Time To Recharge

Last weekend was definitely stacking up to be busier than usual, and that’s saying something in my life.

Friday—Pick up race packets for my husband and fifteen year old daughter for Sunday’s Fredericksburg Historic Half Marathon. Translation: Drive over an hour through I-95 traffic, which is typically thicker than molasses, then wade through crowds at the Fredericksburg Convention center to pick up race numbers, etc. then fight I-95 traffic, again for over an hour, get back home where my fifteen year old daughter would be getting off the bus along with friends for a study group/sleepover combo (this is an every other week event and it was our turn to host).

Saturday—More teenagers coming over to work on major English project due this week. Translation: My house is going to be invaded by teenagers eating me out of house and home while they make a movie for a school project.

Sunday—Husband and daughter running Fredericksburg Historic Half Marathon. Translation: Get up at the crack of dawn to drop them off close to the start line, drive across town, park, then walk as fast as I can from one location to the next along the race course to take pictures and cheer on husband and daughter while they run 13.1 fun miles followed by a lot of Advil and an afternoon spent on the couch.

And write. I desperately needed to write because I have a mid-June deadline I’m trying to meet and unfortunately life keeps getting in the way. You know what I’m talking about—dishes, vacuuming, laundry, errands, and don’t forget that pesky day job. But I had everything under control, until

Yep, the monkey wrench that seems to get thrown into the best layed plans. This time it came in the form of a phone call Wednesday evening…

“Hello Mrs. Rodgers. Do you remember your 12 year old daughter registering for the James Madison University Spring String Thing?”

Yes, indeed, I did remember. However, she had been third on the wait list since oh, late February or so… and now it’s May… “Yes, she was placed on the waiting list and we hadn’t heard anything back.”

“Well, congratulations to your daughter, a slot has opened up if she wants it?”

“I’m sorry, I don’t recall, exactly when is the JMU Spring String Thing?”

“This weekend. Friday, Saturday and Sunday.”

This weekend!?! My brain quickly whirls through the possibilities. My youngest daughter really wants to do the JMU music thing, but JMU is at least 3 hours from my house. I’ll have to take her there Friday morning, because registration starts at 10:30am, then auditions, get her moved into her dorm and feed her lunch. Then drive to Fredericksburg to pick up race packets, then miracle myself home for the sleepover. Then, on Sunday, after the half marathon, drive another 3 hours back to JMU, to see the 2 hour long final concert, before driving another 3 hours home. Oh, the sacrifices we make for our children!

“Of course, my daughter will be thrilled. We’ll see you Friday.”

So I hung up the phone chanting another chorus of, “Oh crap, Oh Crap, OH CRAP!” and running through scenarios of how useful it would be to have the power of teleportation before going to tell my husband there has been a slight change to our weekend plans.

Thirty minutes later, my husband comes in from mowing the lawn, takes one look at my still panicked face and makes it all better with the words, “Why don’t you just stay at JMU this weekend and write? I can handle everything here.”

And this, my friends, is why I LOVE my husband. He knew I have been running at cheetah speed for weeks and needed some down time. So, I quite literally kissed him right smack dab on the mouth and said, “I think I will.”

JMU was still a long drive, but my 12 year old had a blast and learned a ton. At the final concert it was mind blowing that these were middle and high school kids who hadn’t even seen the music they would be performing until 4:30pm on Friday. And my 15 year old daughter got her project done and beat her previous record, running the half marathon in 2 hours 25 minutes.

And me? I relaxed. I drank a couple of glasses of wine. I took a hot bath where no one felt the need to parade in and out of the bathroom or bang on the door asking questions that could have easily waited another thirty minutes. And I finally got some alone time with my characters without all the usual demands of my life. I got some solid writing done and I recharged my batteries. And it was marvelous!

So do you ever feel overwhelmed? What do you do to recharge your batteries?



13 thoughts on “Time To Recharge

  1. LOL, I could feel the panic in your writing. I thought my life would be free when my boys finished college, but other issues step in to take their place. I think we’re the glue in our families and sometimes we’re a bit too sticky. It’s hard to turn off that urge to nurture, help, and be there. We forget to recharge the well for ourselves along the way as a result.

    My batteries have fizzled, leaked acid and destroyed my mood. The shredder looks like my new best friend.. So, I’m going to take advantage of a gift my sons bought me for Mother’s Day and get a massage. I figure all those toxins will sweep away any negativity and my positive side will shine.

    Have a great day, I know I will.


    1. Good morning Dana-Mermaid, I have to second what Jean said about us being the glue but sometimes being too sticky. What a whirlwind of a weekend but so glad you had some time to soak up not just bubbles and wine but that quality time with your characters. Your hubby is a true gem and so are you.

      I think my best battery re-charger is going to see a live concert, big or little, it doesn’t matter. Sunday I saw Casey James with about fifteen other people in the rain but it was fabulous and then Monday I saw Adam Ezra Group, again at an intimate cafe but the energy was enormous. There is this awestriking vibe that the music gives off when you’re right there front and center and it’s zinging through the floor and the table and your seat and you. So I am feeling pretty charged right now.

      Don’t let those batteries get too low missy miss. 😉
      PS–Casey James will be playing in the area again come this September… 😉

  2. Wow – I’m exhausted just reading this!!! But I’m also super jealous that you got some much-needed writing time. Yay!

    Congrats to you, both of the girls and your awesomesauce hubby! Big smoochies all around! 😉

  3. Thanks ladies! You are right Jean, there was definitely panic going on… LOL! But after having some time to myself to relax and get back in my writing groove all is well. Carlene, your concerts sound like they were a blast! One of these days I’m not going to be knee deep in life and I’m going to tag along. 🙂 And Kerri, the writing time was just what I needed. I’m very proud of what each of my daughters accomplished this weekend and my husband was rewarded with a lengthy massage. 13.1 miles is apparently harder on the old body than it used to be… ;-0

  4. Dana, I was getting more and more panicked along with you as I was reading this post… And then you should’ve seen the big smile on ny face when I saw how it all turned out. Your husband sounds like the BEST! I’m so glad you were able to recharge your batteries! And here’s hoping it will translate to continued productivity in the weeks to come!

  5. Thanks Pintip! Believe me, my husband won some major brownie points. ;-D

  6. Hey Dana,

    Wow.. what a journey. JMU is my old stomping ground. I started there at WHSV as a TV reporter. I had to find housing quickly and the only place available was on campus student housing. I ended up sharing a small apartment with three beer guzzling 20-year-olds and an illegal Rottweiler named Molson. I last two months. After they had a huge party and someone stole my Russian blanket, I moved out. Ahhh, remembering the good times. Glad you’re back home!

  7. Masha, I can sadly relate to your story… Isn’t college wonderful???

  8. Dana,
    One question: How lucky did your husband get? 🙂
    I feel like I live those weekends all the time. I had two girls trying out for an All-star soccer tournament for Father’s Day weekend. I have to admit I was hoping that my older one didn’t make it, and that made me feel like such a crappy mom. I tried to justify it in my mind that she made the All-Star team in the fall, and her sister didn’t. But, really I just couldn’t handle going back and forth between several soccer fields at two separate locations for an entire weekend (and schlepping three additional listening-impaired children with me. ) It seems like these weekends happen to me all the time. Happy to report the older one didn’t make it, but the younger one did.
    Next weekend I have five end-of-season soccer games and parties, and two birthday parties. Fun times. Let the juggling begin…
    It’s always nice to have an extra set of hands when you’re juggling and the balls start looking like they’re about to fall all over the place. 🙂 I’m glad your husband was there to help you catch a couple.

  9. Kim,
    You are so bad! I like that about you! LOL! He would have gotten luckier if he wasn’t sick and hadn’t just run a half marathon. ;-D
    I can so relate to your pain on the crazy schedule stuff. Most of the school year I’m juggling school, robotics, youth symphony and sports… It seems like there is at least one thing every night. And someone please explain to me the rule that everything has to happen at the same time on the same day???

  10. Brenna’s first instrument is the cello, but she also plays the violin, the viola and the piano. This is the first year we have done the JMU program, but she plays with a youth symphony during the school year and is also participating in an intensive music camp for a week this summer. That one is 8:30am-8:30pm all week, then an hour or so of driving for me on each end so between her and my other daughter’s obligations I never stop moving. I swear I should just stencil “TAXI” on the side of my car and be done with it. LOL! 🙂

  11. We call them “husband points” at my house. He has more than he’ll ever need, but I like to toss him a few now and again to keep him on his toes. Ha!

  12. I like that, “husband points” I will definitely have to use that one. ;-D

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