Thank You Al Gore

Okay  . . . I know that Al Gore didn’t invent the internet but I don’t know who did and I’ve got to thank someone!  The worldwide web has been key to my life as a writer and I don’t know what I would do without it.

Now, if you read the first ever post on this blog, then you the know that the Waterworld Mermaids was the result of a raucous game of “Romance Jeopardy” and the meeting of 13 virgins at the Washington Romance Writers retreat.  we came together – all new – but also recognizing names from the WRW Yahoo loop.  The first step in a new friendship – aided by the internet.

Writing is a solitary pursuit. “Butt in chair hands on keyboard” does not lend well to group activity. And if you want to be a writer, then you have to write. But, we all live apart from each other, some at a great distance and keeping connected is a challenge.

We need a sense of community. A cheering squad. A therapy group. A we-will-kick-your-ass-when-you-get-lazy group.  It keeps us grounded, motivated, and inspired.

If you are seeking virtual writing companionship I can make a few recommendations:

  • Your local RWA chapter – most of the local chapters have internet loops where members exchange information, news, celebrations and setbacks.
  • Online RWA chapters – for those who are not located near a local chapter there are a few online chapters. Check out the RWA website and hook up with one. Some are even genre specific – mystery, fantasy – find your niche. Also, check out the PRO and PAN loops.
  • GIAM – a free, online group of accountability, goals, motivation and friendship. They also have free workshops on relevant topics and techniques. I am member and I cannot say enough about this amazing group of writers started by the equally fantastic, Amy Atwell. Find them Facebook and the Website.
  • Savvy Authors – another great site for writers. This site is free – or you can upgrade to a premium membership. It has classes, a learning center, webinars, writing challenges and a Yahoo loop.
  • Twitter – I’ve hooked up with some great writers on Twitter and joined up with Vicky Dreiling to put on the weekly extravaganza, “Man Candy Monday Night”.  It’s frivolous and funny and full of half-naked, hot men.  Join us at the hashtag #ManCandyMonday and the blog for the choicest eye candy – I like to call it literary inspiration!
  • Facebook- don’t forget this social community as a source of information and connections to other authors.

See you in cyberspace!



22 thoughts on “Thank You Al Gore

  1. I’ve been a member of (and still am in most cases) HWA, SFWA, SCBWI, the Codex Writers, and a few online writers messageboards. I have to say, the RWA is the possibly most organized and career-oriented group of them all. And I can’t heap enough praise on our local chapter. Instant friends within driving distance! What a concept!! xox

  2. Great post, Robin – and great advice! I actually can’t remember anything without the internet. Sad, but true! Next you should write about how awesome email queries are compared to snail mail versions.

    1. Thanks Kerri! Now, sadly, I do remember life before the Internet but it is such a benefit that I can’t imagine going back. However, it can be such a time suck if I’m not careful!

  3. Thank you for a wonderful post Robin and a lot of great resources! I belong to several writing loops and have found so much support and some unexpected friends through these connections. Like you said, writing is rarely glamorous and often solitary… it usually involves lounge pants, tee shirts, diet coke and my closest companion (my computer) at my house. It’s nice to be able to reach out and connect with others who understand the drive to put the words on the page day after day. Or those who will tell you to get your butt back in the chair if you aren’t!

  4. Totally agree! Sure, I dream of being able to take a week off to go write in a scenic cabin by a lake with no TV, phone or distractions. Then I realize I would shrivel up and die without the Internet. 🙂

  5. Oh, Robin, you’re so cute. I don’t remember who started the internet. Was it Bill Gates? Al Gore mistakenly claimed the title. lol

    I enjoyed your blog.

  6. Hey, Robin! Congrats on establishing a new group blog. Exciting!

    GIAM is a wonderful place to meet writers who are going through the same challenges as we are. Incredibly supportive group.

    Twitter and FB can be addictive, but they’re so much fun!

  7. What I’m especially thrilled about with the Waterworld Mermaids is that although I’ve been a member of WRW-DC for a few years, I had skipped the Retreat because I thought it was only for the ‘cool kids’. Well, it is for the cool kids, but with WRW that means everybody and that’s the kind of group I enjoy. And yes, the Internet definitely helped launch me on my writer’s journey. Good blog, Robin.

  8. Love being a GIAMer even though the goals I posted at the beginning of the year tanked in the first month. My muse is still sulking in her room. She sent her techie friend out to distract me with website and FB profile building. But just this week, I tempted her to peep out with the promise of a brown-butter pumpkin cake. Tee hee. Works every time! Savvyauthors is way cool, too. Why did you christen the blog with such an usual name?

    1. Joan – GIAM is so special to me and Savvy offers he most amazing workshops!

      The name . . . the 13 Mermaids met at our local chapter retreat. On Saturday night, the retreat hosted a racous “Romance Jeopardy” game and one of the questions was about a Kevin Costner flop. One table yelled our ‘Waterworld” but it was wrong. The rest of the night whenever we didn’t know the answer we would yell – “Waterworld”!. Silliness ensued and the name was born.

  9. Robin, you know I LOVE our GIAM group. My local chapter LARA (Los Angeles Romance Authors) has a great Internet presence and a supportive discussion loop. And sheesh – if there had been the Internet years ago, I’m sure I never would’ve gotten married and had kids – would have spent all my time in front of the computer!

  10. Great Post Robin! I think writing definitely can be a solitary pursuit and that’s why I’m so happy to have this little community here! With you guys!
    Imagining what our writing lives would be like without the Internet is mind-boggling! Thanks for all the great links and tips!

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