Tweet, Tweet, Splash, Splash


The Waterworld Mermaids just jumped into the Twitter pond. How exciting. Tweeting in the air is a much different feeling than swimming through our romance lagoon. But how fun to connect with all of our lovely friends.

Come say hi to us @WWMermaids. We promise to splash some water your way.

Many of our lovely Mermaids are on Twitter as well. You can find them here:











Happy Swimming! Happy Tweeting!

6 thoughts on “Tweet, Tweet, Splash, Splash

  1. I think we might be the first mermaids EVER to tweet, tweet.
    Here’s to firsts…:-)

  2. Are you seeing all of the mermaids doing flips and twirls in the tweeting waters? Crazy Mermaids!

  3. I love this! Now I just need to remember the my log in and password you set it up for me… Happy Tweeting!!!

  4. Kimberly, there is so much wisdom in this blog, I don’t know what to address first. I related and agreed and empathized with every line. Except your dismisal of Country music. Love Garth Brooks.

    Everyone needs a pity party now and then, and anyone who says they don’t give in now in then, probably is visiting a place called denial. It’s when that pity party goes on too long, and we start comparing ourselves to others out there.

    Let’s face it. There is good news around us on a daily basis, there’s rejection on a daily basis. We are in an extremely competitive field and we’ve had a taste of the high life. So our job is to not let us consume it… you’re on the right track, enjoying your family and the things you have control over.

    I look at it this way: There will always be someone richer, better looking, more talented than me, and sure, rejection is bound to come my way. I admit to being down for a day or two in April . But when I start comparing, that’s when envy sets in, and it’s a worthless emotion that merely eats away at the owner.

    Good for you for getting these brilliant thoughts on your blog. It was therapeutic for me to read, as well! Thank you!

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