How Blogging Changed My Life

Mermaids, meet PNN. PNN Bloggers, allow me to introduce you to the Waterworld Mermaids.

Before I was a Waterworld Mermaid, I was the Question Lady. For over two years, I blogged on a site called the Personal News Network (PNN), asking a daily Question of the Day. I wrote a short story, asked a question and read all of the comments that came in. 

Besides my Question, the blogs on PNN spanned many interests: healthy eating, marriage, travel, friendship, poetry etc.  We had a book club, contests, did a monthly Girls Night Out via chat board and most importantly read, commented and supported each other. 

Just like the Mermaids, PNN became an important part of my life.

Sadly, PNN is no longer around but the majority of us PNN bloggers stay in touch via a Super Secret Group Page on Facebook.

My PNN peeps are among the first I go to when something happy, sad or just crazy happens in my life. (Boy have they gotten an earful this year!) I’ve watched PNNers get married, divorced, have kids, relocate, go to grad school, buy houses, publish books, get annoyed with their spouses, buy cute shoes and so much more.

Blogging is such an interesting medium. It can be frivolous, crazy, boring, obnoxious and/or self-serving. For me, I suppose it’s the latter, self-serving. I have gained so many friends, both online and in-person, through blogging and other forms of social media.

PNN has been on my mind lately. Maybe because September is my blogiversary month. Or maybe because two of our former PNNers (The Bloggess and Brene Brown) were just on Katie Couric’s new talk show – Holy Cow! Whatever the reason, I just wanted to give a big shout-out to both PNN and my Mermaids. You are all saucy, raunchy and super sparkliciously fabulous. I’m lucky to have you in my life and I will leave you with this little coincidence.

Interestingly, “Waterworld” was in my life long before the Mermaids came around. My very first post on PNN talked about it, and I used to repost that Question of the Day every blogiversary. For your viewing enjoyment, here it is, my very first Question of the Day post:

Originally posted: September 24, 2008

Quite a few years ago I met a very stereotypical Italian man named John-Luigi. John-Luigi said he owned exactly two American movies and these two films were what he used to base his entire opinion of American culture.

Those two films were “Animal House” and “Waterworld.”

Question of the Day: What two films would you use to sum up American culture?


In the comments, tell me if (and how) blogging has changed your life or feel free to answer the Question of the Day.