My Bucket List Challenge – What’s Your Top Five?

I’ve got three things on my mind and want to blog about all of them, but, well, no, I can’t because it’s late, and I’ve got to return to the writer’s cave! So I decided to narrow the playing field and focus on one topic (or maybe two).

So keep reading for a tease about what’s coming up in October here in the pond…of the Waterworld Mermaids!

My Bucket List – For Lovers of Books with Strong Romantic Elements (catchy title, huh? and yeah, I went there writers world!)…

The rules of my bucket list game are that you can’t list anything about your own writing or books…I know, jeez, but it’s my game!

Here’s my top five!

1)            I want to read a book about a character I love and a romance that becomes a classic in its own lifetime – like Gone with the Wind.

2)            I want to see the movie of that classic book and have it perfectly cast – like Gone with the Wind.

3)            I want to finish reading all of J.R. Ward’s books in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series before my birthday after the one coming up in December because that won’t happen since I’m on book 2…

4)            I want to read all of Cherry Adair’s books and then have lunch with her in a cool restaurant New York restaurant (or one in Tuscany) and talk about shoes and her approach to writing because…well because I have a girl crush on Cherry Adair.

5)            I want to watch an Emmy winning HBO series called The Death Series, starring Rachel Weisz as Eve Dallas and Hugh Jackman as Roarke…

Okay, what’s your bucket list! Seriously, I need to know!

Oh, the October tease – what goes bump in the night and has fins, and fishy thoughts, and other sexy, scary, romantic elements as well as just pure romance? Yep, yep, you’re really close…almost…okay, well, go here and watch the video for the real scoop…!