2012 Year End List: 10 Things I Don’t Know (no snickering please)

Yes, the holidays are around the corner, which means the New Year is almost here and its time to start thinking about resolutions.

I know, I know, I know.

Ugh…who hates resolutions? Raise your hand (arms raised, hands waving wildly).

It’s a no win situation. You sit down, you make a list of resolutions and what happens? You end up starting the year feeling overwhelming pressure – make a change, keep on track, finish, start, begin again, yada, yada, yada. I don’t believe in resolutions (other than I will finish my three books sworn to finish for the WRW challenge, and I will submit to every publisher on my hit list, as well as editors and agents, again, again, and again, etc.).

But today, I decided to go for a bit of a reversal. I created a list of things I don’t know, and don’t care if I ever learn (kind of)…and I’d like you to join me in this anti-resolution list making thing.

It’s freeing, publicly admitting what you don’t know, and don’t care if you ever find out…okay, I was struggling for a blog post topic and this is what happened:

My top 10 list of things I don’t know!

  1. Existentialism – I know nothing.
  2. Google Circles – What is it?
  3. Shooting a Gun – All my heroines end up pulling a pistol, Glock 45, or other weapon of destruction (mostly stakes) and I’ve  never shot a gun or staked a vampire, and not sure I want to.
  4. Money laundering – It’s a plot device in one of my stories, but it’s so freaking complicated!  The money’s here. The money’s there. Jeez.
  5. BDSM – Mmmmm….
  6. Teen Wolf on MTV – Why do I love it so?
  7. Why has John Rodgers, show runner of TNT’s Leverage, ignored the Parker/Hardison romance in Season 5? He’s just giving it lip service and now I don’t care about it!
  8. James Patterson, author – How the hell does he write so many books so fast?
  9. Why did Buffy never tell Spike she loved him in Season 7?
  10. Why isn’t ABC’s Scandal the Top Show on TV – It’s dirty, it’s sinful, it’s sexy, gosh, it’s super sexy, and it’s so wrong!…

Okay that’s my list. You don’t have to go for 10, just one will do or just say hi!

Happy New Year (nearly a month early:)…