Moving Day

A house is a lot like a manuscript.
Sometimes, you have to tear it apart.







Rebuild it bit by painstaking bit.








Make more decisions than you ever thought possible.
Experience a series of delays, mistakes, and set-backs.
Drop your head into your hands and wonder, seriously and sincerely, if you will ever finish.
Push forward nonetheless.

And then, months or maybe even a year later, you have a completed product.

People say, “It’s like a brand new house/book!”
To which you reply: “It was totally worth it.”

16 thoughts on “Moving Day

  1. Hi, Pintip!

    Oh, I hear you on rebuilding of houses and rebuilding of manuscripts. They can be awful to live with, but the end results are totally worth the pain (says she whose five-year renovation shows no signs of ending…).

    Enjoy settling into your house again!

  2. Fabulous! It is just like that. The planning. The planning that somehow doesn’t work. Readjusting the planning. 🙂
    And sometimes it is a long wait, but most of the time the wait is worth it.
    Congrats on Movin’ On Up. Or Movin’ Back In, as the case my be.
    Can’t wait to see it. *Hint, hint*

  3. Knee deep in a kitchen remodel right now – your imagery couldn’t be more on target. Whew. Both activities take perseverance, a renewable source of optimism, and the gut deep knowledge that this too shall pass!

    1. Oh, Keely, I feel your pain! Best of luck with the kitchen remodel! You’ll be so pleased when it’s finished. I love the “renewable source of optimism.” So very true.

  4. I’m so excited your house is done, Pintip-Mermaid!!! Yay! Totally on target with the house/book analogy. Speaking of, I really need to get back to my book soon….

    1. Thanks Kerri! For both book and house, months can pass where nothing really seems to happen. But bit by bit, it slowly gets done. So get back to that book!

  5. Your new house sounds divine, and comparing it to revising a book – love that! I am still thinking about relocating, but the stress of it all, I just don’t know if I can handle this year…:)…but it’s looking great for you. Congrats on moving!

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