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Online Shopping: Convenience or a Disease That Must Be Cured!

I shop online. And the Internet knows. It follows me to every site I visit. Facebook. USA Today. The Astrology page. The little box in the corner with my latest purchase haunts me. Reminds me. Yes, I did spend that money. Yes. I did buy that dress. Or even worse – No. No. No. You forgot to buy it! And here’s your chance to correct your mistake. Shop. Shop. Shop…

And don’t tell me to turn off the Internet. Don’t tell me not to visit all the places I love to visit. And don’t tell me to stop shopping (Bank of America has already got dibs on that, thank you very much). What is it about online shopping that makes it so – dang easy to spend money!

I was do some research for one of my WIPs, and learned about the DARK NET. It’s a place hackers go to hang out and create mayhem. Shouldn’t online shopping be considered some sort of black hole that eats money?

But worst than shopping online – I GO TO THE FREAKING MALL, too!

And OMG, two weeks before RWA Nationals? Have you started packing? Did you buy the new shoes? That great jewelry? What?

No, I know, I should be revising, and writing, and doing what aspiring authors do – searching for a dress to wear to the awards ceremony on July 26. That’s what! Right? 

Okay, I just took a deep breath. I’m almost done ranting, so I can get to the good part:)…would you like to see some of the things I didn’t buy? And no, this is not an add for Nordstorm’s, it’s just the store where I window shop…and okay, shop, occasionally.

Now confess! What’s your online bad habit (or good habit) – it’s all a matter of perspective . Darn! I just bought something while writing this post!…and I shop to relax, by the way…not all the time…and I can control it…(sounding more out of control with every word I type..:)…


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RWA Nationals Road Trip: Are You Prepared for Awesomeness!

Denny's MermaidsI’m taking off for Atlanta this weekend to attend the RWA National Conference and I’m super excited. I’m going to spend a week with 2,000 other romance writers – sounds like heaven, right? In a hotel with an entire floor/lobby dedicated to mingling (okay, there is a really big bar at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis), and I guarantee I will be informed, inspired, surprised and exhausted within 30 minutes of checking in. And no, I’m not trying to make anyone who is not going jealous – but I’m excited and want to share.

Speaking of sharing, I volunteered (two years in a row:) to serve as the official Waterworld Mermaid reporter blogging LIVE daily from Hot-Lanta! But expect some of the other Mermaids to pop in, too. A bunch of us will be in town, and will either post here or on our own blogs – so stay tuned.

But I said ROAD TRIP in the headline  – so yeah, I’m getting from here to there by jumping in my car and taking off on Saturday! Joining me is my long-time friend, writer, poet, singer Xio Axelrod, who will be attending her first RWA National Conference.

We plan to make stops in North Carolina (visiting my mom) and Savannah, GA (because it is one of the most beautiful cities in the USA and I haven’t been there in 10 years), with our arrival in Atlanta set for Monday.imgres-1

If you’re traveling to RWA Nationals let us know if you’re packed:) – so I can be jealous – and if by chance, you too, are doing the ROAD TRIP thing. If you aren’t attending Nationals in 2013 – what would you like to read in the Waterworld Mermaids’ daily blog post? Although, if I’m reporting, you’re going to have to deal with my FRANTIC schedule (will share more about my first year as a PRO and a finalist in two contests, both to be announced in Atlanta!).

You may have noticed that every now and then throughout this post, I’ve felt like shouting (ie, the CAPS sprinkled throughout), but I am excited so a little shouting is a good thing, RIGHT!