Bumper Stickers: The Original Tweet!

What do bumper stickers and tweets have in common? Lots! If you think about it, the similarities abound. In both forums, we try to get across our political affiliations, religious views, environmental stances, professions/hobbies and personal pet peeves into a compressed form of communication. And likely, nobody really cares. The ones who don’t like your words, will have unfavorable responses in one of two ways. If it’s on Twitter, they’ll tweet back their opposing views or unfollow you. If they’re behind you at the red light, you’re lucky. They’ll just give you the finger as they fly past. If you’re unlucky, you’ll be parked and discover your car has been keyed. Either way, you get a reply or response. Congratulations!

Here are some of the ways bumper stickers and tweets are similar:

Character limit: Clearly you can’t write a whole story on the back of a bumper. Just as Twitter limits you to the communication equivalent of a quickie, so does a bumper sticker. It’s a sound bite, people. It’s…
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The Anatomy of a Romance Book Purchase

Mermaid CarleneBack in April of this year, I happened to sign on to Twitter as I randomly do maybe a couple times a week. I saw a tweet from a blog that always catches my eye because it’s super pretty and has a great name—Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust. The reason this particular tweet jumped out at me was for the short mention of a first name very dear to my heart in the spotlighted book’s title. I clicked the link to check out the post. It was a spotlight on a new release by an author who was new to me. I read the post and commented, answering the question the author posed to the blog readers. I thought, “That’s a great sounding book. I love the cover. The name in the title makes me smile.” I thought I should go ahead and purchase that book then and there. But as things often work out this way, something else…
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Tweet, Tweet, Splash, Splash


The Waterworld Mermaids just jumped into the Twitter pond. How exciting. Tweeting in the air is a much different feeling than swimming through our romance lagoon. But how fun to connect with all of our lovely friends.

Come say hi to us @WWMermaids. We promise to splash some water your way.

Many of our lovely Mermaids are on Twitter as well. You can find them here:











Happy Swimming! Happy Tweeting!