12—12—12… Are You Lucky or Unlucky?

People have been talking about this day long before they began the Armageddon discussion for the 21st. Some people plan to get married today because they feel it’s a lucky day. Others plan to be extra careful because they don’t feel hopeful.

There is so much hype about the end of the world and the year 2012. I have to admit that I’ve fallen victim to its lure. The National Geographic channel has done nothing to curb it with their Doomsday Preppers and Apocalypse shows.

But this blog is really about luck and whether we have the good or the bad kind and how we react to situations that seem lucky or unlucky.

Take for instance you write a story about a girl who breaks her leg during a solitary hiking adventure. That’s bad luck, sure. But what if fifty feet away she finds a discarded perfectly good walking stick that helps her return to civilization? In that story, it’s all in the way somebody looks at the situation. Some people will say that she was lucky to have found the stick while others would argue that she wouldn’t have needed the stick at all if she hadn’t broken her leg.

It’s PR, pure and simple. Companies have Public Relations departments. So do politicians and celebrities. I say it’s time we became our own PR firm. It’s all in how we spin our lives and the lives of our characters.

As writers, we put our characters through the wringer. We place unbelievable obstacles in their way. We make them work hard for their Happily Ever After, but we make sure they get it.

Let’s pretend that the end of the world as we know it is in sight either for our characters or for ourselves. How do we prepare? That tells a lot about your character and how you feel about the world. Are you stockpiling water or wine? Freeze dried vegetables and seeds or chocolate and caffeine?

What are some of the things we can do as writers to prepare for a different world?
1. Stockpile sharpened pencils and plenty of paper.
2. Back up your words on CDs and print out a hard copy in case the electrical grid crashes.
3. Keep on hand any of your favorite writing tools—post its, index cards, three-fold boards, red pens…
4. Grind your coffee in case there’s no electricity.

As I’ve just climbed aboard the Crazy Train, I’m a little behind. I’ve always been a procrastinator, and this doesn’t prove any different when preparing for the end of the world. I do have alcohol. I do have plenty of writing supplies. And I have chocolate that I’ve hidden in select locations in my house so that I can share with my kids occasionally. Very occasionally.

I, for one, think today will be lucky. I’ve always loved numbers. I use to make a wish when cool numbers came up on the clock in our car. If it was 1:23, that was so neat. 12:34? Even better! But the time I always loved was 12:12. So, today at 12:12 in the afternoon, I’ll be making a big wish! My daughter stayed up late last night so that she could watch her clock turn to 12:12 on 12-12-12. She hasn’t fallen far from my crazy tree. ☺

Spin your life today to make yourself lucky! If you’re running late, think of the accident you might have avoided. Be the spinner of your own life!

I’ll leave you with the immortal words of Clint Eastwood long before he was talking to empty chairs:
“You have to ask yourself one question. Do I feel lucky? Well, do you, punk?”

What about you? Do you feel lucky or unlucky today? Do you put any stock in the hypes of 12-12-12 and 12-21-12? And if you had to stock your shelves for the end of the world, what would be on your must-have list?

10 thoughts on “12—12—12… Are You Lucky or Unlucky?

  1. I am one UNlucky Mermaid! Boo. Tears of a clown. Oh well!

    What would be on my end of the world shelf? Hmmm. Books to read and sparkly accessories! 😉

  2. I consider myself a pessimistic optimist. I usually hope for the best and think it’s possible for all good things to come my way, but I mentally prepare for the worst so that I’m not dissapointed. Maybe lots of writers are like this since most (if not ALL) of us have sent out manuscripts hoping for good news and gotten a rejection in return!

  3. Kim, I honestly hadn’t realized that it was 12/12/12 until you mentioned it. But now that I know, I’m going to make this a lucky day. Because: why not?

    I read this study once that followed lottery winners and car accident victims who were paralyzed from the waist down. The study found that after ten years, these people all returned to the SAME level of happiness they were at before the lucky or unlucky event! Which suggests that after an initial adjustment, happiness has to do with attitude, NOT circumstance.

    So thank you for this post and the reminder to make my own luck!

  4. The last time the world was suppose to end, Y2K, I had an envelope of cash, matches, and bottles of water. Now, I’m less prepared, but wiser. I’d still have cash, but include batteries and gallons of wine.

    Happy Birthday to Frank Sinatra! He would have been 97 today. I’m sure he would have loved the fuss.

  5. Mary Jo, that was a cool birthday shout out! I love this pond.

    Hi Kim! I think I am a pretty lucky person but who knows? I’m also a hard worker and like everyone else, have had my ups and downs.

    I don’t believe in world ending type of gloom and doom. But I think posts about it are hilarious 🙂 Especially yours. 🙂

    Fine, if the world is ending, I’m stocking my house with my favorite things:

    The Green Bay Packers
    Dave Gahan
    Casey James
    Jimmy Fallon
    Shirley Temples
    Rolled Tacos
    Half Frozen cookies from Carl’s Jr.
    12 mermaids
    Sherrilyn Kenyon and all her books, Kinley MacGregor ones too
    A really big pallet of blankets and pillows
    My hamster, Darling Depeche Mouse Flores

  6. I completely forgot about the significance of the date (which is soooo yesterday for me on this side of the international date line — lol!). That is, until a colleague mentioned her friend gave birth at 12am on 12/12/12! What are the odds?

    Stocking up on stationery and chocolate sounds sensible at any time, not just when the end is nigh.

  7. Generally, I think I’m fortunate with bouts of bad luck just to keep me grateful when the good stuff rolls around again! Like Kerri, I’d be sure to have plenty of books on hand for the apocalypse . And some zombie repellent. Just in case.

  8. Aha! Mermaid sisters, not to be outdone, I have to believe today has been a LUCK day for me! Why? Because my mother would have been 87 years old today, and I won’t let the day be sad. I’ve had plenty of those anniversaries, and the sun always comes around to rise again. And I won’t believe in the prophecy either! Because my son turns 25 years old the day after, and I already have his present!
    So pfffft on tears and doomsday! I have things to celebrate!

  9. Hey Kim,

    I think 12-12 is lucky. Yesterday was my son’s 12th birthday. I gave him tickets to a sold out Maroon 5 concert (with Owl City and Neon Trees).

    Which leads me to my end of the world list. I’d stockpile: Notebooks and pens, wine, and Adam Levine (JIC we ran out of electricity and I needed inspirational music for my scene).

    Come to think of it, Adam Levine would be good for a number of other things too…like changing light-bulbs and sharpening pencils. What?

  10. I consider 12-12-12 lucky, but I’m the kind of person that generally plans for the worst and hopes for the best. On my list of end of the world necessities: wine, chocolate and my family because I cherish them everyday!

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