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Birthday Party in the Pond & Special Guest Turtle from Adam Ezra Group & Giveaway!

Welcome to my birthday party, fishy friends!  Today I’m turning 36 again and I couldn’t think of a better way to spend 11:16 than sparkling up my fins and splashing around with you all.  And…we have a very special guest with us today!  His name is Turtle and he is the real, live, soul-rockin’ percussionist for the band, Adam Ezra Group!  So the way I see it, this party needs three things:  lots of fun, unending rounds of Shirley Temples, and presents! (Giveaway info at the end)  The music is pumping and the grenadine and cherries are bobbing around in the 7Up so let’s get started!  First I am honored to share this little talk I had with Turtle so pull up a lily pad and enjoy! (Pushes play on “She’s Just a Girl” by Adam Ezra Group)

Carlene: Hi Turtle!  It was so cool meeting you on your birthday back in May so thank you so much for being here on my birthday and chatting about all things musician!  As a musician (who I’ve seen give your all on stage-you rock!) how do you decide how much you’re going to keep for yourself and how much you’re going to share with the audience?  Or is that never a question?

Turtle: That is really not ever a question with me, it’s not a conscious decision. It really depends on the crowd, the energy in the room. For me it’s all about that transfer of energy. You send something from the stage and the crowd turns it into something and sends it back to the stage. Hopefully that keeps happening until both party’s are exhausted. Continue reading