New Year’s Resolutions

New Year, New Perspectives, with Jane Porter

port_6364_06rwaJane Porter takes my breath away.  Not only does she write the most fantastic fiction — characters that are so real you remember them years later and wonder how they’re doing — but she extends the raw, vibrant honesty of her writing into her real life.

Jane shared with me her philosophy about how surfing is like life and how to manage low tide, navigate the swells and undercurrents, and ride the ultimate perfect wave into a better future.  I can honestly say, her advice changed my life.  Considering I can barely swim, that’s saying a lot!  She is an incredible mentor and in this interview,  she will share her perspectives on having a better new year with you, too.


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Here is a blurb from Jane Porter’s The Good Wife that has already been optioned…
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2012 Year End List: 10 Things I Don’t Know (no snickering please)

Yes, the holidays are around the corner, which means the New Year is almost here and its time to start thinking about resolutions.

I know, I know, I know.

Ugh…who hates resolutions? Raise your hand (arms raised, hands waving wildly).

It’s a no win situation. You sit down, you make a list of resolutions and what happens? You end up starting the year feeling overwhelming pressure – make a change, keep on track, finish, start, begin again, yada, yada, yada. I don’t believe in resolutions (other than I will finish my three books sworn to finish for the WRW challenge, and I will submit to every publisher on my hit list, as well as editors and agents, again, again, and again, etc.).

But today, I decided to go for a bit of a reversal. I created a list of things I don’t know, and don’t care if I ever learn (kind of)…and I’d like you to join me in…
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Yes, I’m a Big Fat Failure!

I don’t think I lasted more than a day with my New Year’s Resolution, but even if I had it would have bitten the dust on Sunday night.  That was the night that damn Tebow blew my Steelers’ chance in the Playoffs.

Yep.  One of my resolutions was to stop swearing.  Although I said a few whispered swear words under my breath throughout the game, I let loose a long, and—I might add—loud string of them in those brief seconds of overtime.   Very brief seconds.

Although I read that 88% of New Year’s resolutions fail, it doesn’t make me feel a whole lot better.  I admit that my resolution was a bit half-assed anyway. 🙂  I couldn’t think of much that I wanted to change this year. 

I’m blessed to have wonderful friends and family.  I could stand to lose a few pounds, but I don’t particularly stress about it.  I could try harder to quit swearing, but then I’d have to stay off the roads. 

Instead of resolutions, I’d…
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