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Guy Day Pictorial: The California Cowboy

Sometimes we don’t have to ask a question to get an answer.  Translation, sometimes a girl is just too darn shy to go up to a shirtless man and say, “Hey there, um, excuse me, sir, um young man…wow, you’re really cute…I, I, I, I mean, what I mean to say is what is your perspective on being a cowboy in southern California which is traditionally known for soulful surfers, not country cuties ?  Wow, you’re not wearing much, are you?”

Please enjoy the photos I took during my recent vacation home to East County San Diego and the stop I made at KSON’s Country Fest.

I give you:  A day in the life of a Southern California Cowboy

What I Would Have Asked: Dearest Will & Kate, is this your first rodeo?

 WIWHA: First the royals, now surfers?  Are you here with security?

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