Driven To Distraction

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. It was summer break…

Does it ever seem like the sun, the moon and the stars are aligned against you? Like life goes out of its way to throw obstacles in your path? That your family just doesn’t equate writing with working? Well, it sure as heck does at my house! Especially in the summer when my kids are home from school.

I swear some days it feels like no one wants to talk to me until I sit down at the computer. Then, of course, the phone rings, someone comes to the door, the dog is barking and the kids are peppering me with questions—all at the same time!

A typical day in my house involves my youngest daughter walking into the room and breaking down, in minuet detail, how some computer game about dragons’ works. I’m sure this is very important in her twelve year old brain, but for me… well, not so much. Especially when I’m trying to get words on the page.

Then the phone rings… My brain is now torn between the phone call, the scene I was writing and my daughter who is not taking the hint and still rambling on about the skill points you get for capturing a rainbow dragon.

Giving up on writing for the moment, I tell my friend to hang on, save my WIP, close my computer and quietly explain to my daughter that I would love to hear all about rainbow dragons, later, preferably when I’m not writing. I leave the room and walk outside to soak up some sunshine and have a relaxing conversation catching up with my friend. Until my older daughter comes along asking me about whether or not she can meet up with her friends later. Younger daughter then arrives to ask about a snack. I resolve their issues and send them away so I can talk in peace… which works for about five minutes until the UPS man shows up. Did I mention my dog despises the UPS man and always tries to eat him? Usually wagging so hard her entire body is moving side to side, but she still sounds like a vicious killer and the UPS man is terrified of her. So I tell my friend I’ll call her back, lock up the killer dog and sign for the package. I go inside and ask my kids if they need anything else… Snacks? Questions? Permission to run with scissors or perhaps jump off a bridge?

I then go back outside, redial my friend and about ninety-seven seconds into the conversation my youngest child comes bounding outside and says, “If we won the lottery could I have a horse?”

Yeah, that wasn’t random at all… but it is the story of my life. So anyone out there who is under the delusion that a writer’s life is glamorous. Think again. Most days involve spouses, kids, day-to-day life, and those pesky day jobs. However, on occasion something happens that surprises me.

Allow me to set the stage for you… It’s last Wednesday afternoon, and my children have been finished with school for approximately five minutes, when I hear the chant of summer for the first time, “Mom, we’re bored!”

Me: “Girls, mom’s working. Please go find something to entertain yourselves. I promise we’ll go do something fun as soon as I finish this scene.”

I return to the computer and just as I get into the groove and the scene really starts to flow, I hear screaming as my children run through the house. So, like any other parent with any sense, I’m thinking this can’t be good.

Me: “Girls, what are you doing?”

Them: “We’re making a movie.”

Me: “Okay, just don’t destroy anything or kill each other.”

I should have known I was in trouble as soon as I heard the maniacal laughter. But instead, I choose to enjoy the relative peace and quiet while I could get it, and continued working. About half an hour later my kids come in and drag me downstairs to see their horror movie trailer. I couldn’t believe MY children had put something this incredible together. And done so in less than an hour… Enjoy.

12 thoughts on “Driven To Distraction

  1. Thank you for joining us today!

    For the record, no sisters or kitties were harmed during the making of this production. In fact, Sylvester pretty much laid there like a sack of potatoes and said you can do whatever you want as long as you scratch my belly. LOL!

  2. That about sums up the start of my summer as well–minus the horror trailer. 🙂
    Mine involves five bored kids with nothing to do because their mom is lame. Then I tell them about how I grew up by myself at their age and actually played with myself, using my very own imagination to create other worlds with my Barbies. I pretended that I was the only nice Giant left in the Barbie’s Little People World and protected them throughout all my days. LOL. They weren’t as impressed as they should have been. Whatever happened to kids using their imaginations? Now, they just have to have STUFF. And constant entertainment.
    Have to go enjoy a quiet cup of coffee before the five bored kids stumble down the stairs…bored.

    1. I can relate Kim, I had to actually entertain myself and I was the queen of the Barbies when I was growing up. LOL! Generally, my kids are pretty good at entertaining themselves, but they don’t seem to always comprehend that it’s not a travesty if we spend an entire week at home, not going and doing something. 🙂

  3. I hear you–Sisters!
    Loved the video by the way! So creative… Any young Steven Speilbergs in your family, Dana?

    I am catching up on emails, laundry and a cup or two of my Vanilla Bean Latte, before the kids wake up. My youngest (17) has her senior portraits today and I want to help her pick out her outfit and help her with make-up/hair. I thought it was emotional three years ago with oldest–but this is it. Baby girl will be graduating this coming year. *sigh* *tear*

    But yes, you would think now that they are older I would have more time–nope just different issues of distraction–“Mom, can you take me over to my boyfriends house? Mom, can you drive me to work? Mom, can we go shopping for art supplies?)

    They do enjoy video games and spending time with other things though too so I take advantage of those moments. 🙂

    Hugs…now for 2nd cup of Vanilla Bean latte. 😉

    1. Please have a Vanilla Bean latte for me too! Morning came early, but it has too if I expect any writing to get done before the distractions roll out of bed. 🙂

      I can’t believe your youngest is 17! When my days get hectic with kid stuff, and I feel like I should have TAXI stenciled on the side of my car, I keep reminding myself that one day I will miss all of the running and activities, and just spending time with my kids. Other days, I think, wow, a whole day to myself… Bring it on! LOL!

      Good luck with the senior portraits! Tell her to smile pretty! ;-D

  4. I’m not sure about Steven Spielberg or George Lucas but we definitely have some other movies in the making. I heard them plotting out their own special twist on Red Riding Hood yesterday. ;-0

  5. Holy crap – that video was REALLY good!!!!! I’m so impressed! And the Oscar goes to … Sylvester!

    Ah, I miss the days when summer meant something different was happening. Stupid day job. Every. Day. Exactly. The. Same.

  6. Dana,
    The trailer is amazing!! I am seriously, seriously impressed. Please tell your girls that they did an unbelievable job. No wonder you are so proud of them!

  7. Thanks Kerri and Pintip! I am proud of them because they did such an awesome job on the trailer, but I’d be proud of them anyway just because they’re great kids. And you’re right Kerri, Sylvester definitely deserves an award! ;-D

  8. I thought that was terrific, and sent it to screenwriter hubby. His assessment: “Danger!” Seriously, this cracked me up. I would have love love loved to be able to do something like this as a kid. You are one lucky mom.

  9. Willa, they’ve already been told there will be book trailers in their future. LOL! Fortunately, they seemed excited to do it. 🙂

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