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Hello Waterworld Mermaid Lagoon!!!

I may or may not have shivved a couple of crabs to elbow my way back in here for the release of Kerri Carpenter’s Flirting with the Competition, but there’s not a court in the world that would convict me. After all, you know I’m not missing any of this awesomeness. How could I? Flirting with the Competition is a fab quick read involving hot lawyers, stuck elevators and Jordan. Oh, you don’t know Jordan? Hold on, here’s Jordan:

Flirting with the Competition

Flirting with the Competition

Roll your tongues back up, ladies (and gents). 🙂

I cornered Mermaid Kerri so I could ask her about Flirting with the Competition (out today – go get it!).

OK, I totally teared up and had a few sniffles when I saw the dedication for Flirting With the Competition. You have to share who Nunnie was and why she was right (and she totally was).

Nunnie is my maternal grandmother. When I was about seven or so, I sat at her kitchen counter and wrote a poem. From what I remember, it rhymed and was generally cute. But Nunnie took one look at it and declared that I was a writer. She told everyone in my family that I was a writer and she never stopped believing it – up until the day she passed away at 97 years old. Because she believed with unwavering conviction, so did I.

Now that we’re all reaching for the Kleenex, let’s bring this back to happy land. I want to hear about where the idea for this story started.

*sniffle sniffle* Okay, moving on. In spring of 2013, I was listening to a webinar given by former lovely and talented Mermaid, Robin Covington, who was talking about writing sexy time in novels. (I don’t think that was the actual title.) She said something about utilizing objects in the environment and I thought, what if you don’t have any objects? What if you’re stuck in an elevator? Then I wanted to know who was stuck in an elevator and where they were trying to go. I started writing Flirting with the Competition the next morning. So thanks, Robin!

You realize you are going to be the reason why a lot of readers start fantasying about getting stuck in an elevator. Have you ever been stuck in an elevator?

No, and that’s probably a really good thing because I suffer from a touch of claustrophobia. Although…if I was stuck in an elevator with someone like my hero, Jordan, I’d probably be just fine. Of course, with my luck I’d get trapped with the person who hadn’t bathed in 16 days and started whistling. (I HATE whistling!)

You live in the Washington DC area, is that why you decided to set Flirting with the Competition there? What about the story is true to life when it comes to living in DC?

Secret about Kerri – I set almost every story I write in either DC, Virginia, or Pennsylvania. I’m from PA, went to college in DC, and currently live in VA. Makes research a breeze. 😉

Setting Flirting with the Competition in DC was a no-brainer. People in DC like to work and love to talk about it. In fact, the first question you usually get when you meet someone new is, “where do you work?”

Did you know the ending before you wrote the first word or did you find your way to it?

I knew from that first night that I wanted two enemies trapped together. By the next day I had decided they would be competing for the same job. But who would get the job in the end? No clue. I’m a total pantser (For non-writers: this means I don’t plot out my stories before I start writing) so I came to the ending rather organically. And the ending you’re reading today is actually different from my original version. But I love this one so much more!

What inspired you to write Flirting with the Competition?

I’m a huge fan of reading novellas and I wanted to try my hand at writing one. At the time, I had just finished the 713th revision on a long contemporary romance I was writing and I wanted to do something fun, flirty, and SHORT!

Casting couch time. Who would you cast for Whitney and Jordan?

A lot of writers use actors as inspiration for their characters. I don’t really do that. But if I had to pick…I would go with either Molly Quinn (she plays Richard Castle’s daughter on Castle) or Rachelle Lefevre (who was in the Twilight movies) for Whitney. Jordan kind of looks like Mike Fisher (who plays hockey for the Nashville Predators and is married to Carrie Underwood). But really, any super-hot, super-alpha guy with a heart of gold underneath will do. 😉

Avery and Kerri hanging out in San Antonio this past July.

Avery and Kerri hanging out in San Antonio this past July.

Don’t leave us hanging, what’s next for you?

I have a full-length contemporary romance called, The Best Kind of Love, coming out with Soul Mate Publishing in December. (See above – those 713 revisions totally paid off.) I’m also writing another novella where two people get stuck in a confining space. Any guesses where I’m putting them this time?


Thanks Mermaid Kerri! So everyone go out and grab your copy of Flirting With the Competition! Short blurb and buy links below.

*** Giveaway Alert***

Kerri would love to give one lucky person a $10 Amazon gift card. Lots of fun stuff to buy over at Amazon – like a debut novella perhaps. 😉 To enter, all you have to do is answer the following question in the comments by midnight tonight. Winner will be announced in the comments tomorrow morning.

Question: Who would you love to be stuck with in an elevator?

Flirting With the Competition

The sexiest things happen in confined spaces…

Lawyers Whitney March and Jordan Campbell are interviewing at a prestigious law firm. For the same job. And Jordan is determined to win, despite his sexy, capable, and fiery rival. But when the elevator they’re sharing comes to an abrupt stop, they’re stuck—together.The only thing they have in common is determination to get the job…and an unexpected and escalating attraction. And it’s only a matter of time before these competitors indulge in a very sexy little connection between floors.

You can buy Flirting with the Competition here.

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  1. Wow, Kerri! Congrats!!!!! I’m so excited for you! Whitney and Jordan sound wonderful, and I can’t wait to read about them! (And welcome back to the lagoon, Avery! So glad to have you back!)This is a big, big, big day, and I hope you drink wine, eat cupcakes, take a bubble bath, snuggle with Harry!!!!!

    1. Thanks Pintip!! There is definitely some champy in my future. And right now, Harry is curled up in a little ball in his bed beneath my desk. 😉

    1. Thanks for interviewing me, Avery!!! Are you excited enough for a little…*glitter toss*!!!!!

      1. Thanks Shelly! Adam Levine is a GREAT choice! So far, I think I’m going with Chris Pine. But that could change. 😉

  2. What a great interview!!! This is such an exciting time…Nunnie was right ie. “mark my words”! We are all so proud of you!

  3. Well crap!

    I just realized there are no words to say what I need to say to you today. None. Way too: happy, proud, excited, goosebumpy. Nope, no words good enough to sum it all up. So here’s what we’re gonna do. You’re standing there and I’m creeping up behind you with this Texas-sized gatorade bucket full of glitter. And I just dumped it all over you, football team to coach style after a Super Bowl victory. I think that gets us close.

    Love you, HERO.


    Hi Avery Mermaid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Waves and tosses some of that glitter love at you too!!)

    1. OMG, Hero! I LOVE glitter baths!!! Harry wants to know what you’re sending him? Another doggie bed perhaps???

  4. Congrats on the new release; it sounds great. I’ll have to pick it up!

    Who would I like to be stuck in an elevator with? Hmm… that is kinda hard since there are so many I would love it be stuck with! 😉 But if I had to choose, then it would be Henry Cavill! <3

  5. Hooray, Kerri!!!! xoxoxox

    I would love to be stuck in an elevator with Neil Patrick Harris.
    WHAT? Why’s it always gotta be about sex??
    I personally think Neil and I would be great friends.

    1. That’s actually a really great choice, Alethea. Because he does magic tricks and that would help pass the time. 😉

  6. Great interview! If I had to be stuck in an elevator with someone, my first choice would be Adam Levine 😉 Although, it is a fear of mine getting stuck in one. I avoid them whenever possible. Bring on the escalators. Lol!

    Congratulations on your release! I’ll will be purchasing your book today. Looking forward to reading it! 🙂

    I have to give a little shot out to Avery too. Hi Avery!

    1. Thanks for visiting, Amber! Adam Levine is very popular today in the elevator world. I’m now going back and forth between Chris Pine and Tom Hardy. Decisions, decisions! 😉

  7. So happy for you, Kerri. I will be stuck with Robert Downey Jr one day. We’re meant to be, and if that’s the only way to show him, so be it. Hey, I’m KIDDING. Sheesh. Can’t wait to read the book–sounds fun!

  8. Congratulations on the first of many releases Kerri Mermaid! You are the sparkliest!!!! And you know what? Nunnie was right. YOU ARE A WRITER! Hugs!

  9. I have to admit, your dedication got to me. I mean it just made my heart hurt in the sweetest way. It was perfect. And Kerri I am just so excited for you. I really am. You have worked so hard for this with many ups and downs. And it really inspires me to see another writer make it…I mean actually make it! Nunnie was right. I can’t wait to see what comes next for you.
    Oh and as for being stuck in an elevator. I’d only want to be stuck with one person…Mr. Pacey Witter himself, Joshua Jackson and I probably wouldn’t let him out. I started watching that show The Affair. Just for him…though they don’t show nearly enough of him. I could write a whole book about being stuck in an elevator with him. But darn you beat me to it.
    Love you! Congrats again! And wonderful interview.

  10. I would want to be stuck with my husband. But if he wasn’t around, I’d settle for Channing Tatum or Matthew McConaughey maybe. I’m sure I could think of additional back-ups!

    1. Channing Tatum – oh yeah! Great idea! Maybe he could use that time in the elevator to practice his moves for Magic Mike 2…. 😉

  11. ***WINNER ALERT***

    First, a huge thank you to Avery Flynn for returning to the lagoon to interview me. Avery – big smoochies to you, my friend!

    Next, we have a winner for the $10 Amazon gift card. Congratulations to Shelly W!!!! Not only would you like to be stuck with Adam Levine, but now you have $10 to go buy some of his music on Amazon! 😉

    Thank you so much to everyone for helping me celebrate release day of my very first novella! *glitter toss*

  12. I’m late in reading the blog but am so glad I did. Kerri, your upbeat personality shines through in your answers. So happy for you. You’ve got the writing voice down. 🙂

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