Kerri’s Summer TV

Winter is finally here!!!

Winter is finally here!!!

All summer long, we're talking about our favorite TV. Just like TV, I thought I would get all visual. So please enjoy this video with my summer television pleasures....


Tell us in the comments what shows you’re watching this summer…. Happy viewing!


8 thoughts on “Kerri’s Summer TV

  1. Well, look at you, Ms. Fancy Pants! My kids are making me watch How I Met Your Mother. I’m only a few episodes in right now. I keep taking breaks to revise. And then my kids bug me more. So I think I’ll probably binge watch the rest of Season 1 today with them. I’m always wayyyyyyy behind everyone else. When people tell me another show I HAVE to see, I’m like: yeah, I’ll put it on the list. I’m currently about ten years behind everyone else. hahaha
    Great video. And Veronica Mars is still on my list. And Buffy. God, I’m so lame….

    1. The first season of Veronica Mars is absolutely brilliant. Just AWESOME storytelling. And…obviously, all of Buffy…
      But you are SO NOT LAME. I wish I could go back and watch these for the first time!

  2. Love the video! I haven’t watched High Castle yet. And I stopped Watching GoT after the Red Wedding (mostly just because I don’t have HBO). But I recently mainlined GLOW….god, I loved that show so much!!!

  3. Well, aren’t you all up early today! 😉 GoT got hella good last season! People have been telling me to watch Veronica Mars for years. Finally, I’m watching it and I FREAKING LOVE IT. What a great show.

    Kim – HIMYM is fabulous. At least, the first couple seasons. Have you seen the episode with Robin’s secret yet? That’s the best!

  4. I just finished binge watching Travelers (which I loved), and am now watching season 4 of The 100!! I am also, of course, watching The Bachelorette. Hee hee.

  5. So awesome! LOVE the fireworks too. I need a new show, still finishing up Prison Break and behind a season of Game of Throne. Does Fixer Upper count?

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