of writing everyday. Exercising that muscle and improving my craft. It is fun, it is exciting, a new adventure everyday. It is also exhausting, time-consuming, and tedious at times. Hmmm . . . sound familiar?

That is because it is not only my passion, my calling . . . it is my job. Now, I have an EDJ that pays half the mortgage and saves for college but this writing gig is also my job because now I’m working under deadline with 6 more books contracted through now and 2013. (I am going to pause here and do a little happy dance) I have people who are counting on me to deliver the best book I can write on time. Whew!

So, yes, I’m back the hard work of writing a story that is compelling, romantic and very sexy. I am in the process of falling in love with my hero and wishing I were my heroine. I am up late at night or up early in the morning and sneaking my lunch hour to get my daily page count. This is the business of my glorious avocation and I love it.

So, I say that the work begins now . . . but it is also a hell of a lot of fun.

What is your agony and ecstasy with your writing?