Birthday Party in the Pond & Special Guest Turtle from Adam Ezra Group & Giveaway!

Welcome to my birthday party, fishy friends!  Today I’m turning 36 again and I couldn’t think of a better way to spend 11:16 than sparkling up my fins and splashing around with you all.  And…we have a very special guest with us today!  His name is Turtle and he is the real, live, soul-rockin’ percussionist for the band, Adam Ezra Group!  So the way I see it, this party needs three things:  lots of fun, unending rounds of Shirley Temples, and presents! (Giveaway info at the end)  The music is pumping and the grenadine and cherries are bobbing around in the 7Up so let’s get started!  First I am honored to share this little talk I had with Turtle so pull up a lily pad and enjoy! (Pushes play on “She’s Just a Girl” by Adam Ezra Group)

Carlene: Hi Turtle!  It was so cool meeting you on your birthday back in May so thank you so much for being here on my birthday and chatting about all things musician!  As a musician (who I’ve seen give your all on stage-you rock!) how do you decide how much you’re going to keep for yourself and how much you’re going to share with the audience?  Or is that never a question?

Turtle: That is really not ever a question with me, it’s not a conscious decision. It really depends on the crowd, the energy in the room. For me it’s all about that transfer of energy. You send something from the stage and the crowd turns it into something and sends it back to the stage. Hopefully that keeps happening until both party’s are exhausted.

Carlene:  Very cool.  So, do you as a musician have similar contrasting feelings about the evolution of music into the digital age as authors do with their books?  Comparing holding a physical record or CD in your hands, something you made, to knowing the benefits that digital media offer as far as ease and speed of sharing your work with listeners/readers?

Turtle: I do have contrasting feelings. It’s great to have any song at your disposal any time you want it. On the other hand I still love vinyl! I love the size, the art work, liner notes, I love that you have to get up and turn Sgt. Pepper over after Mr. Kite, I absolutely love it!

Carlene: Me too!  For me it’s Blondie’s Parallel Lines.  Now, I’m curious, what is more powerful for you, a song about a moment or the big picture?

Turtle: I am a sucker for a song about the moment, especially reflecting on a missed opportunity.

Carlene: Well said, my friend.  Last but not least, if you were asked to sing a song about an encounter with a mermaid, how would it begin?

Turtle: Well, I’m not sure what it would be about or how it would end, but I am pretty sure it would start with, “The sea was angry that day my friend.”

Carlene: You’ve got me smiling over here, that was awesome!  Thank you so much Turtle.  You rock!

The party is not over yet friends!  You know, there’s another little soiree taking place today out in Cinema Land and these two guys apparently weren’t invited.  Something about a certain toothy family who can’t let go of a grudge…So I of course extended a fin and asked if they’d join us here in the lagoon.  Lucky us, they accepted and promise not to bite, although trusting them is entirely up to you.  James ran all the way to San Diego and has returned with a platter of to-die-for rolled tacos and Laurent, well, he’s your go-to-guy for the Shirley Temples.  Thanks boys!

(Laurent brought a snack, I had to hide him)


“A Question of Time” is pounding through the pond’s loud speakers now.  What was that Depeche Mode?  You want to take me under your wings?  Awww, what sweeties.  But only if you can fit me and all my guests in there!  Next up on the 36 Again playlist?  “My Party” by Kings of Leon.

Make sure you swim on over to the sea shell love seats where this cutie patootie is reading you your favorite stories.  As birthday girl, I call first dibs.  Sit back and relax while Dave Gahan enchants us with a reading of “Seize the Night” by Sherrilyn Kenyon. (Hey, a girl can dream, especially on her birthday! Disclaimer: this is a figment of my imagination…dave gahan is not really swimming around in a mermaid infested body of water, reading Dark Hunter books, or is he?)

            So while the tacos and cherries are making their rounds and the festivities are in full effect, let me steal a second to say hi to all you fintastic guests and ask a few questions.  Don’t be a party pooper, whoever answers these will have their name thrown into a hat to receive one of today’s two giveaways.  The theme?  “It’s my birthday and I’ll give away music if I want to!” I’ve purchased CDs by four of my favorite artists: Depeche Mode, Kings of Leon, Casey James and Adam Ezra Group! (Love writing to their music!) And lovely, generous, Alethea Mermaid has donated a very special signed copy of Adam Ezra Group’s “View From the Root” CD!  So answer up for the chance to win:

Let’s create your fantasy birthday party…

1.) You can invite ANYONE you want, so share your guest list with us!

2.) Who serves the refreshments and what do they serve?

3.) If you could have anyone read to you, who would it be & what would they read?

4.) What’s your perfect age and why?


Thank you so much for spending my 36 Again birthday with me today friends!  Turtle, you are THE BEST!  Party guests have until the clock strikes 11:16 pm Eastern time on Saturday, November 17, to be entered into the giveaway drawings.  At that time I will randomly draw two names, the first will receive the signed AEG CD, the second will receive Carlene’s Writing Music CDs.  US addresses only please as I will be snail mailing you actual CDs.  I’ll announce the winners at 11:16pm ET Sunday night.  Good luck and Happy Un-Birthday to you all!

Fishy kisses,

Carlene Mermaid-the luckiest girl in the world