Guy Day

The Fabulous Mr. Flynn Swims With the Mermaids

I nagged and nagged, but finally the fabulous Mr. Flynn agreed to be my Guy Day interviewee. What can I tell you about him? Well, he’s from New Jersey, but without the accent. He’s almost a full foot taller than me. And Kate Upton is on his island. 🙂

Also, he edited my interview questions. Yep, I like ’em like that.

Imagine, you’re totally unlucky enough to never have met me (I know, I know it’s heartbreaking) You walk into a bar and see three equally attractive women. How do you decide who to hit on?

Guy Day Pictorial: The California Cowboy

Sometimes we don’t have to ask a question to get an answer.  Translation, sometimes a girl is just too darn shy to go up to a shirtless man and say, “Hey there, um, excuse me, sir, um young man…wow, you’re really cute…I, I, I, I mean, what I mean to say is what is your perspective on being a cowboy in southern California which is traditionally known for soulful surfers, not country cuties ?  Wow, you’re not wearing much, are you?”

Please enjoy the photos I took during my recent vacation home to East County San Diego and the stop I made at KSON’s Country Fest.

I give you:  A day in the life of a Southern California Cowboy

What I Would Have Asked: Dearest Will & Kate, is this your first rodeo?

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Guy Day — International Style

As a writer it is always important to tell a good story, but a large part of that is world building. If you do not portray a believable backdrop, accurately reflecting the place and culture your characters live in, then it doesn’t matter how great your plot is or how dynamic your characters are… your story will fall flat.

Today is guy day and in honor of all the sexy, diverse men of the world I thought we’d give it a more international twist. I have called on friends throughout the world and they’ve agreed to help by answering a few probing questions about the culture they live in, their daily routines and their views on marriage and family. So let’s give these brave men a round of applause for being so forthright with their answers and see what they have to say.

1.  What would you typically have for breakfast in…
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Guy Day! Service with a Smile: An Authentic Male Voice

The Mermaids and a delightful young waiter named Noah have a great ‘cute meet’ story.  For those of you who may not have heard us gushing all over Facebook, personal websites, Twitter and the Internet in general, this past April was the Washington Romance Writers annual retreat.  A very special occasion in its own right, it was made even better when a handful of Mermaids were able to extend our stay for a few extra days of writing.  And what better way to celebrate than with a fine meal and impecable service!

Enter the eight of us to New York J& P Pizza restaurant.  Poor, poor guy is all I could think.  Here was this young man, with a table full of loud, laughing, story-telling, grown women depending on him for this good sevice and food.  At one point, he came by to check on us and I whispered to him that I was sorry.

Instead of shying away…
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