Join Me on the Nothing’s Impossible Carousel!

In three days, I will celebrate an anniversary.  There won’t be any champagne toasts, no moonlit stroll, not even a single long stem, red rose….Well, actually there is one of those.  It’s rather permanent and its garden is very secret.  Only a handful have ever seen it.

This anniversary is of the day, five years ago this Saturday, when I learned for myself, that nothing is impossible.

I remember getting the phone call from the late Darrell Ives, (may his generous spirit rest in peace) as he boarded the band’s charter plane and let me know that he and the guys were on their way to me.  He mentioned where they were staying and asked me to meet him at the venue.  My heart had landed somewhere between my toes.  I was about to meet my musical heroes of the last twenty years and their head security man had just spoken to little ole me like I was a real person, one of the gang.

Somewhere along the way I think we forget that about ourselves.  We’re real.  And so are our heroes.

Whether they are musical legends, a favorite author, a teacher or a friend.  A troop or even a mermaid.

So I spent that day and night with these very real men who turned out to be just as normal as you and me.  And the next day when I woke up and the ride was over, I decided that I wasn’t going to get off—EVER!  I was gonna keep going round and round, believing in possibilities.  After all, I had just proved it to myself.  What else did I need?

This month I became a mermaid, because five years later, I still believe that nothing’s impossible.  Just don’t forget to put yourself out there (ahem…fellow writers).  We tend to catch a little more magical dust when we’re not holed up inside all the time, wondering about the possibilities.

So, what’s your proof?  What makes you believe?  I’d love to hear those stories.