The Anatomy of a Romance Book Purchase

Mermaid CarleneBack in April of this year, I happened to sign on to Twitter as I randomly do maybe a couple times a week.
I saw a tweet from a blog that always catches my eye because it’s super pretty and has a great name—Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust.
The reason this particular tweet jumped out at me was for the short mention of a first name very dear to my heart in the spotlighted book’s title.
I clicked the link to check out the post.
It was a spotlight on a new release by an author who was new to me.
I read the post and commented, answering the question the author posed to the blog readers.
I thought, “That’s a great sounding book. I love the cover. The name in the title makes me smile.”
I thought I should go ahead and purchase that book then and there.
But as things often work out this way, something else popped up and I had to abandon my lovely book-buying thoughts.
Time passed.
Four months to be exact.
Many other book purchases took place.
Today I signed on to Twitter as I randomly do maybe a couple times a week.
I saw a tweet from a blog that always catches my eye…Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust.
A-ha! A reminder about that book….
I searched for that book with that special name in the title and the cover I’d admired so much.
Success! I found the original post.
I immediately hopped on over to Amazon where I typed in the author and title and hit purchase before an errand or a phone call or an important email sidetracked me again.
Time cycles each of our days this way and that. This was the anatomy of how a book landed on my Kindle today. I can’t wait to crack it open and start reading.
The book: The Awakening: AidanAidanTheAwakening-AbbyNiles
The author: Abby Niles
The referring blog: Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust

How did your most recent book find make its way into your life? Please feel free to share!

Fishy kisses,

Carlene Mermaid

10 thoughts on “The Anatomy of a Romance Book Purchase

  1. Carlene, What a fun idea for a post! Okay, here’s my story: last week, I was at the library checking out a dozen of those Rainbow Fairy books for my daughter (she goes through one a day). Since I was already there, I decided to sit down and do some writing. I of course sat down in the comfy chairs in a corner of the YA section, for inspiration. As I was writing, my eyes wandered, as they often do, and landed on the spines of the books. I was sitting by the z’s, so I recognized and pulled out Story of a Girl, by Sara Zarr. I opened it, read the first paragraph, and was hooked. The rest, as they say, is history. 🙂 great post today!

    1. Pintip, I LOVE how this book made its way into your path! Getting lost in a story is one of the coolest things I can think of and when it’s unplanned–even better!

  2. Carlene,
    What a cool way to have found a book. I’ve purchased books just for the cover and have been disappointed. I’ve purchased a book for a great first paragraph and have been disappointed. I usually have to hear more about the story and the characters for me to buy it. With five kids, I have to be choosy about the books I buy. My kids end up getting their books first. 🙂 I’m so glad my girls are now reading YAs because we’re killing three birds with one book.
    I remember two authors I picked up (well, the books, not the actual women) during a conference. Both sat in my bag for the longest time. When I finally read them, I went out and bought every single book they had. The authors? Kristan Higgins and Darynda Jones. Same bag, too! I was a lucky, lucky girl that day. 🙂 And I’m a loyal and book-buying reader of both of them to this day.

    1. Hi Kim! I hear you on having to be choosy and I’ve just got the one kid! You amaze me. That was one lucky bag to have held such gems as Kristan and Darynda’s books. For your reading happiness, here’s to many many more stories from those awesome ladies!

  3. Cute post, Carlene-Mermaid! I’m so glad you had a happy-book-ending! I’m currently reading an older Jill Shalvis book but I don’t have a super cute story. After my mom reads a romance, she puts it in my bedroom at her house. When I go to visit I have my own lending library. That’s how I got this book. 😉

  4. Carlene, what a great thought! For me, I was reading the Lori Wilde book I was blessed with at RWA’s LIteracy event. Last night, I couldn’t find it! Looked all over: no book. I finally checked the stack of TBRs and chose Donna Alward’s A Cowboy to Come Home to. Am I loving it? Yes!

    1. Hi Susan! Oh no’s! I hope Lori’s book makes its way back to you soon and that you thoroughly enjoy Donna’s in the meanwhile. I just read a wonderful article by Donna in this month’s RWA magazine and it definitely made me want to read something by her. Looks like you’ve just led me to my next find! A Cowboy to Come Home to!! Sweetness!

  5. I must be doing something wrong in the time management area. I love reading books, but find that I have so little time, and my TV is off most of the day. Definately have to tune in for General Hospital, but otherwise, it’s just noise to me. However, I am currently reading a book recommended to me by my favorite author niece – Sin’s Flower, and just finished chapter 14 all about Jaxon’s sewing lesson… 🙂 … not to mentions Lily’s lesson in sexy talking!

    1. Hi Aunt Terry! I have to share with everyone that those sewing lesson sections in Sin’s Flower wouldn’t have been possible without your expertise. Thank you for being an important part of that book’s creation. 🙂 I really loved writing those scenes. Glad it made it’s way into your path 🙂

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