Summer TV: Guess What I’m Binge-Watching

Television. There used to be a time when television offered nothing in the summer but reruns. Those days ended with cable TV and a slew of platforms from which you can view most anything. Then came Queen Netflix and the phrase BINGE-WATCHING entered into the modern-day lexicon.

nintchdbpict000266131446So, this long weekend, I did some binge-watching. And, if you haven’t guessed by the photos, I’ll tell you about two shows as diametrically opposed as two shows can be. Both of which I either have recently binged on or am in the process of binge-watching.

First, I’ll talk about the show I’ve completed. “Victoria” on the BBC is a tour-de-force for an actress I ‘hated’ in Doctor Who. Yes, I’m saying it here: Jenna Coleman is suburb as the feisty, romantic, stubborn Queen Victoria and I can’t wait for season two.

I also will admit that the love story between her and Prince Albert kept me on the edge of my seat (and I know history, I visited Windsor Castle last time I was in England). Definitely, helps the binge-watching gene when a great love story is part of the action.cast-of-hbo-series-the-wire-went-to-baltimore-to-reenact-scenes-from-freddie-gray-protests

Now, for the other show I’ve been mesmerized by – and yes, I’m very late to this party. I had never watched “The Wire”. The five-season show that was widely heralded during its heydays from the moment it debuted in 2002 (and ended with its fifth season in 2008). Of course, I’d heard about the love generated by Idris Elba’s performance (and okay, he was as fine a fine-looking man then as today. Le-sigh and then some). Anyway, the grit, the dialogue, the story lines–tough, gritty television at its best. Much love, and highly recommended. Okay, those are my TV recs. And watch out for me in the fall at HEA USA Today, talking all things Outlander on Starz when Droughtlander 2.0 finally returns! Now go watch TV (or just keep writing good stories, I read, too:)…



5 thoughts on “Summer TV: Guess What I’m Binge-Watching

  1. Have you seen Doc Martin or Foyle’s War? All good for binging. For fast, whitty lines and just plain silly..”Galavant.” Glad I am not the only one hiding out from the heat by climbing into Netflix.

    1. Hi, I’ve been checking in on Doc Martin, and enjoying it. But I’m also trying to keep my TV jones to a minimum with the books I’ve got to finish writing:)…

  2. Denny! I am so happy you discovered The Wire. It was a great show. I watched it with my husband and it’s one of those we’ll never forget. I’m looking forward to reading your HEA posts too. I wish you could come out here to San Diego for Comic Con someday. You’d fangirl out all over the place!!!

  3. Well, I feel like such a loser. I’m still binge-watching The Big Bang Theory. I’m so far behind everyone else all the damn time. Both of these shows sound great for different reasons. I hate to get hooked on something though because I have a bit of a problem with obsessing. Shocking, I know. haha. Great post, Denny!

  4. After Victoria ended, I was craving more English accents, I found North and South on Netflix and highly recommend it. It’s only one season 🙁 The Last Kingdom is at the top of my favorites list, too!

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