Celebrating Spring in the Pond with a Two-Book Giveaway!

by Denny S. Bryce

Denny's MermaidsI recently returned from a city in the Midwest, which will go unnamed (Minneapolis) where there was six inches of snow on the ground from a recent storm the night before. I used to live in the Midwest (Chicago). In fact I was born in the Midwest (Cleveland), so you could say I know a lot about snow, and aside from Christmas week – I HATE SNOW. Sorry skiers, ice skaters (except I used to ice skate and love it), snow boarders, whatever, the time of year that makes me most happy is SPRING! And as I look out my window this morning, I decided the Friday giveaway here at Waterworld Mermaid land is all about celebrating Spring – so tell me about your favorite romance novel that made you smile because there was spring and there was love in the air and if you don’t have a story — make one up!

And oh, last weekend was BRILLIANT because I attended the wonderful WRW In the Company of Writers Retreat. So to share some of the joy (that felt like springtime with a thunder storm mixed in:) today’s Waterworld Mermaid GIVEAWAY features books by NYTimes Best Selling authors Emily March and Darynda Jones (whom I got to meet last weekend – and she was wonderful and her books are wonderful:)! So comment below for your chance at receiving a copy of First Grave on the Right by Darynda Jones and Reflection Point by Emily March.



6 thoughts on “Celebrating Spring in the Pond with a Two-Book Giveaway!

  1. I know all about snow. Living in Northern Michigan (upper part of the mit)when I was younger, spring didn’t arrive until June at times! 😀
    I’ve read Darynda’s book and LOVE IT!! But have yet to read Emily’s will have to put that on my TRL. Thanks for the post, Denny! Have a great weekend.

  2. Born in Chicago and still live around it. I gave up on the weather a long time ago. It’s beyond my control and above my pay scale. Love the book covers!

  3. Except for allergies, I sooooo love spring too! I think I might sit out on my lanai tonight and enjoy the season with a little vino (and also my allergies) before I dig in to Scandal when it gets dark!

    (Don’t enter me in the book giveaway – I already have both! But good luck everyone!)

  4. I do not love snow. I grew up in Virginia, where snow is fairly rare. Then I moved to New York and learned all about SNOW. If it doesn’t shut the schools down, I have no use for it. That. Is. All!

    1. Lol Susan. I love nice, fluffy white snow. As well as brilliant autumn leaves and hot, balmy days. But that being said, my favorite season is spring.

      Great post and giveaway, Denny! These books are fabulous!

  5. Happy Tuesday, and congrats! I’m splitting the book giveaway! Why? Loni hasn’t read Emily’s book, and Mary Jo Burke didn’t mention whether or not she’d read First Grave. How’s that sound? Please email me your mailing addresses and I’ll snail mail the books to you! Thanks for posting everyone!

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