I’m in a funk.

I know! Not the way you wanted me to start my Month 9 Sparkle Plan post. But since I promised to be honest during the Sparkle Plan, I have to talk about my funk.

(What in the hell is the Sparkle Plan? It’s all about my weight loss and getting healthy journey. Check out the inaugural post here.) Kerri Carpenter

While pondering my funk this past week, I realized three things. 1. I do not make myself a priority. 2. When trying to get healthy (losing weight, being more active, whatever), you have to make yourself a priority. 3. I’m kinda mean…to myself!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to go for a run or attend a Zumba class but have gotten waylaid. My dog needs my attention or a friend calls. The laundry won’t do itself and I NEED socks. I’m on a writing deadline. I have a blog post due. The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell movie is on. (Just kidding. Well, not really. But kind of.)

Also, I’ve realized over the course of the last nine months that my problem with weight loss rests mostly with food. I really, really struggle with my diet. That makes it extra sad when I’m finally on a roll with eating but then my dog needs my attention or a friend calls and needs a calorie-laden girls’ night. The laundry won’t do itself and that means I can’t get to the grocery store to buy healthy food. Takeout is soooo much easier. (And fattier.) I’m on a writing deadline and I stress eat. The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell movie is being re-aired. (Just kidding. Okay, seriously, we all know I’m not.)

Some of the things ambushing me are good excuses, but they’re still excuses. When you want to get healthy, and you’re really serious about it, the excuses have to go.

As for being a total d-bag to myself, I really don’t know when and where this started. But I do realize it’s getting worse, almost like I’m having my own personal roast every single day. This really came to a head the other night. I was at a baseball game and one of my friends said I had to say one nice thing about myself by the end of the night. It took me wayyyyy too long to come up with something. One little thing. A tiny little compliment. And I was stumped! (In the end, I decided I was having a really good hair day, in case anyone was wondering.)

And that’s when I realized that making yourself a priority includes being kind to yourself. How do you expect to feel positive when you’re berating yourself? Or in my case, coming up with harsh insults set to early Nineties R&B songs.

So I’ve decided that my goal for the next month is to prioritize myself and stopping being a jerkface to Kerri. I’m not setting any goals about working out or not eating after a certain time. Instead, I’m keeping it simple. By the end of every day, I have to say at least one nice thing about myself.

Join me in the comments. Offer up one nice thing about yourself. I dare you!

*I am not a doctor. I’d say that’s great because I’m literally not smart enough to be a doctor, but that would conflict with the whole positivity thing I have going on in this post. Hence, always consult your own physician before embarking on any fitness or eating plan.