When Your Middle Name Is Love…

When your middle name
is Love…

you should not be
caught doing this…

as you write your
romantic scenes.

If I were to be a
photographic fly on your wall,

what might I catch
you doing while in the throes of writing yours?

(or while reading for
our awesome non-writing readers?)

38 thoughts on “When Your Middle Name Is Love…

  1. Sooo funny, Carlene-Mermaid! I have been told that my face gets very expressive while I write. Like I’m acting out the scenes that I’m writing. (I mean, not the sex scenes. Well… I hope not anyway.) πŸ˜‰

    1. Oh Kerri, I just realized what I’ve done with this post. It’s all kinds of wrong and right asking you all to answer this!!!! But I love it, love it, love it! So exactly how would that face go??? Hehehehehe

    1. Hahahaha, because it’s probably the last thing I’m worrying about at that moment!!!! I’ll suffer the stiffness for a good head under the blanket moment!

  2. LOL. Thank you Carlene for the chuckle (okay, almost snorted hot caffeine but too unpleasant to mention, right?)…

    Mmmm…I’m not sure if there’s anything specific – but I do pace a lot, not as cool as covering my head with a blanket though. Might have to try it:)!

    1. Oh you are welcome Denny. My pleasure. Hmmm, pacing. I’m imagining your love scenes must be pretty high-octane to require pacing!! Awesome!!!

  3. I don’t know if I have a pose or look while I write my love scenes. I am known for leaping up to go find my husband (who works from home). No, not for what you think…I often work out the physical logistics of a scene. “If my leg is there, can your hand reach…here”

    Seriously, sounds kooky, but it totally helps. It’s how I learned that if you lay across a man’s lap in a carriage, your knees will slip to the floor, so the whole spanking thing I had in mind wasn’t going to work. (As I didn’t have a carriage, handy we used a low couch)

    My poor husband is very nice about it. I get him interested in a position, and just when he thinks it may be going somewhere, I leap up. “K, thanks. Gotta go get this scene down!” Poor guy. I make it up to him later.

    1. Oh my gosh Lynne, I am cracking up. Oh my gosh. I might have to go cover my head just reading your response!

  4. Carlene what are you hiding from?? Abd isn’t that the blanket you wrap Tony in as it he were an old Russian woman?? LOL

    1. πŸ˜‰ Sometimes speechless happens…although I think this may be a first for my little sis!

      1. LOL I know right?! Everyone who knows me knows that I ALWAYS have something to say to everything…but this…sigh…you got me Carlene. LOL

    1. Definitely writing, definitely swooning, and I suppose vaporizing could pertain to the steaminess! So I guess I’d say all of the above. But most of all, pretending I was invisible, not just to my own household but to my dear hero and heroine on the page I was writing. Thank you for stopping by!

    1. Thank you P.H.! Our girls/mermaids night out with Nora is partially what sparked the idea for today’s post. I just remember how cute it was when the topic of the group writing a love scene came up and some of us got a little giggly, blushy and sweetly nervous. πŸ˜‰

  5. Me writing a love scene? My last love scene had me muttering the words with great energy, gesticulating in between pounding the keyboard at a rapid pace and clearing words that didn’t catch the tone I wanted, lots of twisting of the face. I am so freakin’ happy nobody was there to watch me!

    On the other hand, if I’m not feeling it, if I’m not happy with what’s at the tips of my fingers. Shoulders down, lips pressed together, spine curved. Definitely not a good day for this fish!

    1. Oh boy Susan! Your love scene ‘process’ sounds pretty intense! We only want good days for our fishy-mamas!

    1. Uh-oh, I hope I’m not in trouble with this one!! Yes, that is Grandma’s!! Wonder what her thoughts would have been? Hopefully she’s smiling and having a good giggle as well.
      Love you Aunt Terry! Thank you for stopping by.

      1. I’m glad you have grandma’s afghan. That reminds me of something you could use in a book. I’ll email you!

  6. Hahahaha…my great grandmother knitted an afghan almost exactly like that! I will never look at it the same again.

    1. Oh my!!! Okay, so in order to re-right the world of beloved afghans passed down from our precious grandmothers, I confess. That’s actually me baking cookies under there….(Even though that’s a huge lie and one I’ll probably lose a good chunk of karma for, I hope you feel better about your afghan again, Princess Alethea!!!) Thank you for stopping by!

  7. Sorry, late to the party–again! What a hoot Carlene!
    Okay, for me writing those scenes if kind of like what they say a ‘Hollywood sex scene’ might be like actually capturing it on camera. I’m more into the ‘technicalities’ of the scene then the ‘hot and heavy’. I read a romance book once where the scene was very well written (hot) but when I went back to re-read it (yes, I re-read the scene) I realized the guy would have had to have three hands to do what he was doing to the heroine. I vowed not to do that. No, it’s when I have my critique partners read those scenes that I want to hide under a blanket. I’ve tried to be a bit more ‘professional’ in my stance but I still get the splotchy-flush neck when someone reads those scenes I’ve written.

    1. Hi Loni Mermaid! Glad to have you and glad you liked the silliness I presented as my blog post! Who hasn’t re-read a good scene??? I think it’s our job as writers to do so πŸ˜‰ You are so right…I never even thought about what I’d look like or be doing while someone else read my scenes if I’m in the room! Yet another use for the blanket! I have to admit, maybe someone needs to write a three-handed hero into a book! I see lots of potential, and lots of blanket usage!!!

  8. I can’t be sure but I don’t think grandma would be too upset having her blanket used for creative purpose…..as long as the man in your story resembles say, John Wayne…….LOL

    1. Hey, don’t be messin’ with the Duke! He’s still my man! Anyone who’s seen him in Quiet Man or McLintock (my two favorite John Wayne movies) knows he’s got Bad Boy charm written all over him. (For some reason Maureen O’Hara seemed to like him paddling her behind though–hey, I’m just saying . . .) She’s a true heroine though–my favorite classic actress!

    2. You know Grandma was the one with the lifesize cardboard cut out of John Wayne in her bedroom waaaayyyyy before I ever got my Edward Cullen!

  9. Thats his name!!! LOL I was trying to think it to add it but I could only picture his name! I was hoping someone would put it. LOL So, Thank you!

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