Give Me a Break!

It’s Month 7 of The Sparkle Plan, my made-up diet and wellness plan. Can you believe it! Check out the inaugural post here to find out what it is.

Last month, I set a new mini-goal of getting more sleep. For the most part, I did it. The results? I felt amazing! Then came this past weekend…. (Insert ominous music)

This past Friday was July Fourth. Besides being my favorite holiday, it was also a long weekend, and an early birthday celebration for yours truly. Lots and lots of fun events occurred. There was pool time, fireworks, BBQs, happy hours, baseball games, and little time for sleep or exercise.  Kerri Carpenter

Even while I was having SO MUCH FUN, in the back of my mind, an annoying little voice was nagging me to death about exercise and sleep and the fact that I wasn’t doing enough of either. Plus, said obnoxious voice was reminding me that I was about to go on vacation for a week and then go to a big writer’s conference where I will surely also not get enough sleep or physical activity.


My BFF has told me for years that I’m too hard on myself. I never really paid much attention. But when a new friend also starting saying the same thing to me, I thought maybe they’re on to something.

This Sparkle Plan journey has been tough. I’m trying to do a lot – workout, eat right, get enough sleep, all while still enjoying everything else in life. But I’m constantly worrying about my circumference and fear that it’s growing. I’m worried about getting injured again. I’m worried about not achieving the goals I set back in January. Worry. Worry. Worry!!!!

So perhaps it’s time to admit that I am hard on myself. What’s the point of doing all this work if I’m not going to enjoy myself? And really, who wants to be hard on themselves on vacation? I can still enjoy the beach and my conference without eating like a piggy. Right?

Mini-Goal of the Month: Enjoy myself!

Let’s chat in the comment section. How do you find that balance between healthy living and having fun?


*I am not a doctor. We should all consider this a blessing since I really don’t care for sick people. Or whiny people. Or that hospital smell. Or science. Hence, always consult your own physician before embarking on any fitness or eating plan.

6 thoughts on “Give Me a Break!

  1. SEE sometimes you do need to believe me!!! I am recently have been thinking about the phrase ‘Pay yourself first’ and have been really taking it to heart. Life is crazy and some days it is down right insane-o-man! So ‘pay’ yourself first!! You only know YOU the best! You know what makes you most happy, you know what most relaxes you, you know how you like to have fun! Soooo treating yourself right FIRST will help you be the best you can be amid the land of crazy. Or at least that is what I think. Get a madi/pedi, take a nap, go for a run, have coffee with a friend and live life with a smile 🙂

  2. Sound advice you’re sharing with us, and giving herself–I like. It’s never easy remembering to put yourself first and reward yourself for being more than A-okay. It’s like the one negative review you remember after a thousand reviews of praise. It’s hard to be kind to yourself first and foremost, but you’ve got to do it (especially in our business, right?)…

  3. Take a break, Kerri-Mermaid. The summer is vacation time. Live your life, and the Sparkle Plan will still be here when you get back. 🙂 I’m hard on myself as well, but it’s a lot easier to give someone else advice than to take it yourself. haha.
    Have fun on vacay! See you in a couple weeks! Woo hoo!

  4. Life gets in the way. You can only do so much, but at least you are doing it! You should be proud of that. Take this past weekend for example: what is the point of working/worrying yourself crazy if you can’t enjoy the fun? I am sure with all the fun things you did, the meals, the running around…you got in what you needed and the R&R your body needs too. Remember Rome wasn’t bulit in a day, and neither was the Earth (no matter your beliefs). There were times life was lived, enjoyed and developed over a period of years–enjoy the miracles of life without the worry of how it got there. 🙂 Hope this makes sense.

  5. I can’t believe it’s month 7 of the Sparkle Plan already!!! All i have to say is that you’re doing something right because you looked HAWT at our last lunch together! But yeah, you need to enjoy your vacation like it’s nobody’s business. xoxoxoxoxxo

  6. Every day is a new day, and every night lately I’ve gone to bed thinking that I’ve failed for the day. Something is wrong with that! There needs to be more SPARKLE! Which is a wonderful thing to realize. Because if I’m thinking that every night, then there *is* something wrong…and it’s not my diet.

    Tonight when I go to bed and reevaluate my day, I’m going to say to myself, “Today was a SPARKLE DAY, and tomorrow will also be a SPARKLE DAY!”

    And for that, I thank you immensely. xox

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