Understanding the Budding Male Mind

As romance authors, we do a lot of research to better understand the male mind. We read papers and books. We talk to dudes and ask uncomfortable questions. We flip through guy magazines – although you couldn’t pay me enough money to ever read a Maxim again. I weep for twenty-something women. Weep.

However, as the mother of two boys I’m getting a whole new perspective on the male mind. A year ago Flynn Kid No. 2 was all about Ninjagos and Legos. Then somehow, somewhere a switch was flipped. And he turned into this guy.

FAT-NAKED-ARKANSAS-FANOK, not exactly that guy, but that kind of sports fanatic. This was my reaction to this development.

confusedI mean really. The change happened overnight. All the sudden he was all about sports. He went from Ninjagos to Sports Center and from Star Wars to Rudy. When his teams are doing great it’s all

BOSHTONGUE.gif.pagespeed.ce.FgHrqBXhxyDisturbing? Yes. But it’s so much better than when they lose.

SAD-FANIt’s never good to see your eight year old cry over a game, but there’s part of me that can’t help but react like this

152c9hgbecause come on … it’s a game. Not that I say that. No. I know way better than that. Plus there are the unintended amusements of raising a budding sports fanatic. There’s the bright orange cowboy hats he wears for Syracuse games. Then he has the New Jersey Devils Mr. Potato Head that has to sit by the TV during games. And the Notre Dame mini helmet, the New York Giants helmet and the New York Red Bulls scarf that are all deployed when necessary. Pretty soon, Flynn Kid No. 2, the fab Mr. Flynn and Flynn Kid No. 3 will be doing weird things like this.

Brian-WilsonGive it time. It will happen.

I may not totally understand the male mind, but this I know: beware dragons and foul balls be there. So I just giggle and say