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Guy Day: Welcome Very Special Guest Julian Christian!


Mermaid CarleneHello fishy friends! I hope everyone is well and having a great week. Recently, Julian and Carlene 3I attended my first San Diego RWA chapter meeting and it was wonderful. As luck would have it, I got to meet our honorary merman there too. I was very humbled and excited when he said yes to coming to the pond for a chat about the male perspective as it pertains to writing romance heroes. You may recognize Julian from some of your favorite romance covers as that’s his “for fun” job. Whether you’ve seen him as a Rogue, Cowboy, Fallen Angel, Navy Seal, Highlander or Pirate, the word I’d use to describe him best is Gentleman. Please enjoy our chat and be sure to leave a comment. I’ll be drawing one lucky person’s name for a special giveaway at the end. Without further ado, I give you a really great guy, Julian…

Carlene: Hi Julian! Thank you so much for agreeing to dip your toes into the Waterworld Mermaid lagoon. Lots of happy writers and readers out there, for sure. So one thing that jumped out right away from listening to you talk was your love for the ocean. I pulled over to watch the sunset at Cardiff recently and it made me wonder, where is your favorite sunset? What’s the last completely spontaneous thing you did?

Julian cover 20 Julian: Sunset is my favorite part of the day actually. Nothing beats the sunsets here in California with the sun setting over the ocean. Last spontaneous thing? Hmmm I try to live my whole life spontaneously. 

C: Very nice. Now I’m thinking about spontaneity and that one perfect moment in romance novels when the hero feels a physical spark as he comes in contact with Mrs. Right for the first time. Can you tell us if you have ever felt this and if so, how would you describe the feeling? Or do you think this electric sizzle is merely a romance novel myth?

 J: It’s definitely not a myth. There is a definite physical spark that ignites. However getting to know someone for their inner beauty turns that spark into a flame.

C: Hold on, do you hear that? I think it’s either hearts melting or one giant collective sigh spilling out and making waves in our little pond. While our readers catch their breath, can you please tell us what is your favorite song and why?

 J: Not sure if I have a favorite. I love all music that inspires, up lifts and makes me feel. 

C: Cool. My favorite for those reasons is “Take Me to Church” by Hozier. The lyrics are very honest. That makes me wonder, does your language change when you’re around your guy friends as compared to when you’re with ladies? I believe one of the ways we distinguish “voice” between heroes and heroines in romance novels is by showing the hero talking a lot more loosely amongst his buddies and I wondered if this is really the case.

J: Well I’m not much of a swearer or vulgar language user so I couldn’t tell you about others. Just not who I am. 

C: I think we can definitely all respect that. Let’s think of other ways we can show a hero’s grit. What is your pain tolerance? When is the last time you did something that really hurt? Continue reading

Guy Day! Welcome The Kentucky Gent to the Pond

Happy Friday Fishy Friends! I’m incredibly excited for today’s guest because simply put, Josh Johnson is a really great guy with a unique perspective. (You’ll see why below.) I also love the random way I found him. As writers do, I was Google image searching clothes for a character. My rock star drummer needed a tank top. Here’s how it went down: I typed in “Man Tank Tops”, scrolled through loads of images and then Bam! I saw this cool, adorable guy … right away I knew I was looking at Will.

Will Shorts


A little further digging and I found he had a blog of his own. A very awesome blog mixing men’s fashion with honest, positive and creative narrative bits that you’ll want to check out. Just my luck, he had a contact link should someone want to work together on a post. I practically shouted yes and not long after, I had myself a Guy Day guest! As you’ll see from our interview, he’s got a fresh, entertaining male perspective that I know will be appreciated by our writer and reader friends alike. And he’s so darn charming. And cool. Please welcome Josh, The Kentucky Gent…


Me: For our fishy friends not familiar with The Kentucky Gent, please tell us a little about yourself and what you do, Josh.  

J: I’m a blogger, foodie, free lance writer, and runner from Louisville, Kentucky.

Me: Cool, and what do you love about your job?

J: I love that it never feels like work. I get paid to do what I already love to do. Talk, eat good food, drink good drinks, and wear killer clothes.

Will Black Hotness

I like to call this one “Will Hotness” 😉

Me: The above outfit is pretty killer. So, what type of outing are you typically most excited to get ready for and why? Ie: work, a concert, a walk in the park, a non-stop flight to Aruba?

J: Dinner and drinks with friends. I don’t tend to get dressed up much, but I always love putting together an outfit.

Me: Speaking of Aruba, I know you love the beach which is awesome sauce with us Mermaids. What is the current consensus on hero-worthy swimwear? This is always the one thing I think you’ve got to be practical about, especially with sand and water involved but obviously we all want something flattering too. I hand it over to you, oh mighty subject matter expert.

J: The shorter the better, honestly and seriously. Not so short that we’ve got special bits exposed, but take a hint from the Euro males and show your thighs some love. It’s more flattering on most all body types. Longer, boxy shorts make a guy look short and squatty, which should be the last thing we want to impart on someone when we’re poolside. Prints and bright colors are my go-to’s.


Me: In your opinion, are men actively aware of their style or are they winging it? Do you think the average guy puts more thought into his clothing choices than the average person realizes?

J: I think it’s a toss up. It honestly takes MORE time to look like you didn’t take any time getting ready than to actually look put together. Men are masters of emulation.  We do what we see our guy friends doing, and that’s where I hope I can help out. I keep it simple, most of the time, and don’t wear designer duds. I want to appeal to the average Joe and show him that you can look like a million bucks while still looking like a guy next door.

Me: I like that. Do you listen to music when you get dressed? What’s a great song to get your clothes on to?

J: I almost always listen to music when I’m getting ready. Typically something upbeat, but it does depend on my mood. Currently I’m obsessed with Sia’s new album.

Me: Adore Sia, big time. As romance writers, we are taught to give our characters quirks to help them leap off the page. What are some quirky fashion choices you can give to help us achieve this for our romance heroes?

J: Take iconic pieces and give them a personal twist. Two of those for me would be jeans and chucks. They help me seem more relatable to the average Joe, but I’ll spice up the shoes with some funky socks, or by cuffing my jeans up at the bottom.

white out

Me: If you could style anyone, who would it be and why?

J: That’s a tough one, but I’d definitely style Nicole Richie. Only because she doesn’t really need to be styled, and I’d love to get a glimpse into her life and closet.

Me: Nice. In romance novels, we love a tattooed hero. When I searched out your tank top pics, your tattoos immediately caught my eye. What do yours say about you and are they just as much a part of a man’s style as any other piece of his wardrobe?

J: They all tell a story. Each one of them a different part of me, and a way that I’ve chose to deal with and cope with things that have happened in my life. Tattoos are wearable art, and because of that they’re the ultimate accessory.


Me: Cool, now let’s have a little fill in the blank fun:

J: A stylish man can also be… insecure.

J: A stylish man shouldn’t be afraid to… stand out.

J: Every stylish man should own a… leather jacket.

Me: Can we talk pj’s? First off, what do you men call them? I probably spent way too much time deciding how my hero would refer to his jammies in my latest book only to realize he probably wouldn’t refer to them in the first place. Am I right or wrong? But we do tend to talk about men’s sleepwear in romance novels so help us out, Josh! Are they pajamas, pj’s, bottoms, pants, lounge pants? Or something else entirely?

J: To be honest I’ve never been a PJ’s kind of guy. I’m incredibly hot natured and HATE sweating while I sleep. When I’m lounging around the house I’m in gym shorts and an old t-shirt, and most guys that I know are exactly the same way. When it comes to sleep I’ve always heard it’s best to sleep in the buff, but when I’m not doing that I’m usually calling it a night in just my skivvies.

Me: There you have it, romance writers, don’t overheat your men! Buff or skivvies, take your pick. 😉  And for the sake of those writing details, let me pick your brain a little further on this topic. For a woman, wearing a nightgown to bed can be a hassle because she ends up getting tangled and twisted. Is there anything similar for a man as far as sleepwear goes that the average woman wouldn’t know about? Anything uncomfortable?

J: I hate wearing a shirt to bed, if it’s too tight you can feel like you’re being smothered, but if it’s too big you end up getting it stuck underneath you as you try to roll over. It’s a pain.

Me: Is there ever a time when fashion just isn’t important to you? I’m looking for a day/situation when you’ve got something going on or nothing at all and you simply say “Screw it. Not worrying about what I look like today.”

J: I have a lot of those days. Luckily for me my style is incredibly laid back, so even on those days I still keep it looking purposeful. If I’m having one of those days I grab for my favorite pair of jeans/shorts and a loose fitting t-shirt. If I’m wearing shorts I’ll cuff up the sleeves on the shirt, and if I’m wearing jeans I’ll cuff them instead. It takes about 2 minutes to get dressed, and I’m still looking fly.

Me: When trying on clothes, are there any body parts guys are checking out on themselves to see if they look good? You know, kind of how we ladies are checking to see if our tushes look good in those jeans.

J: I always lift up my shirt to check out my butt in the mirror. Other than that I check my stomach and love handles.

Will Sexy Butt

Me: You. Are. Awesome. Onto … Grooming! This could be an entire blog post of its own and Josh, if you’ve ever read a romance novel, you know we ladies are OBSESSED with man-grooming. Our heroes’ whiskers in particular. I’m not even gonna go there as to why that is. I guess I want to know how your grooming affects or is related to your sense of style. Is facial hair something that is trendy kind of like hairstyles? Also I’m curious to know how practical is facial hair for a guy? Are these things a chore for you gents to maintain? Are you like, “Damn, I hate having to shave but this is the look I want.”  

J: I actually hate shaving, and haven’t done so in years. I keep a trimmer in the shower, and when I start looking unkempt I trim down the scruff and even up my neck. Growing out a full beard is definitely a task and commitment. It’s important to keep your neck trimmed up at all times or you end up like a wooly mammoth, not a sexy lumberjack. But in the end it’s worth it. Facial hair styles come and go, but I think we can all agree most men look better with at least a 5 o’clock shadow.

Me: Agreed. 😉 It is beyond exciting to have a stylish man in the pond and so I’m taking full advantage! For this last bit, I’m going to give you a couple hero backgrounds and ask you to give us romance writers a practical outfit or piece of clothing for the guy and his particular task. 

Our first hero has been set up on a blind dinner date which he’s not too thrilled about, but it’s not the date’s fault so he’s doing his best. In this frame of mind, what would this guy show up in? So he’s trying to be nice but not trying for a second date. And he’s probably a bit of a loner and doing that adorable brooding thing.

J: That would depend a lot of what he knew about who his date was with, what they liked/didn’t like. If he wasn’t shooting for a second date he’d obviously do his best to be as far from what they were expecting as possible. Based on what I know about romance stories I’m sure the date would expect him to show up in a leather jacket, tight jeans, and an even tighter t-shirt, am I right? (You’re so right, Josh!) I’d tell him to show up in relaxed fit jeans, a t-shirt, and a blazer. He’d still look dapper, but would not be the apple of his date’s eye anymore. He may however garner the eye of a few admirers in the bar.

Me: I like how you think, my friend. So our second hero is the one who’s gonna end up in a sticky and dangerous situation with his love interest and have to save the day. Um, let’s say they ended up running from a nasty ole stalker after an evening walking the local street scene. Our dashing hero should probably be wearing…

J: …Chucks not sneakers. There’s a BIG difference between fashion footwear like Chucks, Vans, etc. and thinking it’s ok to wear Nike or Adidas gym shoes on a date, or in public in general. It’s a no, no. If a date shows up wearing the same shoes he wore to the gym it’s probably best to let the stalker nab him, so kick off your heels and run Forest, run.


Me: I can’t run because I’m too busy cracking up and rolling on the floor. Whew, okay so this last guy, boy my heart really goes out to him. The poor young man just woke up with a swollen neck, two tiny puncture wounds and looking way too pale. Josh, please have some fun and style our newly made vampire for all those paranormal romance writers out there.

J: In true Edward Cullen (I heart you, Josh) fashion, stick to neutral tones, like beige, gray, tan, and black. It’ll keep from washing out the already pale skin. Keep it simple with a basic t-shirt or woven, jeans, a leather jacket, and boots for that bad-ass broody vibe that we all know we lust after.


Pretty sure I see sparkles in this one. Love.

Me: All right, that’s it. If I could throw you in a net and keep you here in the pond I would! Bare minimum, I hope you’re okay with honorary Merman status. Thank you, Josh. You really rocked it out for us today. Now please share where our readers can follow you for more excellent tips and insight into the stylish man’s world.

J: You can subscribe to my blog by visiting TheKentuckyGent.com, or follow along on the below social media handles.

Facebook: Facebook.com/TheKentuckyGent

Instagram: TheKentuckyGent

Twitter: TheKenGent

Pinterest: The Kentucky Gent

All right friends, so what do we think? Ready to write some well-dressed heroes? For our readers out there, share your faves when it comes to what your romance hero is wearing. And let’s all give Josh some love!

Mermaid CarleneFishy kisses,

Carlene Mermaid

Psst… All the awesome pics used in this post are credited to the very gracious and stylish, Josh Johnson.


Guy Day: Firefighter Marcus Swims with the Mermaids!

Someone call 9-1-Fun because we have got a hot one in the lagoon today!  He’s taken ladies, (sorry) but I haven’t laughed this hard or sighed this much in a long time.  Please give your warmest welcome to Marcus, Oklahoma son, Firefighter, and our resident Mer-man for the day!



Carlene: Hi Marcus!  Thank you so much for hanging out with us today!  Let’s get right to it!  Please tell us about your decision to become a firefighter and how long you’ve been doing it.

Marcus: Looking back when I was growing up I found myself looking at what was considered to my dad as work yet he never once spoke bad about it. Visiting him at the fire station and seeing the guys act as a family did when at home together was interesting to me for I had friends’ parents complaining of their own work and coworkers. I’m not so sure I chose to be a firefighter; instead the profession chose me. I can’t imagine me doing anything else. I’ve been serving the OCFD (Oklahoma City Fire Department) for seven and one half years and like my dad I can’t recall talking bad about it.

Carlene:  What is something you’ve done and never ever want to do again?

Marcus: Many times people ask how we do what we do and see what we see. I can only answer that from personal experiences. The example is when a call came in to
check the welfare of an individual. Upon arrival it was noted the individual was deceased. This is when the police would normally release us but the funeral home that was servicing the family couldn’t get the body out without help.  Minor detail is that this individual hadn’t been seen for 2 weeks…I’m sure you can fill in the details. We helped remove the deceased and finally were released by the police. During the removal process, as with any horrific scene, I put myself in a sort of emotionless state of mind, however, I could go the rest of my career without assisting in that again.

Carlene:  What is something you’d do all the time if you could?

Marcus:  Firefighters have the opportunity to stress release each in their own ways. Some go to the lake every day off. Some go do the night life scene. Mine is a bit closer to home. I like collecting movies but more importantly I like watching them. I have no favorites cause I watch a movie for how the movie makes me feel. If I need a feel good movie I may watch Rudy or to get pumped up why not the classic Top Gun!


Carlene:  Aw, Top Gun!  We knew you belonged here in the pond with us!  But now let’s talk about what scares you and then what is something that might scare others but you feel pretty confident dealing with?

Marcus:  Fear creeps in to every firefighter just not the same fear for each. Some do fear fire (yes…we don’t want to get burned either). Some are scared of dogs that are on scene. My fear so far isn’t anything specific to the job. I can handle the fire, the dogs, and the gun shots that go off while on calls in bad neighborhoods.  I’m ok with the car wrecks that people die in for I know I did all I could to help.  My fear is kissing my wife and boy goodbye in the morning and unable to kiss them hello the next morning.

Carlene:  Thank you for sharing that with us, Marcus.  Very touching.  Now let’s get into fireman fashion.  Is wearing a suit and tie something you look forward to or does it give you the heebie geebies?

Marcus:  People wonder why the fire fighters wear uniforms when we have to put our bunker clothes on half the time. We are proud to be who we are and want to present
ourselves as how we see ourselves. That being said, if the fire department wanted to dress as a used car salesman (no offense if one is reading…you guys do where your ties quite nice) I’m sure we might have to mutiny!

Carlene:  We know a thing or two about mutiny which is why we haven’t invited any of those pesky old pirates to Guy Day.  Now tell us, how much does your gear weigh or better yet, “Wearing my fireman’s gear is like wearing a (blank) on your back”.  (elephant, refrigerator, full grown German Shepard?)

Marcus:  Next time there is an emergency and you see a fire fighter running around in his full bunker gear, with scba on his back, and a tool in his hand and he doesn’t stop and answer your question about what is going on, then here is where I tell you why. No, we are not pricks on scene. Nope we don’t have permission to answer questions in most cases. Once again, no we are not deaf because of the sirens. Answer time! Imagine that a ten year old wants a piggy back ride for two house lengths. Once you get there you realize that the 10 year old forgot his shoes so you run back with him still on your back. There are the shoes, YAYYYY, but while we’re here let’s carry the basketball that he wants and don’t forget the rollerblades he wants later. So off you go two houses down. Woohoo…made it. Now it’s time to rollerblade while playing basketball all while piggy backing a ten year old. That, my friends, is how a fire fighter feels with all his gear on keeping in mind after all the running around getting tools, hoses, and equipment in place he still has a fire to put out or a car to cut open. We don’t answer cause we probably don’t have the ability to!


Carlene:  Okay, last one.  Out of these actual romance titles involving a firefighter, please give me your reaction: (example, “made me laugh”, “had me worried”, “I might actually read that”, etc.)

Marcus: Smokin’ Hot Nights – “Has someone been reading my diary?”

Too Hot to Handle – “Going to be a hit when made into Cinemax late night series!”

Firefighter Under the Mistletoe – “I’d buy it as a stocking stuffer for the wife.”

Carlene:  Oh my goodness, loved these!  Marcus, you are truly one brave man and the Mermaids and our readers appreciate all you do.  Thanks for swimming with us today and sharing your perspective.  Show of hands and fins, who wants to dive into a firefighter romance novel right now or better yet, Write One?  Fishy Kisses everyone!Mermaid Carlene

Guy Day: Interview with Bassist, Dino Villanueva! (Giveaway too!)


Mermaid CarleneGrowing up on the Las Vegas strip, every weekend I watched my mom dance to her favorite local bands.  Wherever the bass player was stationed on stage was where the ladies crowded around.  Mom says that’s because the bass man is the beat for all the dancers. Dirty and low-down—complimentary words, I assure you, for the incredible sounds that flow from these instruments.

It’s an honor & treat to have a man who masters the art of funk and soul, bassist, Dino Villanueva, in the pond with us today!  He was a real sweetheart to answer my questions for our Guy Day segment.  After all, musicians are often the subjects of our stories.  How many bluesy, guitar-strapped-across-his-back heroes have strutted across the pages?  How many punk rock, attitude-served-up-on-a-prickly-stick heroines have been written to deconstruct the poor boy next door?   Dino Ham n Yam 2013 019

What can I tell you about Dino?

He hails from the great state of Texas, plays bass for Casey James, was flattered to be invited to the pond and is a Very Good Sport!

Please enjoy our interview~

Carlene: Hi Dino! Thank you so much for being our guest “Guy” today.  I’ve seen you perform several times and there’s a good reason your fans keep coming back for more.  As a musician, how do you decide how much to keep for yourself on stage and how much to share with the audience?  Or is that never a question?  (I kind of like being able to hide in my writing but you’re up there on stage, definitely more exposed.)

Dino: As a musician, it definitely helps to be connected to your audience. I personally like to give as much on stage to the audience while we play. After all, they are the reason why we are there. It’s a great feeling as a musician to share the same energy and emotion with the crowd. There’s no better feeling to see the crowd having a blast because you’re giving your all as a performer.

(Seriously friends, catch a show, find him on YouTube—Dino gives his all each and every time.)


Carlene: Do you as a musician have similar contrasting feelings about the evolution of music into the digital age as authors do with their books?  Comparing holding a physical record or CD in your hands—something you made—to knowing the benefits that digital media offer as far as ease and speed of sharing your work with listeners/readers?

Dino: I believe that the digital age has definitely changed the way people view/purchase music. Before the digital age, the focus was on an entire album, whether it be in the creation or the buying. While the focus on creating a great album will never change from an artist standpoint, the digital age has shifted the focus towards “singles.”


Carlene: I’ve never played a bass guitar but I imagine it feels something like when you hit a baseball with an aluminum bat and that vibrating feeling zings your flesh, even to the bones.  Am I close or entirely off?  Can you please describe that feeling?Dino Villanueva Belpre Ohio 023

Dino: Playing the bass is very similar to playing the guitar. The strings are thicker and requires a little more dexterity in both your hands.


Carlene: Is there anything special you do before or after shows to help take care of your hands/fingertips?  It seems like playing the guitar could be rough on that tender skin.

Dino: Not really. We do get callus fingertips from playing but that is actually a good thing!


Carlene: What are your favorite bass solos?  A couple of mine are Tony Kanal on “Hella Good”, everything by Aaron Mills (Cameo), and Kings of Leon’s “Charmer”.

Dino: Anything by Victor Wooten is on my favorites list. He’s an amazing bass player and one of the players I aspired to be as an up and coming bass player. Check out his version of “Amazing Grace.”

I also tend to listen and appreciate all bass lines played. It’s a way to “study” and become a better player. After all one can never stop growing as a player.

(I checked out a version on You Tube…Holy Cow!  How is that finger work even possible?  This commenter got it right—“Before Wooten played this, it was called Grace.”  Thanks for the great find, Dino!)

I hope these help!



Carlene: Dino, this was awesome!  Thank you so much for taking the time to have this conversation with us!

Friends, connect with Dino on Facebook / Twitter / His Website

And if you’re in these areas, go see him play live!

5/17  Graham Central Station, Oklahoma City, OK

5/18 Crawdad Days, Harrison, AR

5/23 Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar, Syracuse, NYDino Chesapeake Jubilee 052012

5/24 The Ice House, Lewiston, NY

5/25 The Pepsi Roadhouse, Burgettstown, PA

5/26 Fed Live, Harrisburg, PA

5/27 Bottle and Cork, Dewey Beach, DE

5/31 The Bluebird, Bloomington, IN

Click here for the full schedule of shows!


To celebrate books, music, and our special guest, check out today’s sweet giveaway:

-A copy of Victor Wooten’s book, The Music Lesson: A Spiritual Search for Growth Through Music (paperback or Kindle—winner’s choice)

-A copy of Casey James CD (cd or mp3—also winner’s choice)

So be sure and leave a comment!  I’ll  pick one random winner from the comments on Sunday, May19, at 10pm Eastern Time.  Good luck!


Guy Day! Service with a Smile: An Authentic Male Voice

The Mermaids and a delightful young waiter named Noah have a great ‘cute meet’ story.  For those of you who may not have heard us gushing all over Facebook, personal websites, Twitter and the Internet in general, this past April was the Washington Romance Writers annual retreat.  A very special occasion in its own right, it was made even better when a handful of Mermaids were able to extend our stay for a few extra days of writing.  And what better way to celebrate than with a fine meal and impecable service!

Enter the eight of us to New York J& P Pizza restaurant.  Poor, poor guy is all I could think.  Here was this young man, with a table full of loud, laughing, story-telling, grown women depending on him for this good sevice and food.  At one point, he came by to check on us and I whispered to him that I was sorry.

Instead of shying away and murmuring a “Yes, ma’am” or “No problem, ma’am”, the kid asked, “Why are you sorry?”

Me:  “Oh, I was just feeling bad that we might be too much for you to handle, that’s all.”

Noah:  “Oh, I can handle it.”  And then he grinned.

And he did a superb job.  This kid had confidence on top of gumption and wouldn’t you know it, I’d been on a long, dreary search for a waiter with charisma to interview for our Guy Day segment.  But would cute, young Noah be up for the challenge?  My fellow mermaids beat me to the punch when they told him we were a bunch of romance writers, to which he said, “What’s that?”  I think it was then that the entire table cackled in delight and realized we’d hijacked the right restaurant and harpooned the right waiter.  Just to be sure the kid was legal, I asked his age.  “Yes ma’am.  I’m 22,” he said proudly.  Hallelujah, I was sold!

So, without further ado, I give you Noah–brave of soul, young at heart, bursting with charisma, ready to serve!


Me:  Hi Noah (waves), can you tell us a little about your profession?  How long have you worked as a waiter and what about this job keeps you coming back for more?

Noah:  I’ve worked as a waiter on and off for about 6 years now.  I always switch between cooking jobs and serving jobs because I enjoy working in restaurants.  I guess I find myself coming back for more because I love the busy atmosphere.  It’s a great way to meet people and personally it is a great place for networking.  I also work at Meriwether Post Pavilion which is a concert venue in Colombia, Maryland where I work as a cook and I got that job thanks to networking myself in restuarants.


Me: I imagine your job is very hard.  Do you think the reward is getting to meet people and know that you’ve helped make their nights?

Noah:  It’s not that the job is very hard, it’s just very fast paced.  Any serving job is the same.  It’s all about knowing the menu, putting in orders and taking food out.  The hardest part is how you walk into work that day.  I find that walking in with a smile and can-do attitude is the way to go because I am very personable and an easy talker so waiting on tables comes second naure to me since I love meeting and talking to peole.  I love making peoples’ nights because I’ve been the victim of a “bad time” in a restaurant and I love hearing people tell me that I’ve done a wonderful job or in your table’s case, to strike a “Blue Steel” look for a camera!

(He actually struck this pose for us and it was fabulous!)


Me:  What personal quality makes you great for this job?  Don’t be afraid to brag a little here.  And tell the truth, do waiters crank up the charm on purpose or does it just come naturally?

Noah:  The personal qualities that make me perfect for this job are that I am a very friendly person, I smile all the time, I am confident in myself to where I have no problem flirtng a little bit with my tables and my friends always tell me that the super power I possess is “Super Charisma”.  And to be honest, a good server does turn on the charm when you can tell it can be beneficial towards your evening but it really is a natural gift because if you’re naturally an angry prson, you won’t be a good server!


Me:  Do you have a really memorable experience with diners that you could share (besides waiting on a table of extremely exuberant and talented fiction writing ladies)?

Noah:  One actually happened a week after I waited on your table.  On this night, I waited on two older women and I was on my A game.  Long story short, I made these two ladies’ night just by being flirtatious and suggesting which meals they should get and a good place to go for dessert.  They ended up leaving me a $65 tip on a $40 bill!  So that was probably one of my better experiences.


Me:  Have you ever come close to losing your cool while at work?

Noah:  I do lose my cool at work every now and then but never in front of the customers because that would be unprofessional.  But I’ve definitely been brought to tears by bad tables before but mainly because I’m a pretty emotional person and I cry very easily.

(Awww, nobody better mess with our Noah!   The Mermaids have your back!)


Me:  Now let’s get to know you a bit outside of your job.  Afterall, a hero must be well-rounded.  What’s your favorite song and why?

Noah:  This is a hard choice because I enjoy a wide variety of music but if I had to choose one, I would pick……drum roll…..GET DOWN ON IT by Kool and the Gang!  This is my favorite song because I love to dance and this song makes me super happy every time I hear it.  When my best friend’s sister got married in the summertime, I requested this song and it started out with just me on the dance floor and after two minutes, I had nearly the whole reception dancing!! So needless to say, I bring it to Kool and the Gang.


Me:  Loved your answers, Noah!  You definitely brought it the night we sat at your table!  We’re almost done here.  So, as is traditon for my contributions to “Bring a guy to the pond” days, please read the scene below and tell me how you, as a real guy, would react:

Scenario:  Two guys are at a bar and grill.  One is currently finishing up his shift while the other,his buddy who has just been dumped unexpectedly by his girlfriend, is waiting for him to finish.  Let’s raise the stakes and say the poor dumped guy was just getting ready to ask her to meet his family when she kicked him out.  Now the first guy, the one on duty, knows this girlfriend pretty well and she’s generally a nice girl to his buddy so he has a clue that something might be wrong.

(I know what girls would do–we’d console each other, coming up with X,Y and Z to make our friend feel better.  But would two guys do that?  Yep, you guessed it.  We’re trying to get a crack at guys’ senstivities in a situation like this.)

Noah:  If I was the waiter on duty and my friend came in with this problem, I would tell him clearly she’s not seeing him for how awesome he is (depending on the friend) but no I would not put her down  because everybody has their reason as to why they do something in a relationship.  She couldn’t be held accountable.  If it wasn’t meant to be then it wasn’t meant to be.  When all is said and done, I would make him feel better because that is the kind of person I am.  Depending on how hard he took it, I would wing man with him and help him move on.  If he took it really hard, I would get off work and probalby talk him down from being upset and make him see that it was probably for the best.


There you have it folks–real guys do indeed possess a sensitive side and turns out can be quite understanding in a given situation!  Thank you so much, Noah!  You’re a real good sport and women everywhere appreciate the time you took to help us understand a true male perspective today!  I officially proclaim you Romance Novel Hero Worthy  😉