Going Hollywood: Making Book Trailers

I’ll start off by letting you know this post is going to be Mac centric. That doesn’t mean I don’t have anything for you PC users out there. I do. Here is the best advice ever for PC users:


OK, that was smarmy of me. I apologize. Sort of.

Whether you use a Mac or a PC, there are a ton of movie editing apps and programs you can use to create a book trailer. Here is a comparison for PC and here for Mac. I use iMovie, which comes with my Mac. With this software, I can use themes to create fun little slideshows with still images or I can use trailers to create video clips that look like movie trailers. The best part of this is that is is so simple to do I could do it drunk. It probably wouldn’t look pretty and the spelling would be atrocious, but it’s possible is my point. All you have to do to use iMovie is drag and drop files from one window on your screen to another. You can add in title cards, dissolves, sound clips, music and more.

I love book covers, but I find book trailers that are just pans of the book cover kind of boring. Not saying they can’t be done and end up extraordinary, but those are few and far between. My recommendation is to go to a stock art site and buy stock video. My favorite site is istockphoto. You can type in some key words and find exactly the type of video you need. A word of warning: If you’re like me, you will get sucked into this site, so be prepared to spend some time. Also, istockphoto has still photos and music files, so really it’s a one stop shop for book trailers.

No, I don’t own stock in the company, but really I should considering how much money I spend there between Avery Flynn stuff and client photos and videos for the Evil Day Job.

Another option is to work with a company that produces book trailers. One company whose trailers I really like is Circle of Seven Productions. I haven’t worked with them myself, but they do some beautiful videos. Another possibility is Jeffrey Somers who made Amanda Brice’s super cute young adult novel book trailer. The narrator’s voice is just sooooo 14.

Ready for some examples? Yay, me too!

From Circle of Seven Productions:


From WRW’s Amanda Brice created by Jeffery Somers:


And from little ole me and my Mac:

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21 thoughts on “Going Hollywood: Making Book Trailers

    1. Oh my God! I was about to write the same thing! It’s not fair! I know! Let’s make a mash up of our three critique books together. With a few mojitos behind us… I’m sure it would be very interesting. Young adult contemporary erotica. Hmmmm. I think that could be a new market. LOL. I know I would have purchased one of those in a heartbeat when I was younger.

  1. Okay, first, You know how much I love the MAC, so thank u for stating it so boldly (lol)! I enjoy making little movies and have dabbled with some music vids using footage from my favorite tv shows (and no illegal downloads I swear). So I am looking forward to getting published so I can create a cool book trailer like you. Seriously, these were great examples to share. All three very different, but effective. Good post, Mermaid Avery!

  2. Great article, Avery! And thanks for the shout-out.

    I love, love, love the Hollywood feel of your trailer. I really do feel like I’m watching a movie. I LOL’ed at the credits at the end. Awesome.

    1. You’re welcome. Love the fun feel of your trailer.

      I used character names for my credits. No one who’s ready any of my Layton books should be surprised that Glenda is up there front and center. 🙂

  3. Gorgeous trailer! I’ve moved this to a folder so I can beat my head one less time on the wall when I decide to make one of these! Thanks for all the information, gal!


  4. Okay, never used a Mac–(my hubby is a network engineer who deals with PC’s and networks only and so never had a Mac). But I loved your trailer!!! OMG!

    I’m still figuring out time/energy to sit down and put one together for my book’s release. Not sure how or when (I know release date is June 2013) but between now and then will have to come up with something.

    Looking to you for guidance… 😉


  5. Good information. And good videos. I’m amazed at what you could do yourself. In general, i think it’s better not to rely on a narrator, because the person watching might not have sound.

  6. Avery,
    What a great trailer. It has it all. Steamy romance, adventure, danger. What more could a reader ask for?
    Great job!
    And by the way…I have a MAC. I don’t know how to use it. So, I’m heading over to your house for some help. I should be there in fourteen minutes…

  7. This is great information. I really appreciate you blogging about this. This is a keeper.

  8. Alright, you’ve got me sold on this project. I was required to make a video for a graduate education class a few years ago, and almost croaked at the difficulty of putting it together. If/when I get the chance, I will do a trailer. I loved all of these!

    1. With the tools we have now it can be as hard or as easy as you want it. In college I had to take a TV class. I wish it was all about watching, but instead it was how to edit video together. Ugh. Now that was a giant pain in the ass.

  9. Whoa. Hot kiss, cold snow, treasure box, creepy killer legs stalking them, hot kiss, cold snow. AAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHH—I’m coming to your house right now and camping out until you give me a copy of Passion Creek!!!!!!!!!

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