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Please Don’t Pass the Salt!

This is Month 10 (10? Can you believe it!) of my made-up Sparkle Plan. What’s the Sparkle Plan? Check out the first post here.

We all have our taste preferences. Mine happens to lean – like Leaning Tower of Pisa-lean – toward salt. When confronted, I will always pick chips over ice cream, popcorn over chocolate, Cheese Nips over, well, anything.

My favorite pizza is with extra cheese and anchovies.

I like bread and cheese and wine and SALT!

See where I’m going? Yeah, my body figured out I was on a downward salt spiral and so did my doctor.

Kerri Carpenter

My Mermaid Avatar is clearly on a no-salt diet!


But kind of in a more serious way. Like a “you’re actually sick and swollen” kind of way. So I have been put on a low-to-no salt diet.

The plus side to this heinous act against nature is that I’ve dropped four pounds in a week. The negative side… Very. Long. List. Alas, I know I can do this and I’ll come out healthy, sparkly, and salt-free on the other side. Even if I’m a little cranky-pants in the meantime.

While I’m pondering killing anyone with so much as a speck of salt on their food, I thought I would give you an update on the Month 9 Goal of saying one nice thing about myself. I liked this goal! It’s fun to complement yourself and once you get started, it’s kinda hard to stop. Here are some examples of nice things about me from the last month:

I’m having an amazing hair day.

I look really cute in my Steelers outfit.

Damn, I’m a great writer.

My eye makeup is outstanding today.

I’m like the best cook ever!

Join me in the comments. Do you prefer sweet or salty? (And anyone with low-salt recipes, please share!!!)

*I am not a doctor. Obviously, since I’ve eaten so much salt that a real doctor had to intervene. Mmmmm, salt… Hence, always consult your own physician before embarking on any fitness or eating plan.