Tell Me the Ending Already

I was thinking about the upcoming TV season the other day and how many questions are about to be answered. Seems like almost every show ended their season with a huge cliffhanger. Then we are forced to wait alllllll summer to find out what’s going to happen.

You know what? I think I’m over cliffhangers.

Everyone knows I’m one impatient girl. But this goes beyond my lack of patience. While cliffhangers may bring an amazing amount of suspense and conflict to the story, they also leave the viewer with a lack of closure and finality.

Diva-Kerr-ina-avatarNot a problem when your beloved TV show is coming back in the fall. Or, in the case of books, you know the sequel is already on the bookshelves. But what happens when the cliffhanger is never addressed?

Lately, every time I really get into a new show, put forth the time commitment to watch it for an entire year – connecting with the characters and their problems – being left amazed at the phenomenal twisty ending – bam! Canceled. The show doesn’t return and that really great suspenseful cliffhanger is just left… dangling. Just like my imagination and all those wasted hours.

What happened? Who died? Who didn’t die? Did they get together? Did they break up? Who came back from the dead? Or the undead? Or became dead or the undead?

I write contemporary romance and I have a tendency to work on series. However, each of my books has its very own complete and well-rounded ending that leaves you satisfied (hopefully). But it seems like there are more and more sequels and trilogies in books. We might get that resolution in the final installment but in the meantime, each book leaves us wanting more. Brilliant for marketing and sales. Kind of anticlimactic for the consumer.

Maybe it’s time for some endings. Concrete, airtight, everything wrapped up with a shiny bow ending. We could go off and enjoy our summers without searching the Internet for possible spoilers. Then again… what would the world be if we hadn’t been left wondering did Ross & Rachel really get married in Vegas, will Jim & Pam finally get together, and the cliffhanger to end all cliffhangers – Who Shot J.R.?

Who Shot J.R.?

Who Shot J.R.?

Sound off in the comments: What show did you get hooked on that never came back?