Guy Day Pictorial: The California Cowboy

Sometimes we don’t have to ask a question to get an answer.  Translation, sometimes a girl is just too darn shy to go up to a shirtless man and say, “Hey there, um, excuse me, sir, um young man…wow, you’re really cute…I, I, I, I mean, what I mean to say is what is your perspective on being a cowboy in southern California which is traditionally known for soulful surfers, not country cuties ?  Wow, you’re not wearing much, are you?”

Please enjoy the photos I took during my recent vacation home to East County San Diego and the stop I made at KSON’s Country Fest.

I give you:  A day in the life of a Southern California Cowboy

What I Would Have Asked: Dearest Will & Kate, is this your first rodeo?

 WIWHA: First the royals, now surfers?  Are you here with security?

WIWHA: Dearest, are you cheering for your buddy’s smoldering use of all black attire?  Me too!

WIWHA: Dear Teddy Bear Cowboy, can I build one of you at that workshop in the mall?


WIWHA: Sweetie, did you remember to apply sunblock to all that?

WIWHA: No questions here.  This was my bench buddy who inspired this post.  His level of comfort sent me backwards in mine.


WIWHA: Audience poll, what would you have asked this two-stepping cutie?

WIWHA: I think the question is pretty obvious here, tee or tats?


WIWHA: A guy and girl are sitting in a bar.  One of them is your girlfriend.  Show me the look you shoot the guy…

WIWHA: Whose picture are you snapping, dear Prince of the Rodeo?

WIWHA: Is this really the end, stud?

I hope you have a better understanding of the Southern California Cowboy.  Or at least enjoyed the photos.

Blushing fishy kisses to you all 😉 




29 thoughts on “Guy Day Pictorial: The California Cowboy

  1. Thank you Carlene, for dipping our fins in the pictorial pool of hot guys. On the tee or tat question, I vote tee. I like to savor the what-if sometimes. Although your bench buddy certainly caught my eye!

    1. Hi Susan! Yeah, I have to say tee as well. I’ll always be grateful to Adam Levine for covering up so well all these years, making the treat of the reveal so nice! My bench buddy…ay ay ay. I can’t even go there 😉 Happy Friday!

  2. Growing up in Oklahoma and Texas…I got your cowboys…but do you know how to spot the real ones and the ‘wanna be’s’? Real ones don’t wear designer jeans or try to “look” like a cowboy…they just are. 🙂 Used to have a crush on a California Cowboy (C.Thomas Howell–Ponyboy from the Outsiders in the mid 80’s).

    I have to admit there is something about them though… thanks for the pics, Carlene! Have a great weekend. 🙂

  3. Hi Loni, oh yes, I believe you when you say you know something about cowboys! Which makes me want to ask what you think about them wearing baseball caps instead of traditional cowboy hats? Yeah, I guess it’s just in the Southern Cali Cowboy’s nature to go shirtless…maybe the beach is calling them 🙂

    1. Many cowboys do wear the baseball caps. But they were for working near the machinery. Stetson’s or Reisistol’s were for working the lines. Had one for dress and one for work.

      Not many went without shirts. Too risky for a sunburn. Made it difficult to work.

      But it was nice when they took them off. All that hard work–made for a hard body!! And real cowboys do ‘swagger’ after all the riding… oh yeah! 😀

  4. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved this post! Yum yum yum! What a fun Friday treat! I particularly liked the teddy bear cowboy! (Think I tapped out use of exclamation points!!!!!)

    1. Hi Kerri! Yep, there is something about the teddy bear…I find them to be my favorite type of many things: stuffed animals, hamsters (real, not stuffed), and now cowboys!

  5. To the two-stepping cutie, do you have a brother? This was great waking up to in the morning but it has set me back 30 minutes making sure I didn’t miss anything!

  6. Yummy! Thanks for sharing your bounty with us. Makes me want to bring my lasso to a rodeo…is there one happening around DC this weekend?? LOL!

    1. Aww, thank you Willa 🙂 The cutest cutie of the night was a young man fresh out of high school, dressed to the nines, head to toe in all his gear. I complimented him on his spurs and then he proceeded to give me the low down on his entire outfit. Very handsome young man. Some young lady will be very lucky, for sure!

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