My Favorite Place to Write: Dana Rodgers

IMG_1171Over the years I have written many places, at home, in the car, at my kids’ various practices and rehearsals, on vacation, at the occasional restaurant or café during my lunch hour, even on an airplane. But the place I enjoy writing the most is at home in the sunroom off of my kitchen. The room is cozy and the windows offer lots of natural light. I love to get up early and put some yummy bread or pastry in the oven to bake. Then I can snuggle in the recliner with my favorite blanket or sit at the bar savoring the enticing smells while I work on my latest story.
The atmosphere helps to inspire me and, when the occasional bout of writer’s block happens to descend, I can let my mind wander and maybe catch a glimpse of one of the bald eagles that live near my house or a deer munching on some nice tender stalks of grass in the yard.

Do you have a favorite place to write?

4 thoughts on “My Favorite Place to Write: Dana Rodgers

  1. Wow, gorgeous trees out of your windows. It looks so serene there. I can see why it supports your creative juices.

  2. That view is absolutely beautiful, Dana. I’m so happy it’s yours! I love the possibilities that a surrounding of trees offers. I wish you many many happy hours of writing there in your perfect spot.

  3. Love the colors in your room! And I hear you about writing just about anywhere. Bleachers, cars, coffee shops…it’s all good. haha.

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