The Muse…To Tell or Not To Tell?

Today I happened to be innocently surfing the web, in search of…well, a kick start for a character, yes…a muse.  I came upon the official website of a talented and handsome actor and decided to check it out.  The website was under construction but there was one active tab I could click on.  So I did.  And it was a link to contact the actor through email. 

That is a dangerous thing in the hands of a writer on the search for that little something to give her some oomph behind a character.  My first reaction was to click on the link, type something cheesy about how talented and handsome he is and to be clever, add a little thank you for being my inspiration today. 

Thank goodness my secret sense kicked in just in time before I made a fool of myself!!

And it got me thinking…as a writer, which aspects of your personal process do you feel should be kept secret and which ones do you think are safe and beneficial to share with the rest of us?

As for me, I definitely think that the muse is the one thing to keep mysterious.  Share everything else because it helps others.  But the pictures we paint in our minds as we read about a character are so personal and subjective; I would never want a reader to have my own taste get in the way of theirs.

That being said and to have a little fun, (because it’s entirely too hot out not to have some fun!) I am going to give my “five hottest guys” list.  Please don’t leave me hanging…come on, let’s see yours too!

Disclaimer—No active muse of mine is listed below!

1. Snoop Dog

2. Andy Whitfield

3. Dave Gahan

4. Jimmy Fallon

5. Robert Pattinson

28 thoughts on “The Muse…To Tell or Not To Tell?

  1. George Clooney. There’s something so sexy about that man. When I’m trying to write about charisma, he always comes to mind. It’s not necessarily the looks but the attitude, the twinkle in the eye and that mysterious smile. And he seriously gets better with age. I never thought he was sexy when he was younger and played on Roseanne. It’s only been in the past ten years that I’ve taken a second look.

      1. I completely forgot he was on that, so I guess he was forgettable–to me, anyway.
        And Dana, I get what you’re saying about Edward Cullen. Love him. I know Robert Pattinson is supposed to be sexy and all, but he’s a far cry from the Edward in my imagination.

        1. I totally agree….it’s funny, I never thought Robert Pattinson was hot…until he played edward…..interesting huh? My edward is flawless….beautiful….{sigh}

    1. Hey Kim–George’s eyes, there’s something dark and wonderful going on there. I totally get that!

  2. Hmm
    1. James McAvoy
    2. Ryan Gosling
    3. Bradley Cooper
    4. Robert Pattinson
    5. The last one is not a real person….actor or otherwise…..but the hottest fictional character ever in my opinion….hotter than the actor who plays him….Edward Cullen. He is so smart and witty….and lets face it, reading minds is so sexy!!!!!!!!! I wish I could do it sometimes.

    1. Can I just say I love you? I know why we are sisters! Thank you for giving Edward Cullen some serious mad props!
      Little Sis, I have to say I’m impressed…Bradley Cooper…very nice!

      1. we are having a secret love affair…so secret he doesnt even know! LOL But really those eyes are UH-MAY-ZING!

        1. I wish ryan gosling would do better movies…he seems to like playing wierdos…..just watched another horrible movie he did. It was so bad I cannot even remember the name of it.

  3. Oh – You cna always share your muse list with me! I love talking about hot guys!

    Her’s my list:

    1. Alex O’Loughlin
    2. Matthew Goode
    3. David Boreanaz
    4. Keith Urban
    5. Anderson Cooper


    1. Robin,
      You definitely know your hot guys…I’m on my way over to try and find your most recent hot guy pics after this!

  4. 1. Josh Jackson (Yes, of Dawson’s Creek fame. Although my crush with him started when he was in Mighty Ducks.)
    2. Leonardo DiCaprio
    3. Michael Buble (I’m going to his concert this Friday – hoorah!)
    4. Sawyer from Lost
    5. Ryan Malone (He plays hockey for Tampa Bay -boo. But he used to be a Penguin AND he’s from P-burgh like me.)

    1. Kerri,
      I don’t know who wouldn’t love good ole Pacey. (spelling?) Cutie for sure.
      OOO—have fun at the Michael Buble show!

  5. Well, apparently I am the oldest participant in this section, so far. Hope you have at least heard of the men on my list!

    1. Kurt Russell (at any age)
    2. John Travolta (with a pony tail)
    3. Captain Jack Sparrow (now I think I have your attention!)
    4. Kevin Costner
    5. Charles Bronson –
    If you’re not a fan, watch the movie From Noon Til Three. Now I have to go look for photos of some of the other guys in the lists….

    1. HA! Aunt Terry, I know all of them and think they are all yummy….especially #2 and#3!!!!!!!!!!! It was hard to pick just 5

    2. Hi Aunt Terry! Your guys are definitely hot and trust me, we know who they are! In fact, Kevin Costner is partly responsible for our Waterworld Mermaids website so I’m glad he’s getting some props here!

  6. I am with you Terry but I have a few changes.
    1. Mark Harmon
    2. Sam Elliott
    3. Kurt Russell
    4. Michael Landon
    5. Johnny Depp

      1. We go to the Mark Harmon celebrity baseball game he puts on at the bricktown ball park……pretty yummy

  7. Oh my gosh, I think I have to update my list!

    Carlene! Dave is #3 and Robert is #5?!?!?! I’m a little shocked!

    1. Mark Wahlberg (he will always be my first husband)
    2. Martin L. Gore (singer/songwriter, Depeche Mode. I’ll let Carlene have Dave. ;-))
    3. Matt Bomer (White Collar)
    4. Michael C. Hall (Dexter)
    5. Cam Gigandet

    (Classic list includes David Boreanaz, George Clooney & Matt Damon. It is so hard to pick just five!)

    1. Hey you…I never said mine were in order! Wink! So was it our chance meeting of Mr. Gigandet at Comic-Con that got him on your list or seeing Burlesque??!!!

      1. Carlene,

        I’d probably have to say seeing Burlesque. The man is gorgeous no doubt but had I known what he “looked” like when we met him, I may have not been so composed. 😀

  8. Hi all! I’m so sad I didn’t get to participate “live” in this little hot guys discussion! Thank you so much for getting on here and dishing about your hot guys! I love it!

  9. I never really thought about it but I think I instinctively agree with you because other than my close friends, I prefer not to share my muses (on my blog, etc.) Although, I must say I recently read a book where the author shared hers and it actually enhanced my experience. So I guess it can go either way!

    1. Hi Mallory, thank you for posting!
      I think that would be my fear, because it could go either way, I’d hate to ruin a reader’s fantasy of what a character looks like. I can say warm brown hair and blue eyes that resembled the ocean but that could be any beautiful man to any different number of readers.

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