Good Riddance!

2012 is almost over and I, for one, cannot flipping wait! Adios, 2012 and get the hell outta here!

When asked, I often tell people that the best year of my life was, hands down, fourth grade. What a great year! I had a fantastic homeroom teacher, lots of friends and if I finished my computer assignment early I could play Oregon Trail (best computer game ever).

If my life peaked in fourth grade, it’s been coasting ever since. Until 2012. The year of Debbie Downer doom & gloom. For every good thing, there’s a bad thing. For light, there is dark. Up and down, yin and yang, smiley face, frowny face. For glitter, there is … um, poopy brown? Anyway, you get my point.

In a year of craptastic-ness, a couple things did stand out and I would like to pay homage now.

My BFF, Danielle

If you know me and you don’t know who Danielle is, then you clearly have a large wax build-up in your ear or perhaps no ears at all. D and I have known each for a long time. When you have a bad year, you cry. A lot. You say hysterical, incoherent, Debbie Downer things. D stepped up as only a best friend can. She listened to me every single day, and she’s still my BFF! She must be crazy. But that’s what I like about her!

Steeler Club

Besides writing romance novels I like to write articles about the Pittsburgh Steelers. (Romance, football, I see the correlation. Don’t you?) Thanks to one of my articles, Katie (AB&GC President) contacted me about joining the Arlington Black & Gold Club. We meet to watch the Steelers games. Every single member is awesome. I can’t begin to describe how this club has changed my life. I love them! Here’s a link to our website in case you want to join too.

My BFF, Danielle, visiting me at Steeler Club

Hurricane Sandy … Kind of

Allow me to explain. Let’s be honest – Hurricane Sandy was a real bitch, but something pretty important came about because of her royal lameness. I was in Ocean City, MD, with a bunch of Mermaids trying to finish my current novel. Well, here she comes, all windy and devastating. Not only did I not meet Jim Cantore from the Weather Channel, but we were forced to leave Ocean City. Which meant that my writing had to be abandoned… yet again. Driving the evacuation route home made me realize how pissed off I was to NOT be writing. I realized how much I want to be published and how I will not give up on my dream!

Movies that didn’t suck

I actually saw quite a few movies this year but there are a couple I’d like to specifically point out for being awesomesauce.

Skyfall: Not only did I see the newest James Bond movie with Steeler Club, but Daniel Craig is in it. That’s all. Craig, Daniel Craig. Yum yum!

Pitch Perfect: This movie was unexpectedly hilarious! And I love singing along to the soundtrack in my car when I’m not busy practicing road rage.

Magic Mike: Don’t remember the plot. Don’t really care. Repeat: yum yum!

The Avengers: My actual favorite movie of the year and I loved seeing it at the movie theater on the Quantico base (thanks Dana-Mermaid and family).


There you have it. Even in a total suckfest of a year, I was able to turn my glass-half-empty attitude into a blog post about some happy stuff. So here’s to 2013 – hopefully I’ll be ringing it in with my usual glitter. Cuz un-sparkly Kerri needs to stay in 2012 with all the other crap.