Gone Fishin’: An Authentic Male Voice

Legend has it that some mermaids were benevolent creatures, granting wishes to sailors who helped them.

I’ve assembled a panel of real guys and today, I’d like to welcome one such brave former sailor to Waterworld Mermaids.  I hope all his wishes come true for helping me out with today’s blog.  Fellow mermaids and guests, let’s give Cody a warm welcome!

I recently provided Cody with a few scenarios and asked him to tell me straight up—what would a real guy say and do in these given situations?  I was curious to know if I was tapping into an authentic male perspective in my writing.  So he graciously accepted the mission and in my opinion, blew it out of the water!  Without further ado, I give you Cody, 37, outdoor enthusiast, federal agent, good guy.

Warning: As I said above, I asked Cody to be blunt in an attempt to give an authentic perspective.  Some portions below may be unsuitable for younger readers.

Scenario: Two city guys are at a bar, slightly intoxicated.  One has just been dumped unexpectedly by his pregnant girlfriend.  His buddy is there for him, drinking as well, but trying to stay slightly more sober for when they need to leave.  What would the buddy possibly say to his friend who just got dumped?  Let’s say he knows the girlfriend and she’s generally not a witch.  (I know what girls would do; they would be very consoling and compassionate.  But would two guys be that way?)

 CodyFirst off there is a myriad of different outcomes to your scenario.  It all depends on the guys.  You could write this any way you wanted, really.  The dumped guy could really be devastated by the incident if he genuinely wanted a family. So, he could be really distraught, or he could be relieved that he didn’t have to settle down and start a family; furthermore he could be angry and vindictive.  The friend could be all of these as well.  It all depends on the morality, upbringing, demeanor etc. of the guy’s character that you have developed.  So don’t have a tough, street hardened, emotionless guy sobbing in his beer that “he just isn’t good enough for her”, or “what am I going to do now that she’s gone”, you get my drift.  Likewise for the friend.  They could talk about different hair-brained schemes (and yes guys do this) to try and get her back.  Or the friend could be like ” Dude, forget that bitch.  I’m taking you to a titty bar.  You need to let off some steam and forget about that dumb &%$@% and find somebody new!”  Sadly I’ve seen this exact scenario go both ways. 

 In general, I am curious to know the following: (fill in the blank)

What would a real guy say:

 Cody’s Answers:

 –At a guy’s night out when he sees his ex walk in with someone new——-It depends on the age of the guy believe it or not.  A young guy with no real responsibilities would probably confront the NEW guy and start a fight because he really wants her back but won’t admit it and tries to show it by being the ALPHA and essentially win the girl back.  Never the less he is young and doesn’t know the first thing about women and thinks this will work, which it won’t.  An older more mature guy, set in a career that he cannot afford to lose wouldn’t do this (unless he is just wired that way and has a temper).  He would probably just comment to his buddies that she is really scraping the bottom of the barrel with the new guy, or he could catch her on the way to the bathroom to “try and talk some sense into her” and possibly back to his place because he doesn’t currently have anyone.  Or he could really care less because he has moved on.

 -While sitting on a boat fishing with his buddy——–Man take your pic!  Anything goes.  Just remember that if these guys are on a lake in their own boat they are probably not gonna be talking about politics or the stock market, or fashion.  Unless they are talking about the lack of clothing on the girl working at the bait shop they stopped at that morning!  Sports is always a good call.  More times than not they would be talking ABOUT FISHING.  What bait works best, what their dad taught them to use etc.  But usually the conversation turns to “So did you hook up with that chick last night or what…..”

 –When he knows a good buddy of his is being a jerk to his girlfriend———Again this depends on the guy’s character, what his buddy was actually doing, and how good of a friend his buddy is.  Is he a lifelong best friend?…..Or just his buddy.  He may tell him to knock it off, or he may just leave it alone because he knows his buddy better than anybody and he knows that he didn’t mean it.

 Last one…..do guys really cuss that much in their everyday conversations?  Are there times when it’s guaranteed that you’re going to use profanity?  ———-YES, but once again it kinda depends on Age, Military service or not, people around, the presence of women etc.  Speaking from experience, young military guys can’t help it.  It’s just part of you.  Guaranteed, if you’re in a bar, playing sports, or just hanging with your boys because nobody cares.

 Thanks for helping this mermaid out!   Please feel free to comment and thank Cody!


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35 thoughts on “Gone Fishin’: An Authentic Male Voice

  1. Cody = single???

    This was fantastic and it helped me a lot! In fact, we should have a boy mermaid (um, merman?) on here once a month! Because we didn’t even get into what they’re thinking about during sex. 😉

  2. Kerri I’m so glad you said that! Calling all boys! What I liked about Cody is that he’s a hunter, ex-bull rider, fisher, former military guy…you name it and he’s probably done it. So I felt he’d have a perspective that would be useful to those of us who write about the heroes you mentioned on your awesome blog yesterday!

    1. What a great idea to gain perspective for your writing. Sounds like Cody was the perfect merman. Totally enjoyed your scenarios and his answers.

      1. Hi Anna! Glad you enjoyed it! At the end of the day, we are writing and reading fiction which means we get to make up a bunch of great stuff! But I just felt the need to see if what I thought about guys was completely off base or somewhat close. I had no idea how well Cody was going to do with his answers. When I read his responses, I was so impressed. I didn’t edit him at all!

  3. Kudos Cody! Thanks for the insight. I would’ve never guessed that men put so much thought into things. I know that’s horrible to say, but it’s true.

    1. Hi Kathleen! It was definitely validating to find out we’re not just making it up when we write about a man who has these kinds of thoughts.

  4. Cody, you are a brave man to come swimming with the mermaids. This was a great look into the male mind. Please come back again soon!

    Carlene – What a great idea for a blog post. I’m so stealing this idea.

    1. Avery- Steal away! “Bring a boy to the pond” day for each mermaid who is interested might be a fun idea!

  5. Very interesting! Thanks Cody for being such a sport and for you Carlene for wanting to get to the bottom of it all!

    1. Hi Aunt Terry-
      Yes, it’s a dangerous job but some-mer-one has to do it! Thank you so much for stopping by!

  6. He’s a hit! Totally enjoyed this, and I’m going to be late for my trainer appointment and I don’t care. I heart Cody and his responses. We Need More Men Like This. Can he be cloned?

    1. Hi Susan! Goodness, I may just have to look into that! Cloning Cody could have its potential I suppose. He’s gonna blush when I tell him all this. Hope you made it to your trainer!

  7. Aces for all Carlene questions & Cody answers! Thanks for an enlightening insight to the sometimes murky depths of the male psyche – ha-ha! Fantastic reading! Cody’s the Merman of the Day! Arthur! Arthur!

    1. Hi Mom Claudia! Thank you for your sweet compliment. He’s for sure a good sport and I’m just glad that both readers and writers alike have enjoyed spending a little time with him today. Thank you for stopping by!

    1. Robin–My next question for Cody is going to be which was more frightening, riding bulls or becoming a Waterworld Merman for a day! Thank you for stopping by!

  8. FYI–Cody works hard to protect us all at night and therefore he sleeps all day but I’m forwarding all your wonderful responses to him in an email!

  9. Thanks for the wonderful post Carlene! Cody, you are a brave, brave man swimming in this pond!!! Or are you just being resourceful? Smart enough to know you are surrounded by lots of smart, beautiful, sexy women who write romance…Hmmm? Thanks for the male insight buddy! And whoever said it, I agree–we should have a male perspective at least once a month. Cody, we are currently accepting applications… ;-D

    1. Thank you Dana! And I love that you pointed out what a magnificent pond Cody has dipped his toes into! I think you might be onto him. Give Kerri mermaid first kudos on coming up with the once a month merman idea. I know my first turn has been a blast so far!

    1. Hi Denny! I totally agree. The feeling they give off can sometimes be fuzzy and often times prickly but it’s generally a nice warm one regardless!

  10. Hello ladies. I’m glad that I could help ya’ll (sorry, I’m from Texas) with your writting. When Carlene first asked me to do this I wasn’t quite sure what it was she wanted, but quickly found my self really imersed in the whole thing! It was fun. My time is pretty much accounted for but i will try and help as much as I can. If I’m permitted to skinny dip here with ya’ll!!! All joking aside, just remember when you are developing a male character not to put apples and oranges in the same basket….so to speak. We are typically balck and white, although there are some that are kinda like a well hidden fruit salad! Good luck with your writing! Carlene, just holler if you need anything else.

    1. Awwww, thanks so much for stopping by Cody! You are the best! Get some rest and thank you for what you do.

    2. Cody – Thanks again for braving the waters with us! Although I’m not real sure about the fruit salad . .. when I think of the guys in my books it’s more along the lines frank and beans! (sorry, just re-watched ‘Something About Mary”)

      Thanks again and we welcome you back anytime!

  11. I love that movie Robin!!!

    Thank you for taking a dip with us Cody, come back anytime…

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