I like to read in the bathtub.

In fact, reading a good book in a nice, warm bubble bath is on my list of favorite things to do. Sure, I’m a writer, but I was a reader first. And trust me, there is no better place to read than in the bathtub. (Except for maybe the beach. Hmmm….)

But reading in the bathtub is not a simple process. Many years of plotting and field research have contributed to my idea of a perfect evening. So here are my thoughts on this sacred ritual.

What to Read
Now, I don’t have to read a Nora Roberts (swoon) novel, although it is preferred. However, since I have pretty much read all of Nora’s books at this point, I’ve had to branch out.

Hard covers? I don’t think so. Hard covers are for bubble bath virgins. Unless you have impressive arm strength, or are some kind of martyr, this is just not going to work. I suggest sticking to bath-friendly paperback options.

While I prefer romance novels and other works of fiction, I do sometimes include magazines during bath time. People magazine is one of the best due to its light weight and short articles. I adore Glamour magazine but sometimes it’s just a tad too heavy and the bottom of the pages edge dangerously close to the water. I would also think long and hard before bringing In Style or Vogue in the water with you.

E-reader folks ? Don’t even consider it!

Bath Accessories
I like to keep it simple. Sure, I’ve purchased a bath pillow in the past but honestly, a washcloth strategically placed behind my neck can offer the same support. And I like to keep a dry hand towel nearby… just in case.

Next, find your bubbles. This is kind of like finding your signature drink at a bar or favorite coffee beverage at Starbucks. I prefer lavender-scented bubbles myself.

Some people go for bath salts. This is a personal choice. If I use bath salts, I like to mix them with my bubbles. Bath salts by themselves might smell wonderful, but I like the look of frothy bubbles.

Candles add a certain ambiance I enjoy. However, please be mindful of how you hold that paperback or People magazine when a lighted flame is involved. And find the right scent. Bath time might not be the ideal time to spark up that pine tree or Christmas cookie-scented candle. I enjoy matching my candle aroma with my bubbles.

Again, this is a personal choice. I love to play music while I write. In fact, I don’t know if I could write in total silence. But reading is a different matter. In my humble opinion, Nora does not need accompanying sound. But if reading to music is your thing, go for it. Just keep any electronics far from the water.

I hope I’ve given some good bath time suggestions. If you’ve had an unproductive day of writing or just a lousy time at whatever you do, think about running an indulgent, luxurious bubble bath tonight with a book in hand. I promise it will make you feel better.

So now you all know what I’ll be doing later. Reading, relaxing and dreaming of the day someone can’t wait to read a book written by moi in their very own bathtub. (Paperback version, of course.)

27 thoughts on “Waterlogged

  1. Kerri,
    I envy you your bath time. Truly. With five kids in my house, bath time is a luxury that went to the wayside long ago. I have a huge bathtub, encased with carefully chosen Celtic tiles, and the only ones to use it? Yep. You guessed it. My five kids. Somehow their tubs aren’t big enough to become mermaids. That’s always been the thing in our house. Mermaids in the bathtub. I guess their fins can’t become fins in their own tubs.
    I do agree with you about the lavender scent. There’s no other way to go. Ever.
    It’s relaxing. It’s decadent. It’s…unrealistic for me right now. 🙂
    And I’m with you on the regular sized paperbacks. That’s the only way to go.
    I can’t wait for the day I’ll be reading one of your books in my tub. Hopefully you’ll be published way before I finally have a relaxing bubble bath.

  2. Huge bathtubs with wide rims is one of the major reasons why I have become addicted to expensive hotel rooms. There is nothing more luxurious than spending several hours in a tub (refilling with hot water when needed) and reading a book. But where is your glass of wine in your bathtub reading? I’ll humbly recommend my current favorite the Red Rock Malbec. Mmmmm. Perfect for sipping while reading romance in the tub.

    1. I drive three hours to my sister-in-law’s to use her huge spa tub so I know what you mean!

  3. Is this why occasionally you lend me crinkly issues of People? :). I am putting this on my To Do list as soon as I get my bathroom redone. Now I am going to use it as a visualization technique to get through my day.

  4. Kerri! It looks like you would be a fun shopping partner for my goody trips to Lush!

    I really envy you mermaids with tubs! I unfortunately have a standing only shower…my son’s bathroom does have a tub but I find that the wall to wall Cars theme kind of takes away from the traditional atmosphere we ladies aim to create during a bubble bath!

    Although these fabulous tips would probably take me away from all that!

    Anyone ever tried reading in the shower???

    1. I will personally buy you paperback books, candles and wine if you figure out how to read in the shower. And maybe some ziploc bags too!

  5. Kim – I have my fingers crossed that a relaxing bath is in your near future!

    Avery – You bring up an interesting point. Beverage selection. I do enjoy a glass of wine but I’m working with a fairly thin rim on my tub. So I have to be really careful with glass. And depending on the water temp, sometimes I stick to water.

    Corrie – That is absolutely the reason I occasionally lend you crinkly issues of People! 😉

    1. How about a sippy cup filled with expensive wine? That’s an interesting combo. I’m getting ready to ditch all the plastic Barbie and Toy Story sippy cups if it looks like that’s the way to go for you! LOL.
      Thin rims on bathtubs suck. You need wide open spaces there! You need a small table beside your tub. Not that I’m encouraging drinking and bathing. I wouldn’t want you to become too relaxed. 🙂 Of course, mermaids can breathe under water, right?

      1. Kim – you can hook me up with a Barbie sippy cup of wine anytime you want! That actually sounds amazing right now! 😉

  6. Kerri, Loved this post! I’m with Kim — I used to be a big reading in the bathtub girl before kids. As to the e-reader issue, I saw a girl reading her Kindle in the swimming pool this weekend. I did a double-take and stared, but I suppose it’s the wave of the future. Next, they’ll be coming out with waterproof e-readers. But first, they’ll have to address the use of e-readers on airplanes. Having to power off your “book” before take-off and landing? Ridiculous!

    1. Hi Pintip! I would like the rights to the waterproof e-reader. I will call it … the Kerri-log. 😉

  7. What can I say, I was inspired. I took a bath last night but with the choice of ereader or hardback I went with the hard back. Not the most relaxing but still nice, until my arms got tired and my toes were pruny. Plus, I am all out of bubble!

  8. I do this! In fact, I read 150 pages of Robin Wells’ RITA book (Still The One) while up to my neck in bubbles 🙂 And you can definitely take your e-reader tubside if you put it in a gallon-sized Ziploc bag first. Works for the beach too (sand in your e-reader is like sand in your swimsuit, yuk!).

    The funny thing is, I sent my nine-year-old up to take a bath one night, and after forty-five minutes, she was still MIA. So I went up, knocked on the door, and found her up to *her* neck in bubbles, reading Harry Potter.

    I was so proud! 🙂

    1. Nice! Harry Potter hard cover is the exception to my no hard cover rule.

      And my mom is the one who passed on the bathtub reading to me. See, sometimes moms just really know what they are talking about!

  9. Kerri, you are a woman after my own heart! Wait until Alethea gets my info uploaded and you see my mermaid avatar! 🙂 I’m going to have to agree with Avery though, the wine is another essential element of a good relaxing bath. I highly recommend each of you investing in a bath caddy. A good bath caddy provides a wonderful place to rest your book above the waterline so you don’t develop a charlie horse in your shoulder from trying to hold it up and a solid surface for your wine. They even have bath caddies out there with the special little c shaped hooky thing (yes that is a term, at least today) that holds your wine glass! They work great with a standard shaped rectangular tub, not so much with a garden tub, but lets face it, if you have a garden tub there is probably a cabinet, window sill, or table close enough to take over the job.

  10. Kerri, I have given up baths for showers for years, but reading this reminded me of the bubble baths that I so use to enjoy and may just have to give this another try. Sounds so relaxing…even the reading part. May get me back to reading also. Really enjoyed reading this and have missed your writings.

    1. Ah, thanks Peabea! So great to see you here! Makes me really miss the old PNN days. And definitely treat yourself to a relaxing bubble bath soon! 😉

  11. Kerri! What a nice place you’ve got here — I love the layout, the colours, the way you all got together, all of it!

    I’m afraid I’m neither a Bath person nor a reader of your fave writers — but I DO prefer reading in the quiet, so we’ve got THAT in common at least.

    Looking forward to you being published too …

    1. Ah thanks, Sally! It means a lot to me that you stopped by here. Bath or no bath, you will always be a very big part of my writing (and life) journey. Smoochies! 😉

    1. Ahhhh, poor Kindle! Well, reading cuddled in bed sounds fabulous too! 😉

  12. Oh, the solution to the ereader in the Bath (or beach or pool) is easy – waterproof cases! But it is lovely to just sit and read and not have to do anything else.

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