Online Shopping: Convenience or a Disease That Must Be Cured!

I shop online. And the Internet knows. It follows me to every site I visit. Facebook. USA Today. The Astrology page. The little box in the corner with my latest purchase haunts me. Reminds me. Yes, I did spend that money. Yes. I did buy that dress. Or even worse – No. No. No. You forgot to buy it! And here’s your chance to correct your mistake. Shop. Shop. Shop…

And don’t tell me to turn off the Internet. Don’t tell me not to visit all the places I love to visit. And don’t tell me to stop shopping (Bank of America has already got dibs on that, thank you very much). What is it about online shopping that makes it so – dang easy to spend money!

I was do some research for one of my WIPs, and learned about the DARK NET. It’s a place hackers go to hang out and create mayhem. Shouldn’t online shopping be considered some sort of black hole that eats money?

But worst than shopping online – I GO TO THE FREAKING MALL, too!

And OMG, two weeks before RWA Nationals? Have you started packing? Did you buy the new shoes? That great jewelry? What?

No, I know, I should be revising, and writing, and doing what aspiring authors do – searching for a dress to wear to the awards ceremony on July 26. That’s what! Right? 

Okay, I just took a deep breath. I’m almost done ranting, so I can get to the good part:)…would you like to see some of the things I didn’t buy? And no, this is not an add for Nordstorm’s, it’s just the store where I window shop…and okay, shop, occasionally.

Now confess! What’s your online bad habit (or good habit) – it’s all a matter of perspective . Darn! I just bought something while writing this post!…and I shop to relax, by the way…not all the time…and I can control it…(sounding more out of control with every word I type..:)…


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6 thoughts on “Online Shopping: Convenience or a Disease That Must Be Cured!

  1. This post just makes me want to go online shopping RIGHT NOW! In fact, I don’t have a new dress for the RWA Awards ceremony. True – I’m not up for anything, but I should still look pretty. Right? Yes, I like this logic!

  2. I’m cracking up! The other day I was at my friend’s lake house, and her husband was waiting for a package coming from UPS. I heard it long before it pulled into their driveway, and my husband said, “She knows her UPS truck, and they know her.” I have time periods where I buy A LOT online. Usually from October to December. I rarely buy clothes or shoes online unless I have already tried them on in the store. I’m super bad at returning things that don’t fit, and then I have a bunch of clothes that don’t fit taking up space in my closet. Yes, I know I’m lazy.
    Now, a couple years ago I started thinking about Doomsday, and I started freaking out about things I should buy in the event something catastrophic happens. So, UPS and FedEx were delivering all manners of things: water purification tablets, solar lighting and other solar devices, reusable hand warmers (by the case), dehydrated foods, flashlights in every conceivable size, and the list goes on and on and ON. I’m not nearly as bad now, but sometimes I think of something I should definitely have on hand. Saw myself a nice little gas mask the other day. I refrained from purchasing. Yay, me!
    I may not have dresses for Nationals, but if anyone needs a LifeStraw, I’m your girl.

  3. Online bad habit? Probably stalking Facebook when I’m supposed to be writing. Or my obsession with outscoring some people in various online games. Stupid stuff.

    My biggest confession for the summer is buying a two-piece swimsuit for the first time in 35 years. I read this article: about the plus-sized woman who wore a bikini, and thought *I can do that!*. Voila, Zappos delivered it yesterday and it fits.

    Good luck to all my friends at Nationals! I know you’ll have fun, but I won’t be poor!

  4. Ha ha – you all crack me up!! Denny, I love the short sequiny dress with the fringe that you didn’t buy. Might have to rethink that non-purchase. Would be gorgeous for the cocktail reception (or even the awards night, but I know you already have a dress for that.) Take lots of photos! Wish I could be there.

  5. I’m going to pretend I’m not very freaked out right now about the whole Dark Net thing. Yikes. I’m trying to remember if I’ve ever seen you in jeans. Hmm, nope don’t think so. Now I want to see you in those and some heels! I hope you post pics of whatever gorgeous dress you end up with. 🙂 You’re gonna be so dang pretty!
    For me, it’s iTunes. So. Dang. Easy. Happy Almost Nationals, Denny!!!!

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