December Giveaway Day!!!

It is the season to be giving, right! So, we are giving away a $35 Amazon gift card!!!  

It’s December and the big holiday season is upon us. As you might imagine, the Waterworld Mermaids aren’t ones to swim away from celebrations, if you know what I mean. So, we want to add a tiny bit of holiday cheer and a big thank you to those who enjoy stopping by and visiting with us in our pond. Also, it’s fun to give stuff away! So here’s how we are going to play.

Since I’m posting and I’m all about urban fantasy novels (for the moment), I need your help. If you would like a chance to win a $35 Amazon gift card, please comment by answering one of the questions shown below (or both–we don’t mind):

What is your favorite urban fantasy novel or urban fantasy author of 2011?

What makes a bad boy hero sizzle or fizzle in a romance novel?

(The winner will be chosen at random from all ‘commenters’ who answer at least one of the questions above.  I’ll post the winner’s name here tomorrow morning when I blog the first in a series on brand marketing and creating the ultimate author’s website (how much fun is that!). To be selected for the $35 Amazon gift card, I am open to bribery, flattery, or general praise about anything I may attempt to do in the future or have considered in the past. Too much? Okay, So no, it’s pretty straightforward, nothing will help you win but the luck of the draw. So, good luck, have a great day, and enjoy the holiday season!)