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Celebrating Spring in the Pond with a Two-Book Giveaway!

by Denny S. Bryce

Denny's MermaidsI recently returned from a city in the Midwest, which will go unnamed (Minneapolis) where there was six inches of snow on the ground from a recent storm the night before. I used to live in the Midwest (Chicago). In fact I was born in the Midwest (Cleveland), so you could say I know a lot about snow, and aside from Christmas week – I HATE SNOW. Sorry skiers, ice skaters (except I used to ice skate and love it), snow boarders, whatever, the time of year that makes me most happy is SPRING! And as I look out my window this morning, I decided the Friday giveaway here at Waterworld Mermaid land is all about celebrating Spring – so tell me about your favorite romance novel that made you smile because there was spring and there was love in the air and if you don’t have a story — make one up!

And oh, last weekend was BRILLIANT because I attended the wonderful WRW In the Company of Writers Retreat. So to share some of the joy (that felt like springtime with a thunder storm mixed in:) today’s Waterworld Mermaid GIVEAWAY features books by NYTimes Best Selling authors Emily March and Darynda Jones (whom I got to meet last weekend – and she was wonderful and her books are wonderful:)! So comment below for your chance at receiving a copy of First Grave on the Right by Darynda Jones and Reflection Point by Emily March.