December Giveaway Day!!!

It is the season to be giving, right! So, we are giving away a $35 Amazon gift card!!!  

It’s December and the big holiday season is upon us. As you might imagine, the Waterworld Mermaids aren’t ones to swim away from celebrations, if you know what I mean. So, we want to add a tiny bit of holiday cheer and a big thank you to those who enjoy stopping by and visiting with us in our pond. Also, it’s fun to give stuff away! So here’s how we are going to play.

Since I’m posting and I’m all about urban fantasy novels (for the moment), I need your help. If you would like a chance to win a $35 Amazon gift card, please comment by answering one of the questions shown below (or both–we don’t mind):

What is your favorite urban fantasy novel or urban fantasy author of 2011?

What makes a bad boy hero sizzle or fizzle in a romance novel?

(The winner will be chosen at random from all ‘commenters’ who answer at least one of the questions above.  I’ll post the winner’s name here tomorrow morning when I blog the first in a series on brand marketing and creating the ultimate author’s website (how much fun is that!). To be selected for the $35 Amazon gift card, I am open to bribery, flattery, or general praise about anything I may attempt to do in the future or have considered in the past. Too much? Okay, So no, it’s pretty straightforward, nothing will help you win but the luck of the draw. So, good luck, have a great day, and enjoy the holiday season!)

21 thoughts on “December Giveaway Day!!!

  1. Oh bad boys they do sizzle. My favorite things about bad boys:
    1. They always have good hair. Always.
    2. They prod the heroine out of her comfort zone.
    3. Their general badness connects the heroine to her inner badness – not that she can’t already be firmly connected the bad boy just tends to accentuate that.
    4. Danger, danger, danger!
    5. The tortured soul that his badness hides.

    1. I know Avery, getting through all that badness only to find he’s got a tortured soul too!!! Are you kidding me? It’s just too much for a girl to handle sometimes. You just want to take them home and make them all better.

  2. Hi Denny! I know this is going to be shocking news, but my favorite Urban Fantasy novel is Seize the Night by, you got it, Sherrilyn Kenyon. At least I hope that qualifies for Urban Fantasy!

    I didn’t even know it was possible for a bad boy hero to fizzle!!!! And if I wasn’t so sure Tabitha would haunt me, I’d tell you exactly why Valerius sizzles. But alas, I respect the Val/Tabby love too much. You all will just have to read the book for yourselves to find out.

    Awesome Giveaway!!!! Good luck everyone!!!!

  3. I think the reason bad boys sizzle is because we all have a little bad girl in us. Two sizzlers make fire and who can’t get lost in that story.

    1. Perfect answer. This gets my vote Denny – not that I have a vote in this matter. I leave all my contests up to our resident seahorse Mr. Smarmy to pick.

  4. I always love bad boys who have a rough exterior that they present to the world that hides their inner marshmallow. As much fun as all the thrill seeking and recklessness can be, I love a bad boy who reveals an unexpected soft side. And I definitely agree about the tortured soul too.

  5. I think bad boys fizzle when they live by their own rules and codes of honor. They don’t sit back and let the world walk over them. They take over the world. And if they have a heroine to take along for the ride — better yet, if she takes him along on HER ride — all the better. 😉

  6. I have to agree a bit with Carlene on the Urban Fantasy situation. Only I am going to say it’s a toss up between Vane Kattalakis in Sherrilyn Kenyon’s “Night Play” and Wulf in her “Kiss of the Night”. But then Sherrilyn’s bad boys are sooooo bad . . . they’re good! But I will agree–one must read her books in order to appreciate what we are talking about.

    There is something exciting about dangerous, deeply secretive men–in which in fiction reading is always safe. I think women read them because they would never take such a risk in real life–but they can through the heroines of a book. Is that too deep?

    1. It is deep Loni, and I love it. But it goes to my challenge with bad boy heroes who fizzle the badness too fast:)…it has to be more than the love of a good woman that helps them turn the corner. It has to be complicated and ‘deep’ for me to buy into it, although I completely agree – we trust the author to make him oh so bad, but oh so good to redeem:)

    2. Oh Loni, I do love Vane too! Don’t go anywhere without my Marked by Vane keychain!

  7. To make a Bad Boy sizzle (to me at least) is that he has a secret soft side and will protect his girl by doing anything. I don’t like it when a boy has to show off and look all dark and broading just to get girls to think they’re cool.
    Plus, a hot smile and a wicked hair cut gives them brownie points. 😀

  8. I’ll answer the first one, but I’m going to cheat a little. 🙂 I just read this one so it’s super fresh. The book actually came out last year, but rocks so hard that I’m going with it! Stacia Kane writes a fab series and the most recent book “City of Ghosts” is so much awesome. Her hero (using the term loosely) is named Terrible and is both terrifying and completely swoon-worthy. He’s not your typical alpha-male. At. All. But his love of the heroine, Chess, and their messy, messy relationship had me chained to the book – heck, the whole series.

  9. I have to chime in with my favorite urban fantasy author (of the moment…) Seanan Mcguire

    AND if you want a tie for #1: Nicole Peeler. 🙂

    But wait there’s also Karen Chance…

    Oh does it have to be only one?!?

  10. Hey everyone the winner of the Waterworld Mermaid’s December giveaway is LANA!!! Please contact me at denny at dennysbryce dot com with your mailing address so I can put your AMAZON gift card in the mail today! Congratulations!

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