It’s Summer.. What’s Your Level of Heat?

Even thought summer is just about over, I still have heat on my mind.  And it’s not the stuffy opressive air quality that has me gasping for breath.  It’s the level of heat you prefer to read, or even more important, write.

With such a plethora of sub genres, romance is a universe unto itself.  Contemporary, historical, young adult, erotica, futuristic, chick lit, time travel, inspirational, paranormal.. I could go on.  But just as there are many genres, there are also varying degrees of heat or sensuality.  With some genres, it’s pretty clear the level of heat a book will entail.  I won’t assume to know everything there is to know about inspirational stories, but I will venture to guess you won’t find too many “F” words littered throughout the pages.  To that end, there probably won’t be explicit detailing of three-somes with farm animals.  On the flip side, even though I’m not.. pardon the pun.. intimately familiar with erotica, I believe there is a wide array of sub-categories of that niche as well.  When I’ve perused submission guidelines for Ellora’s Cave, there were quite a few terms and terminologies that I must admit, I was not familiar with.

I know there has been a wide debate about the use of bad words in romance and in general, the level of heat in a story.  From reviews, and even musings on the RWA, it would seem the people who are risque averse become very frustrated/angry when the level of heat is ratcheted up too many notches or there are one too many “F” words thrown in the mix.  And on the flip side, someone who wants a highly sexual story can feel very let down if the naughtiness factor is not met.

So the level of heat got me thinking.  What is your heat preferance for reading and for writing?