Job of Hotness

Can I get a Navy Seal over here to sweep me off my feet, while both protecting me and respecting my individuality as an independent woman? 

Where’s that totally ripped construction guy, who besides being able to swing heavy power tools, remains sensitive and in-touch with his emotions?

Let’s not forget about that super intellectual professor-turned-writer who happens to make geeky sweater vests seem uber-sexy.

I’ve been reading romance novels for awhile now and I think I’ve encountered just about every career path possible for the hero. Cowboy, prince, entrepreneur, teacher, chef, bounty hunter, landscape architect – they all have one thing in common: Hotness!

While I do have my favorites (FBI secret agent, veterinarian and just plain old, inexplicable super rich guy, to name a few), I have to admit that it might be more than just the profession. It’s the description. After all, you can have a bartender, or you can have a smokin’ hot Irish bartender with jet black hair and intense green eyes.

Oh yes, there’s a big difference between the guy who changes your tires and the insanely gorgeous yet wounded mechanic whose muscles are pulsating under his tight white work shirt while he gives you the once-over.

And I’ve never come across a lawyer in my real life who is anything like the toned and suave attorney who can both schmooze at the country club and take down the bad guy with his killer tai kwon do moves, all the while preserving his impeccably-fitted tuxedo.

So I ask all of you, what is your favorite romance hero career? And feel free to get descriptive!

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28 thoughts on “Job of Hotness

  1. He turns blue on occassion, grows horns and has the most beautiful swirling silver eyes you ever did see. All this while volunteering to ref local kids’ basketball games. He’s perfectly perfect, of course.

    1. Oh, and his career? Um, I believe he calls himself a wrangler. You know, in charge of lots of stuff and things and other worldly beings!

      1. Nice! Blue happen to be my favorite color so I could probably see myself with your wrangler. 😉

  2. It’s true, it is all about the descriptions! I must say my leading man would be a little like this: the unusually tall, dark, and mysteriously handsome man who takes ownership for your protection with his unbridled strength while fighting his animal instincts through alluring eyes to hold true to his ancient traditionalist values of courtship. He is shy but has so much to tell and once he opens up your world will change. What? I am reading a witch book that has a hot vampire in it, I would say that could count as a career 🙂

  3. Let’s see…my hero is intelligent, funny, and of course,as Kerri says ‘smokin’ hot! So he has an undergraduate degree in computers, a stint in the service as a navy seal, followed by law school and then recruited by the FBI. Oh and he likes to work with wood (so handy to have around the house!), after he takes his morning 10 mile run! and he will probably open his own security consultant firm. Now is that too much to ask for in a romance hero career????

    1. I think that all sounds perfectly acceptable. I especially like that he works with wood. It is nice when they can do the average repair around the house. Don’t forget that he is also a wine connoisseur.

  4. Oh my god! You completely described everything perfectly! What else can I say? I’ll take one of each, to go please! 😉

    And that hot Navy SEAL you’re looking for? He was at Starbucks this morning in line in front of me. Well, he had that Navy SEAL look to him and he was a civilian (I work on an Army base), no ring and the finest butt. He was nice and generous to boot! He bought the coffee of the couple in front of him and was bringing coffee to his co-workers. With his hands full, he held the door for ME!

    Ok, so he’s my hero for the day. Extremely good looking, sexy, polite and generous all in one package. I haven’t seen someone like that in a long time. Took my breath away.

    Viper 18, you’re my hero!

    1. What Starbucks are you going to? I must start stalking it STAT! You know what got me? Holding the door. That’s really all it takes. Yum!

      1. Kerri — I’m literally in the middle of the Mojave Desert: Fort Irwin. When training is in session, stand-by!

        He was very polite, used “ma’am” and all. Ugh! I would say though that he knows he’s beautiful but very humble.

    2. Okay Sweetie, I hope you had time to get his number because they don’t make ’em like that very often anymore! 🙂

  5. Oh, I so need to go talk to the Marine down the street for you. Or the Secret Service guy. Then there’s the … oh man do I live in a good eye candy neighborhood. 🙂

    My favorite romance hero is always the business guy. There’s just something about the smoking hot titan of business in a custom made suit that really does it for me.

    1. Repeat: yum! Oh yes, you must include the suit. Or better yet, the removal of the suit. 😉

    2. Avery, where do YOU live? I’m partial to Marines. Oh and do I have a great FBI story (Secret Service reminded me).

      It was my first college class at the state university I went to and I was taking some political/law class and we had a guest speaker, an FBI agent.

      He was good looking (and he knew it), dressed in a suit. Very professional. But when he pulled his suit coat back and revealed not only his badge but his side-arm, I about fell out of my chair. A man with a weapon is so hot. Like as in that is what he does for a living, not a criminal. Whew!

    3. Avery-Can I just say that this whole DC region is an eye candy city! I will miss it so when I leave but am hoping Texas will be just as kind on the eyes!

      1. Mmmmmm, that reminds me I need to go shopping at Ft. Belvoir’s commissary tomorrow. I’ll try to be a good girl and keep my eyeballs glued to the floor. 🙂

  6. Okay Kerri, so I polled a couple of my rellies and little sis says a dark shadowy man with the personaility to match…she hinted at a dark arts professor at Hogwarts and it was then that I discovered me and baby sis both have a secret crush on Professor Snape! And then to quote my fave auntie “Bad Boy Vampire is not a legit profession!” But she’s totally down with Mr. Damon Salvatore and I had to explain that in fiction, it’s a totally legit career! Don’t you agree?

    1. Yes, I do think that a bad boy vampire is a legit career within fiction. Outside of fiction? I don’t know. Do vampires pay taxes?

  7. Right then… my perfect hero man. He’s tall and has amazing, piercing eyes – a strong face, maybe not totally handsome but captivating – the kind of face that makes you stare and then catch yourself and blush. His thick wavy hair is always the tiniest fraction too long – but it’s charming and slightly boyish. His shoulders are broad and strong but not too hard. He is slightly cocky and self-assured but knows when to turn overt self-confidence into warming, comforting (possibly slightly cheeky) humour – he becomes your rock when you need him to be but he knows when you have to go it your own way. He is macho when you need defending (sometimes to a fault) – old fashioned in his actions (not sexist, but always opens doors, walks you to your car, makes sure you walk on the inside of the sidewalk, etc). He won’t back down from a fight but will make sure he wins with words before the other guy throws the first punch (which he will easily block before putting the kibosh on the opposition in two moves!). He makes you feel like your words and thoughts are as sexy and as important as your winks and purrs and you feel like you could melt when he puts his hand on the small of your back. His kisses warm, heat, and comfort and his hugs make you feel like you’re home.

    1. Done, done and done! You win, Caroline! That is an absolutely amazing summary. I’m all googly-eyed at my day job! 😉

  8. Mine has crystal blue eyes and beautiful hands. And he’s not afraid to shop. (and he doesn’t criticize me for going to Sephora… but that’s another story ….)

    1. You should never be criticized for going to Sephora! Best blue mascara ever from that place! 😉

      1. the words were something along the lines of: “don’t you have enough of that crap already?” bless his heart, I laughed and kept walking.

  9. My guy has dark wavy hair, just a hint too long with stormy blue eyes. He’s tall but muscular, not lanky. Wide powerful shoulders taper into a slender waist and a tight behind. He’s kind and considerate. Always faithful. He is understanding when I’m moody, but doesn’t put up with unnecessary shit. He’s intelligent, handy around the house, and when the situation calls for it–he can kick mucho butt. Oh crap, I just described my husband, who happens to be 6 foot 6 with dark hair, blue eyes and was a Marine for 21 years!

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