Guy Day: Model pooch Harry Carpenter swims with the mermaids!

Fishy friends, did you hear that? Talk about cat-calls, that whistle I just heard has left my ears ringing. Simmer down, ladies. Simmer down! But who can blame the many fans of our Guy Day guest today, the fabulous and furry, Harry Carpenter? Not me. Harry put the catch in ketchup and the hot in hot dog. Spend two minutes with him and you’ll understand the trail of hearts left in his waggling tail’s wake. Did you know he holds the title of World’s Cutest Dog? Yep. Totally holds that title. Which is why I was elated to nab his first ever interview! Wanna know what makes him even more adorable? The love he has for his mommy, our very own Kerri Mermaid, who is about to be a published author. He should be here any second now to gush about her. Word is he likes to work out every morning to keep those long arms and legs in tip-top shape so I’m sure that’s what’s keeping him … Oh, there he is! “Harry, over here, over here!” OMG. He swims! Cutest doggy paddle ever. Please enjoy our little chat…

Upsidedown Harry

Carlene Mermaid: Hi Harry, it is an honor to have you here in the pond! And I have to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to come talk about your favorite thing in the whole world, your mommy! So tell us, what is your favorite thing to do while Mommy is writing?

Harry: I love Mommy! Sometimes Mommy likes to write by long-hand, whatever that means. I love to try and eat her pen. I like to jump all over her and wag my tail in her face and try to get that magical pen-toy she moves all around.


CM: Does she listen to music while she writes and if so, do you enjoy it? If not, who do you wish she would listen to while she writes?

Harry: I love music! Mommy always has music on when she writes. She listens to lots of different people but she said she likes to be able to zone out when she writes. So she puts on Lady Antebellum, John Mayer, Paul Simon, and sometimes the soundtrack to Field of Dreams. Then I go to sleep in my bed that is right under her desk.

CM: Be honest Harry, do you ever have to fetch your own dinner when Mommy is super busy with writing her fabulous books?

Harry: I love dinner! No – I never get my own dinner. Mommy always gives me my yummy food. Sometimes she adds pumpkin to it. I love pumpkin! Mommy likes to cook her own dinner too. She loves being in that magical food room. When she’s in there, I like to lay on the soft rug right where she stands. So fun!

Fav Harry2

CM: I know your mommy does not like the writing cave. Why do you think this is? Do you like caves?

Harry: I love caves! Mommy likes to go to her writing CASTLE. She says caves are grosssauce. I have a cave under Mommy’s bed. Mommy calls it my lair. She’s funny. I like to take things from around our house and horde them in my lair, like insoles, pens, tissues, my toys, bones, Mommy’s socks, magical pens. I can put a lot in there!



CM: I also know that your mommy is prone to getting great story ideas while out on your walks. How do you feel about this? Are you ever asked to help her remember any of it?

Harry: I love walks! Mommy gets lots of ideas while we’re walking. I don’t know if she needs help remembering them because I am very busy chasing squirrels and birds and saying hi to EVERY person and doggie I meet. I love everyone! Sometimes we take walks with my BFF, Koda. While Koda and I stalk squirrels I hear Mommy brainstorming with Koda’s mommy. I love her too!


CM: Your mommy cracks me up on a daily basis. What is the last hilarious thing she said to you?

Harry: I love Mommy! She IS funny. Let’s see… She told me that if I didn’t stop taking the magazines off the coffee table and eating them that I would be in trouble. That’s so hilarious because I have Mommy wrapped around my little paw and we both know it. That’s why I give her lots of kisses. See how cute I am?

love my mommy

I’m so proud of Mommy for getting published that I made this sign!


Be still my beating heart. Fishy friends, Harry has pens to chase but word in the pond is that he’s got a couple extra minutes to spare for some head scratches and tummy rubs. Big thanks to his mommy for letting him swim with us today. And CONGRATS, Kerri Mermaid. Your dream of becoming a published author in romance fiction comes true in three short days. I love you, Hero, and your little doggie too. 🙂

Fishy kisses,

Carlene Mermaid



31 thoughts on “Guy Day: Model pooch Harry Carpenter swims with the mermaids!

  1. Yes, Harry is totally adorable – and so understanding when Mommy loses herself in writing with one of those tasty pens. Congrats on getting pubbed – and having such a wonderful furry friend!


    Binnie Syril Braunstein

    1. Thank you so much, Binnie! I am the luckiest person in the world to have Harry in my life! 😉

  2. Aw, Harry is so cute! And do understandably proud of his mommy! Harry, I hope your mommy gives you am extra special treat on Monday to celebrate her first day as a published author. Congratulations, Kerri! And super cute interview, Carlene!

    1. I think Harry will be very happy on Monday because I’m staying home from Day Job. That’s his favorite thing in the world – me, at home with him. 😉

  3. OMG..Harry has to be the cutest dog ever and has such a talented Mommy!!!! I say this totally without prejudice. Congrats on getting published…and we are so proud of her. I know it was a long process and a lot of hard work but so worth it…much like her screen door!!!!

    1. Thanks, Harry’s Grandma! Harry wants to know when you are coming to visit! (Doggie guilt trip!) 😉

  4. This was so fun to read!! Congrats on the book and Guy, dude you are a great help to Mommy, keep it up. Oh Mr. Biggs (Great Dane) and Rho (well we are not sure) say Hi!

    1. Hi Mr. Biggs and Rho – thanks for stopping by. A big hi, hi, hi back at ya!


  5. Without a doubt, Harry is my Favorite Doggy!!! His mommy is pretty cool too (WOOOHOOO Published BFF). I expect there to be lots of fun celebrating on Monday, Belly rubs for Harry and nice bottles of wine for Mommy.

    (Ro sends his best and would like to know when he is being interviewed #jealouscat)

    1. Oh Ro!!! He will get his day. Don’t you worry. Maybe Harry can interview him? I like it! 😉

  6. Dear Harry

    I can’t believe you are famous! It seems like just yesterday you were eating edamame off the coffee table – and now look at you. My mommy and I are super proud of you and your mommy. Let’s chase squirrels tonight to celebrate.


    1. Dear Koda,

      I love you! That WAS yesterday that I was eating edamame off the table your mommy just cleaned. I love her too! And I love edamame! And I love chasing squirrels with you! Can’t wait to see you again.


  7. How adorable IS this interview?!? I smiled all the way through it.
    Harry is just as clever and witty as his mommy.
    Love his lair where he hoards things. Lol. It sounds like his Auntie-Mermaid Kim. Haha
    I can NOT wait until your stories are out in the world, Kerri! Congrats!!!!

    1. Dear Auntie-Mermaid-Kim,

      I would love to see your lair. I appreciate anyone who understands the importance of hoarding their stuff. And mommy’s stuff.

      I love you!

      Harry 😉

  8. Kerri, you’ve come a long way baby, all the way from Monessen. Harry is so adorable, So proud to say I knew you when. Congrats on being published

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