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Job of Hotness

Can I get a Navy Seal over here to sweep me off my feet, while both protecting me and respecting my individuality as an independent woman? 

Where’s that totally ripped construction guy, who besides being able to swing heavy power tools, remains sensitive and in-touch with his emotions?

Let’s not forget about that super intellectual professor-turned-writer who happens to make geeky sweater vests seem uber-sexy.

I’ve been reading romance novels for awhile now and I think I’ve encountered just about every career path possible for the hero. Cowboy, prince, entrepreneur, teacher, chef, bounty hunter, landscape architect – they all have one thing in common: Hotness!

While I do have my favorites (FBI secret agent, veterinarian and just plain old, inexplicable super rich guy, to name a few), I have to admit that it might be more than just the profession. It’s the description. After all, you can have a bartender, or you can have a smokin’ hot Irish bartender with jet black hair and intense green eyes.

Oh yes, there’s a big difference between the guy who changes your tires and the insanely gorgeous yet wounded mechanic whose muscles are pulsating under his tight white work shirt while he gives you the once-over.

And I’ve never come across a lawyer in my real life who is anything like the toned and suave attorney who can both schmooze at the country club and take down the bad guy with his killer tai kwon do moves, all the while preserving his impeccably-fitted tuxedo.

So I ask all of you, what is your favorite romance hero career? And feel free to get descriptive!

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The Muse…To Tell or Not To Tell?

Today I happened to be innocently surfing the web, in search of…well, a kick start for a character, yes…a muse.  I came upon the official website of a talented and handsome actor and decided to check it out.  The website was under construction but there was one active tab I could click on.  So I did.  And it was a link to contact the actor through email. 

That is a dangerous thing in the hands of a writer on the search for that little something to give her some oomph behind a character.  My first reaction was to click on the link, type something cheesy about how talented and handsome he is and to be clever, add a little thank you for being my inspiration today. 

Thank goodness my secret sense kicked in just in time before I made a fool of myself!!

And it got me thinking…as a writer, which aspects of your personal process do you feel should be kept secret and which ones do you think are safe and beneficial to share with the rest of us?

As for me, I definitely think that the muse is the one thing to keep mysterious.  Share everything else because it helps others.  But the pictures we paint in our minds as we read about a character are so personal and subjective; I would never want a reader to have my own taste get in the way of theirs.

That being said and to have a little fun, (because it’s entirely too hot out not to have some fun!) I am going to give my “five hottest guys” list.  Please don’t leave me hanging…come on, let’s see yours too!

Disclaimer—No active muse of mine is listed below!

1. Snoop Dog

2. Andy Whitfield

3. Dave Gahan

4. Jimmy Fallon

5. Robert Pattinson